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Milk Glass and a Giveaway...

I love the versatility of milk glass!  There are so many different styles and pieces that it can go with any decor!  I am not really a collector, I just have ended up with some pretty pieces that I enjoy using.  I recently found a punch bowl set in a thrift shop.  I saw a photo in Country Living magazine a few years back of a milk glass punch bowl full of lemonade with lemon slices floating on top (sorry about the photo quality- I've had the clipping in my file for awhile!).  I thought it was so lovely and could imagine it with punches at every holiday or occasion, so was very happy to finally find mine!  I love its swirled design and think it would also be nice as a serving bowl for salads, etc.
from Country Living Magazine

  I also have a footed cake plate- I love footed cake plates and DO have a collection of those.   My three little hobnail goblets serve as sweet vases when lined up on a table.  My favorite piece however, is an antique Victorian footed fruit basket!  I love its ornate openwork and basketweave decoration...maybe I am collecting milk glass!
For more fun, Laura of 52 Flea is having a wonderful giveaway to celebrate her one year blogging anniversary!  If you haven't visited her beautiful blog (but I'm sure you probably have), you are in for a treat!  She always has the most beautiful visuals and photography!  To celebrate her anniversary she is offering a giveaway of the Spring Edition of Jeanne D' Arc Living Magazine, a $50 gift certificate towards a handcrafted piece of jewelry by Lisa Leonard Designs, and the Winter edition of Somerset Life, in which Laura and 52 Flea is featured!  Congratulations, Laura!
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  1. Yep.....I think you may have a collection ...and a great one too!

  2. Love the milk glass! Reminds me of some pieces I remember seeing when I was a child. :)

  3. All of your milk glass is really beautiful and I've never seen a milk glass punch bowl set, so pretty! The photo you have with the lemonade is gorgeous and I'm sure your lovely punch bowl will be just as beautiful this spring or summer filled with lemonade and topped with lemon slices. Great find!

  4. I'd like to introduce you to another Linda..........over at

    She has a VAST collection of milkglass and is very knowledgeable on the subject....I thought you might enjoy her.


  5. Linda,
    I love your thrift store find! I love milk glass too, I only have a couple of pieces tho. A compote, that's my fav & a sugar/creamer. Hum, maybe I need to go back into your etsy shop! Lisa
    PS Thanks for the really kind comment today.

  6. Milk glass is a favorite of mine too! I really really love it! Your punch bowl is amazing!
    Hugs, Lisa

  7. I love milkglass and that a great punchbowle set! I would have grabbed that up in a minute!


  8. Beautiful milkglass pieces. LOve your blog!

  9. Linda,
    Your footed fruit plate is gorgeous!! And thanks for the link to 52 flea-love it!

  10. You do have a very Nice Collection!
    I love the Cake stand!
    Nice to meet new people with the same passion!

  11. I have a very small collection of milk glass, I love it!! OK your pugs are WAY way cute, I have a black one her name is lucy!!~! Don't you just love that breed? They are awesome loving companion dogs.......I really like your blog too. Come visit me in SC I am new to blog land myself, well I am a month old LOL!!~

  12. Such a pretty punch set - I've never seen one like it. Sophie and Bailey are precious, by the way. ~ Angela

  13. I love milk glass ... Beautiful pieces you have. I've never seen a milk glass punch bowl either. I'd snatch that up in a second if I saw it.

    Thank you for visiting my blog!

  14. I collect milk glass too & I am soooo envious of your punch bowl. The ruffles had me from the get-go & then to be milk glass too? Be still my heart!

    LOVE your blog!

  15. I have a bunch of milk glass, too. I have that punch bowl. I Enjoy your projects on JMS. Lezlee

  16. I love your milkglass pieces!! I collect it too!


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