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Simple Project Day

Liana and I are getting ready for our guest dealer stint at Haupt Antiek Market next week- today one of the things we worked on was a fun spring peat pot project!  I was inspired by lovely peat pot pretties artwork I saw on   Karla's Cottage .  She did adorable peat pot pretties with fairies, that are available for sale.  I decided to make some spring nests.  The peat pots were purchased 10 for $1.69 at Home Depot- they are from Burpee, and I liked the square planter shape.  We had an old dictionary that we use for scrap and found pages featuring florals or garden items and decoupaged them onto the pots, with a matte finish.
 When the pots are dry, they harden up nicely and we put two kinds of dried moss into them.  You could also use excelsior, paper shred, etc.  We added eggs- we had several spring colors to choose from- and topped it off with with a scan of an old bird trade card.  I think they have a fun spring feeling!  Hope maybe some of you will enjoy making some, too!

 Until next time...


  1. Hi Linda....those pea pots are amazing! i love them....mod podge is so great, isn't it!!!

    they turned out perfect!
    thanks for coming by ... it meant a lot!


  2. looks great...I will have to try that.
    Have to find my moss first~lol
    I am sure it is buried in my hoarding room!

  3. it never ceases to amaze me what one can do with the most ordinary items... then to turn it into something so simple and beautiful. i also realize that some of the items that i've given away or donated could have come in handy for future projects...oh well. i am a slow learner!
    modge podge is the best and so are your creations.
    ~judi ;)

  4. Thanks everyone! And Judi- I can't even tell you how many times I have gotten rid of something only to see what could have been done with it later!

  5. Linda,
    I saw the pots on Karla's blog as well. You did a fabulous job with yours!! I love,love,love the nest idea!! I wish I could work on things 24 hours straight. Maybe I would get all the fun things done!!!

  6. Dear Linda,

    Oh your pots are so sweet, small treasures of spring, and beauty.
    I love them, they are gorgeus, Linda.

    Hugs, Dorthe

  7. These are just lovely Linda - very creative. Thank you for coming by my blog and your lovely comments x

  8. A wonderful idea for the small pots. Thank you for sharingyour photos with us.

    Wishing you a wonderful day!

  9. Aren't they fun to work with? And to me, those little pots just say "spring". Yours turned out cute!

  10. These are fabulous! A great spring decoration. Thanks for the instructions. I'm going to try and make some of these for my Easter table.
    Good luck with your sale next week. Wish I lived a little closer so I could come and shop.

  11. LOVE THESE--great springy project!!!~~Thanks for sharing, Junkinjulie

  12. So sweet. I may have to try one thanks to your instructions of course.

  13. What a great idea. I am so glad I can come over here and learn new things.

  14. these are beautiful. i must make one..thanks for sharingx lynda

  15. oh, how darling are these little pea pots! I love them. . .they get me even more excited about spring:)!

  16. Those look excellent Linda! I'm working on a proto type for a class I'm doing in April, it has a garden theme & I was thinking of using those seed starters. Oh well, back to the drawing board!LOL Lisa

  17. You have inspired me to try this, it looks so pretty!!~

  18. This is my first visit to your inspiring and creative blog and I look forward to a return visit soon.

  19. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I'm glad you like my kitchen re-do, it sure did take a ton of work, but OH SO worth it! I LOVE IT!
    I love your birdie and eggs....if you keep reading my blog you'll KNOW I love birds and eggs! :)
    Hope you have a great rest of the week!

  20. Great tutorial, Linda, I'll add you to my blogroll!

    Thanks for commenting and keep up the great work (I've never met someone that had a front page Etsy item!)

    Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

  21. These are great creations! Lezlee

  22. I just adore this project! First I love decoupage. Second I love anything to do with nature. And you make everything so cute and lovely!

  23. