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Personalizing Your Artwork...

This post is done in collaboration with by Getty Images

If you've been reading my blog for awhile you know I love to have artwork that suits our personalities and has some meaning to us!  There are many ways to do this...personal photos, family heirlooms, art pieces that you or a family member create, 
as well as special pieces you shop for!
This week I discovered by Getty Images.  It's such an amazing web site...they offer a vast selection of wonderful illustrations, archival and exclusive photography collections...
and expertly frame them to fit any decor!  
My husband and I have enjoyed exploring our ancestry lately!  I love finding meaningful pieces which share our family history.  Using the search feature at, I looked up "Norway". There were 2560 results!  
I was amazed at the beautiful photography!

And when I typed in the specific areas of Norway our ancestors immigrated from, I found such beautiful photos!

It's such a great way to share family heritage! by Getty Images has genres for every interest and style from Vintage... 

and so many other categories.  There are collections from renowned photographers and wonderful featured galleries.  
The search feature is great.  
I typed in "barn" and found this lovely photo...

and "sheep" led to this beautiful photo.

There really is something to express every personality 
and to complement any decor! They offer four different sizes, 
and five different framing materials...
Canvas, Birchwood, Aluminum, Acrylic, and Framed Paper. 
I'm looking forward to decorating our home 
with some beautiful artwork soon!  

Until next time...

{I received compensation for this post... All opinions and writing are my own. I really love their products!} 


  1. Wow such pretty pictures for sure, Love the sheep and the barn.
    I think is so interesting
    I just sent in my DNA kit

  2. I have been searching for some artwork and this place sounds great!

  3. This is so exciting - I can't wait to browse around their site and see what I can find!! Thanks, Linda!

  4. Linda - Gorgeous artwork. Love it all - can't wait to go look at their website.


  5. Linda, The sheep did pose nicely. :):) I loved those pictures...such color too. Don't you just love the waterskiing ladies??Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  6. What beautiful photographs! I could easily get lost looking at pictures on a website like that. Have a great weekend!

  7. Beautiful photography! I love the colorful Norwegian photos! Thank you for sharing the link...I have to give it a peek!

  8. I agree--family photographs are the universal way to personalize a home. What a great concept to pair it with your ancestry, thanks for sharing!

  9. So much beautiful eye-candy today, Linda. You've really brightened up February. Have fun with the ancestry search. Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day to all.

  10. Gorgeous photos! I can't wait to see which photos you choose for your home, Linda!

  11. Interesting! It'll be nice to see what you end up choosing for your home. Hope you have a good weekend. :-)

  12. A great tip, Linda, thanks for sharing. They do have amazing eye candy. Did you choose something for yourself?

  13. It's nice to be able to find photos from the areas your ancestors are from. I would love to know the specific area that mine are from to do the same thing. I bet your artwork will look great in your home!


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