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Winter at the lake...last chapter

The upstairs at the lake is done in a very different style than the rest of the house- it is softer and restful, done in blues, tans, and white.  It's easy to relax upstairs!  Our room is the smallest of the three bedrooms, and was inspired by a large print I found at a garage sale- a hammock and quilt on a breezy beachside porch.  I loved the feeling and wanted to hang out on that porch.  We used white furniture- an antique dresser, wicker nightstand and mirror, and a reproduction Windsor chair- all second hand finds.  I hung an 1800's Norwegian sailing print alongside a 50's paint-by-number, and added an old white shelf that I adorned with shells.  The quilt and shams on the bed are done in soft Americana tones and were found at a thrift store for $15!  The best decoration in the room is the view of the lake out the window!  The bathroom on this level is done in soft gray/blue, tan, and white.  It is done very simply and cleanly with sea bird prints, shells, and starfish hung over the simple white shade.  It includes a dormer window which gives the room architectural character.  The other two bedrooms are used by our oldest son and three grandchildren and have yet to be decorated- maybe we'll be inspired soon!



  1. What a view. It must be lovely to wake up to that no matter what time of year it is.

  2. Hi Linda! Your room is so pretty and so peaceful...a beautiful color pallette!!!

    And that view is incredible!

    :) T


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