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Let There Be Light...

This week we made a few simple changes in our kitchen that made a big difference!  Our kitchen is quite bright, with white cabinetry.  But my sink workspace is always dark or shadowed...

This post is done in collaboration with Parrot Uncle.

For privacy, we have this window shuttered...and we have a shade that we never pull is just used as a valance.

And we have this old light fixture, that is usually not working, because it is such a pain to climb up there and change the bulb.  
And it just isn't very pretty...

We cut off all but the top of the valance, which let in a lot more light...and hung this fun new Industrial Style Pendant Light With Umbrella Shade from Parrot Uncle!

I had Edison bulbs, but chose an LED here as I really need good task lighting...and it is doing the job wonderfully!  
And doesn't it have great style?  
It looks a little farmhouse...a little industrial...perfect!

Parrot Uncle  has beautiful lighting in many styles...
my favorite is their Vintage Industrial Pendant Lighting.  

The whole kitchen feels brighter, 
and has much more attitude now, too!

I love my new light fixture!
Thank you Parrot Uncle for adding light and style to my kitchen!

Parrot Uncle provided product used in this project...all opinions (and the happy smile) are mine!

Until next time...


  1. Lighting is so important and it makes such a vast improvement. It always amazes me how a new fixture cozies up an area. I like your shutters and new pairings.

  2. The new light makes such a difference, Linda - I love it and it's perfect for your space!

  3. Beautiful! I love it! Amazing what something so simple can do!
    XO Kris

  4. Linda, I really like your make -over for the sink area. Much brighter too. I like the light. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  5. Love your new light fixture! It will be great to have all of that light by the sink. And I agree, although the Edison bulbs look pretty, they don't do a great job for task lighting.

  6. Love your new lighting, Linda. What a difference it makes!

  7. Love the new fixture! Great choice. Looks like you gained some great natural light too. I need lots of it.

  8. It really opens up your kitchen! You are so creative! Nice light fixture too!

  9. That light fits your style perfectly, Linda! It looks vintage which is an added bonus. Love it!

  10. It's made a big difference to the room, Linda. Lovely.

  11. How nice Uncle Parrot gave you a new light.
    Now you can see those dirty pots and pans better

  12. Linda we have the same sink I swear. We have an overhead patio that cuts off all the sunlight to my sink window---I hate it truthfully but it's not going anywhere soon based on what the hubby says so I've thought of putting up a light fixture in the exact place. I'll have to check out Uncle Parrot---it goes perfectly in your kitchen.

  13. What a difference just those couple of changes made. I love the Uncle Parrot light fixture too. sb

  14. LOVE IT!!!! I bet you were glad to see that boob light go, huh? :)

  15. I need to know where you got the shutters? I only see the bigger ones!

    1. Wish I could help you find them, Gisela! I found these at a garage sale years ago and painted them. We had to do an outside mount on the window moulding to get them to fit!

  16. Love that light! It is perfect in your kitchen. We have an ugly light above the sink too, and yes, it sure is a pain having to change the lightbulb.

  17. That light just is the perfect touch for your kitchen. I love it!

    xo Dianne

  18. Its amazing to see how small changes can really make a difference! Shortening the shade and the new light made the space look completely difference. I love the shutters and want to do the same for my work area window!

  19. The new light is awesome ... but I would SOOOO open the shutters. I see that your neighbors appear to be pretty close on that side, tho.


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