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A Fun Lamp Makeover...

I had a tall, vintage alabaster lamp in storage.  I love alabaster lamps, but this one wasn't quite working for me!  It had two wood sections- a carved curved piece at the top, and a pedestal base- that were painted a very dark golden color, which does not really go in my home.
 Lately, I have seen many blogs which have spray painted lamps and chandeliers with lovely results, so thought maybe I would adapt that treatment.  I didn't want to paint the alabaster, of course, but decided to paint the wood sections to match! My lamp was a creamy off-white with some great mustard tones and some black veining.   I just used craft acrylic paints - an off-white, a dark mustard, and black, with a satin sealer.  Using a foam brush, I started out with a coat of off-white over both sections- just a light cover coat to allow the dark gold underneath to come through as shadows.
 I then mixed a little of the dark mustard (it is the paint on the far left in the pic) into the off-white and painted a light coat of that onto the lamp to get the color closer to the original alabaster.
 Next I added another light layer of off-white so the mustard areas and shadowing still showed through.
  Accents were next- more mustard in the seams and shadows, some black feathered veining- you can fix anything you don't like by stippling on some more off-white to soften it.
 This paint dries quickly and I liked working while the paint was a little wet for easy blending when I wanted to.  Once it was dry, I topped it off with a satin sealer, which gave it a soft surface glow which looked like the alabaster.  The whole project took me about 45 minutes!  I was happy with how it turned out and I have a new lamp for my home!

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  1. Hi Linda,
    your lamp has realy been like new--well old/new- and so very beautifull. it is a wonderfull piece, and a wonderfull job.
    Wishing you a happy easter, dear.

  2. Nice! Very nice job, Linda!


    Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

  3. Great idea! Simple change makes a big difference.

  4. Oh Linda it's perfect! So glad you pulled it out of your attic, I think that's what you said, right! lol

    you did a wonderful job...and brought new life to an old's so shabby chic now!!!

    love it!
    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  5. The lamp looks like a complete restoration. I would have taken the spray paint route which certainly wouldn't look as nice.

  6. Linda, that looks really good. I can't believe how you made it all look like the allibaster. You did it so quickly, too.

  7. That really turned out great! It looks so much better and it looks great in your room. I like the photo of it with the light on...such a warm glow. :)

  8. Really gorgeous transformation! I love alabaster lamps too. I don't usually see them with wooden bases though. I like it all white much better!


  9. Ahhh! Genius - it really is a beautiful lamp. I love the power of paint and employ it often. ~ Angela

  10. awesome. we have so many old lamps. I keep pulling lampshades out of the dumpster behind "exciting lighting." I can't help myself!

  11. Really Cool! Well Done You!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  12. Hello Linda!

    Thanks for the visit and so thrilled I found yourEtsy store and bought those darling crotched pot holders! They will look so cute in the trailer! I love your flowered wall paper! I need to do some wallpapering in this house! In our last house I did and it truely turned a house into a home.

    Happy Easter!


  13. Very nice! I like that a lot. Looks lovely where you have it, too! :)

  14. lovely..what an amazing transformation! the shade is a perfect finishing touch.
    judi ;)

  15. Linda
    that really made a difference with your lamp.

    You did a nice job, making it 'new'.
    Enjoy your work.

  16. Forty five minutes? Wow, I'm impressed! It is a fabulous re-do and such a lovely piece to add to your beautiful home. Thanks for sharing your tips, Victoria

  17. You did a fabulous job matching the base to the alabaster. The different paint colors added a lot of depth to the lamp. It looks beautiful in your space.

  18. I love that you blended different colors, that's what I would've done too...and they call us dumb blonds!!!

  19. Well that sure is fresh!~ I love it Linda, and it looks great on that table! Happy Easter, I posted a quick little easter post for my blogging friends...I am still technically on break lol!!~

  20. So nice looking now, and Love all your old books, too! Lezlee

  21. What a transformation. It looks gorgeous.

    Joyeux paques,


  22. Good job! The lamp has wonderful lines and now it is perfect.


  23. What a beautiful job on the lamp Linda! I am in the process of re-doing a lamp, so thank you for your inspiration. And thank you for all your kind comments on my blog! I hope you and your family have a beautiful Easter!

  24. Great job Linda!! Your lamp looks charming in that spot.

    Susan and Bentley

  25. Hi Linda, what a great job you did matching the alabaster. I would never have guessed that was paint...really pretty! Have a wonderful Easter weekend, come by when you can.

  26. Nice blog. I love the way you have brought this lamp back to life. I have become a follower.

  27. Love the lamp, what a difference a few coats of paint make. I particularly like how you used the alabaster to define the color. Beautiful.

  28. Thanks for joining the party, Linda. That lamp looks like it was always alibaster all the way. Great job.

  29. Oh, your lamp turned out so beautiful! I love it and the vignette you've set up with is is so pretty.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  30. Cute lamp redo! Also love your waverly wallpapaer!

  31. You did a beautiful job on your lamp. The whole thing looks alabaster now!
    Happy New Year

  32. that is gorgeous! I love your little spot. The wallpaper warms up that whole corner.


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