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Winter at the Lake...part two

I have always loved lodge style decorating- I love the feeling of an Adirondack cabin.  Our vintage sort-of-Tudor style lakehome isn't really suited to a really rustic cabin style, so we have used peeled log and leather furniture (the sofa and one chair fold down for extra sleeping), antiques, and lots of vintage items we have collected.  The Chanute Field pillow cover I found at a sale was a special find- I was actually born there in 1954!  I have always loved old chalkware, too, and many pieces have found a home at the lake!  The colorful Pinto fruit label was on a crate I had no use for, as it was quite rustic, and I decided just to use the end as a piece of artwork.  I saved the remaining crate boards for future projects!  The game boards decorate two walls leading to our game room- the hallway is rather dark and they really brighten things up!  I have always loved the graphics found on these vintage game pieces!  A special piece I framed was made with five vintage bingo and lotto pieces- the numbers were our birth years, 51, 54, 74, 82, and 84.  Hope you enjoy seeing some more of our goodies- next time I'll share some bed and bath decorating from the house!  Linda

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