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Outdoor Christmas Decorating

My husband Larry and I have taken advantage of the unusually warm weather in Minnesota to get our outdoor Christmas decorating done this week! Seems early, but when cold weather and snowstorms can hit at any time, it really is a simple pleasure to get the decorating done when it isn't 20 degrees outside! Fifty degrees may seem cold to some of you, but in November, in Minnesota its great! We hung lots of white lights and we always decorate the front entry- this year I did a large arrangement of greens. I bought some spruce tops and one large piece of curly willow, I cut dogwood branches in our yard, and picked up some cedar, pine, and yew cuttings at the compost site when we dropped off our fall leaves. It looks so pretty and festive! I put out one of my old sleds, some ice skates and a sign I painted for a nice holiday vignette. Now all we need is some snow- I've always thought it is the best decoration!


  1. Great christmas decorating ideas. I think white christmas theme is perfect when you have snow in the area. The theme is just perfect, isn't it?

    Christmas decorations

    1. Thanks so much, Prasad...I think snow is the best decoration!


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