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Fun Finds...

I did a little antiquing and thrift store shopping this week and made some fun finds!   I'm always up for a day of treasure hunting!  My husband Larry, and daughter Liana, were my partners- and it's always fun to spend time together doing something we love!  We are always on the hunt for great old graphics, games, books- and those items we just can't live without!   We found a great box of old dice- wonderful colors!- some great antique animal cards, some vintage party stunt cards, and the greatest old paint chart!  Liana, as a visual artist, is always attracted to an item like that!  We also found some wonderful little cast metal pieces- an elephant head, a dancing girl, an old skate key, and a binoculars charm- they were in a dollar box!  I found some old games- I especially loved an old red metal skill ball game, which I will add to my my wall collection of old game boards.  I also found a sweet old cow print and a wooden star bracket.  Probably my favorite find this week was a rare antique Valentine's paper party hat!  15" high, it is made of crepe paper, lined in craft paper, and has fabulous graphics.  Unfortunately, it has a couple of ink spots, but other than normal wear, is relatively undamaged.  I have been unable to find anything info on anything like it- for $9, it was a steal!  If any of you have any info about a piece like this, I'd love to hear from you!  A day like this is always fun...can't wait to go again!



  1. Hi Linda! Now that's my kind of thrifting day! It is so nice that you share this love with your daughter Liana! Hope you have a good week ahead!
    Take care, Laura

  2. A good day of stuff. That valentine hat is great!

  3. Linda,
    Very cool haul this week. You know where to shop girl! I really, REALLY appreciate the time you took to write to me. I am following your advice. Got 4 listed today, yeah! Thanks also for your support on my blog. Lisa

  4. Hi Linda! Great job scoring some VERY cool stuff!!! I love anything with numbers on them!

    Enjoy your week ~

    :) T

  5. What a great thrifting day you had! That Valentine hat is a wonderful find!


  6. Linda,
    It's me again, I just got my mail!! Guess what was in there, my vintage bingo game! I love it and you are so sweet to give so many extra goodies too. I can't wait to do something with it, I'm going to post it tomorrow. Lisa

  7. Fun finds! Even more fun that you can share treasure hunting with your family. ~ Angela

  8. It is so fun to discover new blogs.....found you while blog hopping.

    Great blog and wonderful Etsy store!

  9. What beautiful finds. You have an eye to catch beauties


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