Letting Go...

In a recent post, Leslie over at the wonderful blog Gwen Moss shared her feelings about her sons going off to college.  An old quote she included from Henry Ellis spoke to me and to the life changes I have been going through this summer...

All the art of living
lies in a fine mingling
of letting go and holding on.

I have an empty nest again, and have been adapting to that change well.  Also, for some time now, I have been contemplating major changes in my work.  I don't often share health-related issues, but thought I would today, as my health has affected some of the changes I've made.  I have lupus.

It is nothing new to me, having had it for close to 30 years...it is my normal.  I have learned what I can and can't do.  I have a very supportive family who has helped me to be able to participate in my vintage business, in a wonderful way!  I could not have done it without them.  The last few years it has been harder to do the big shows, however, (hey, I'm older, too lol) ...and after a rough flare-up this month, just a month before Junk Bonanza...I made the decision that it was time to let go of my shop space and the big sales, too.  I have loved doing them, but I am excited to take time to create and explore artistic projects...
and to build my online etsy shops, 
which are easier for me to handle.

I am looking at this decision as a very positive step in staying healthy and an opportunity.  
It's just time for 
new chapters in my life
and working on that art of living...

Our partner at Junk Bonanza for the last 6 years, Kris of Cottage Dreams, is taking over both spaces this September 26, 27, and 28th, at Canterbury Park in Shakopee MN.  She always has wonderful finds...and I hope if you're there, you'll stop by spaces 230-231, say hello, and check out the goodies!  Thank you to everyone over at Junk Bonanza...you're the BEST!

I'll still be sharing finds and projects, and next month the Bachman's Fall Ideas House again, too!
Also... next week I'll be sharing some of the wedding photos!

Until next time...have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!


  1. Oh I know the feeling of letting go,really admitting to myself I had to quit setting up at open air flea markets because I couldn't lift all the heavy boxes and set up by myself like I did when I was younger and had a good back,not degenerative disks in my lower back
    I have started an etsy shop also not as much fun as being with all the others gals at a show though

    I know the empty next feeling also, it took years after my kids left home for me to quit crying,yes crying and they thought I was crazy
    I live alone now with my treasures and junk from days gone by oh and etsy and my blog LOL

  2. Linda thank you so much for sharing a different side of yourself today. I didn't know about your Lupus and I'm sorry to hear it's been flaring up lately. But I congratulate you on your decision to move forward into a new creative phase of your life. It sounds like you've given it a lot of thought and I'm excited for you. I'm learning that letting go is a process but after we allow ourselves to feel our sadness we can move beyond our old ways and see the opportunities ahead. There are wonderful 'beginnings' that await us on the other side of any loss. I firmly believe that. I look forward to hearing all about your artistic projects and watching your online etsy shops become even more successful!
    hugs to a fellow life traveler,
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

  3. Linda, I didn't know you had lupus. I'm sorry that it has been flaring up. Change and letting go can be hard but it can also be very freeing.
    Best wishes to you as you go through your changes.

  4. It takes a brave person to make changes. I hope now that the decision has been made you'll feel better soon and enjoy your next chapter. Best wishes and prayers.

  5. Hi Linda,
    I'm so blessed by your positive attitude with regards to your Lupus...and to getting older!!
    :) I wish you all the best as you make changes and pursue new dreams!

  6. Linda,
    I had no idea. But I am so glad that you shared your story. I also have a debilitating disease and I don't talk about it (it's so scary to put all that out there, sometimes). I don't do well with change-- so reading this, and seeing how you embrace change and move forward is a powerful testimony for me. Thank you for sharing it.

  7. Linda,
    It sounds like you have a wonderful attitude toward your illness. I feel that this was a good choice (hard but good). I wish you the very best my friend. When God closes one door...another one opens.


  8. such decisions can be hard...but it sounds like you know in your heart and in your head that this is what you need to do...and no one knows that better than you. I look forward to your new creative directions...

  9. Good for you, Linda. As you know, I totally understand where you are coming from. God bless you as your life takes a new direction. I am proud of you for taking steps that will serve you well. Blessings- xo Diana

  10. Linda, change is necessary, but can be difficult. It takes a special person to realize when they need to make changes, especially the big ones in their lives. Having made some very difficult changes in my life the last year or so I can relate very well. I also hope your Lupus does not flare up too much more or often. You have made the right decision and your new/different direction will reveal some wonderful surprises I think. Big hug to you and I look forward to following along on the journey that is Linda's. Ann

  11. I'm so sorry to hear that you have lupus, Linda. I know how hard you work at the shows, and how hard of a decision it must have been to let that go. You have a great sense of humor, and having a supportive family is such a bonus, too! Hoping that you will be feeling much better, glad that you are giving yourself a much needed break!

  12. I know about the empty nest feelings, as I'm experiencing that now. And I'm also working on discovering my new path and what direction I want to take. I am so sorry to hear that you have Lupus, but you sound like you're remaining positive and doing the right thing by letting go of something that is just too much for you to handle right now. I wish you nothing but the best on your new journey!

  13. Glad you are making choices that are right for you and for your family and wishing you all the best as you start down this new and exciting road!

    xo Kat

  14. I was so surprised to read this Linda...having met you twice I wouldn't have guessed. Good choices on new ways to create and sell and enjoy your life. When I was road tripping up and down to Mayo I read a quote that I loved, "If all of our troubles were hung on the line, you'd take yours and I'd take mine." It's never easy but we do learn to live with what we got and what's normal in our life. Praying for you.

