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Thrift Shop Fun

Liana had a day off work today, so thought we'd hit a couple of thrift shops and hunt for vintage Christmas goodies! With Halloween done, the stores are busy putting out Christmas items. We found three great matching red felt stockings with great graphics and glittered cuffs with hand written names- Momma, Roy, and Mary! We also found a smaller very charming faded child's felt stocking. A glittered Christmas tree candle, a wonderful old Santa ornament, and three rolls of vintage ribbon rounded out the holiday finds! There were other good finds today- some old books, a great 1941 Champion bowling belt buckle, a Niagara Falls souvenir, a CreamTop dairy spoon, and Scrabble letters! It is always a great way to spend the day, and Liana and I enjoy having girl time, too!

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  1. What fun - you two are so creative. I love your blog and your Itsy site! Keep up the good junk!


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