  15. Dear Linda
    I would have never had known that we shared this same illness. I know all too well what you mean by its your normal. My heart aches that you have had to let go. These choices are never easy. You are such a dear I will keep you in my prayers and this new chapter of your life. Sending you much love Kate

  16. Sometimes I think the hardest part about change is thinking things through and finally pulling the trigger on your decision. I imagine that it was difficult to come to the realization that you needed to do things differently in your life, but it sounds like you have a wonderfully positive outlook :)

  17. I know this wasn't an easy decision, but it's the best one and your health has to come first. I know you'll continue doing what you love but in a more condensed version. I struggle with being too spread out and need to set some new boundaries myself. I really do admire your positive attitude!

  18. Dear Linda,

    You are so brave and beautiful. It takes courage to let go sometimes and to step back. I get it. I hope for the best of health for you and the strength to get through.

    Heartfelt blessings to you,

  19. Linda, my youngest daughter has lupus, APS(a cousin to Lupus), & another blood clotting disease...I tell her it's all about balance. You have to balance everything and it sounds like your decision is based around that. She hasn't had a big ole flare for almost 4 years and we are very thankful! She has discovered that being creative, working on a project of some kind, is a GREAT diversion for pain...she does anything she can to avoid some of those pain meds! I bet you have discovered the same.
    Take care of yourself! Your kids and grandkids need you!
    Hugs from Iowa,

  20. At my age I'm all for simplifying when and where I can so I completely understand.

  21. Good luck on your new ventures, Linda! I'm sure you're making the right decision for your health and sanity! :)

  22. We're SO on the same page, Linda. Here's to you, girlfriend. Knowing what to let go of, and when to do it is an art form. I look forward to seeing what that creative brain of yours does next!

  23. DeaR Linda,
    I did not know much about Lupus, but googled it, and so understand that having such a sicknes there will be times without much power or energy.So letting go of your big sales nad shop place is a wise desition to take, I`m sure.
    Maybe not easy, but you will be so happy having more time creating, and doing your Etsy shops!
    I wish you a happy new life and many wonderful hours creating much more than before!!!
    All the best to you my friend.- I hope a quieter life, will also bring the lupus more quiet periods.
    Hugs from Dorthe

  24. Thinking of you my friend...that had to be a tough decision for you. So glad you are putting your health first!! Hugs, Laurel

  25. Letting go is a hard decision to make, but I think you're on the right track. Now you can slow down and let your creativity run wild! I hope you've recovered from your flare-up so you can enjoy the last days of our way too short summer. I can't wait to see photos of the wedding!

    It's hard getting used to the quiet of our empty nests, isn't it? :(

    Take care,

  26. We find a way to move on and upward, don't we?

  27. Linda,
    Good for you. What a difficult decision, but made with the best intentions! You are well worth the care you put into yourself!!

  28. Very sensible, take care of yourself. Blessings, Pam xx

  29. I'm sorry to hear that you suffer from Lupus, Linda. But it sounds like you made the wisest of decisions. You can now relax a bit and still do what you love.


  30. Linda....sending my heartfelt thoughts to you. Change is so complicated, yet when we make the decisions that are right for us...it is freeing!

  31. Change can be good too Linda. Funny about the empty nest. Although I don't have one yet, I find myself thinking about it more and more as my sons are getting older. I have a Junior, and the thought, well, it panics me to be honest. It will be very hard to let go, but I know a very exciting time as well. I hope all your changes indeed will be positive. XO

  32. Linda
    I'm sorry to hear of your health issues.
    I wish you the best in your future endeavors.
    I know you'll be blessed!

  33. I am sorry that you had to make the decision to let you shop go...I hope you are well...and I love the way you so eloquently put it...that you are going to take the time to "work on the art of living"...so very true...life is too short and delicate...we all should take more time to smell the roses!

  34. Good luck with the 'New Chapters and the art of living'... change is hard, decisions to change even harder. I know you won't have made the choice easily but I feel sure it will work out for the best :)

    Karen x

  35. Lupus is a mysterious disease isn't it, it seems to encompass so many things. Anyway, I am so with you, big shows are a lot of work, you read my post that I would never do it without a partner like the one I have for the next show that is doing all of the work! I think change is great, good for you and good luck!


  36. I love your positive attitude despite the obstacles life has thrown at you. Sometimes we have to choose what is best for our future happiness despite the losses. Change is always difficult, but moving forward sometimes demands change. I wish you all the best and much happiness as you embark on this new chapter.
    A Hug xo

  37. You are doing the right thing and making the decisions that are best for you. I'm sure this new chapter will be just as fulfilling as the last. Best wishes on the new venture!

  38. Hi Linda,
    I know it's not easy to share health-related issues but I'm glad you trusted us all to share this information with us. I'm sure it wasn't an easy decision to give up your shop but you are doing what is absolutely best for you! I know your online shops will keep you very busy! I love your "art of living" statement....I think we all need to adapt that positive attitude. Take care!!

  39. The "Art of Living..." a quote to remember for sure. I'm sorry to hear that you suffer with Lupas. I don't know a lot about it but know it can be very difficult. Giving up the shop and shows is just making room for something that will be better for you and that can be exciting.

  40. Sorry to hear about your health issues, Linda. Those shows are definitely hard physically and mentally! Sounds like a good time to change your focus. Hope all goes well and much Etsy success to you!

  41. So sorry to hear this news of having lupus. Your decision to cut back on your business sounds like a great start dealing with an illness that has daily surprises that can last days into weeks. Wishing you all the best for your new endeavors. XO Sharon

  42. Sorry to hear about your health issues Linda. I hope whatever changes you feel you need to make in your life will make you happy and continue to feel well. I will still be taking a peek at your Etsy shop...you always find the best stuff! Take care...

  43. Linda, I think this was a
    courageous and wise decision.
    And hey, life IS about change
    and in order to grow, we need
    to follow that flow.

    Walking right beside you,
    navigating your new normal ~
    and mine : )

    xo Suzanne


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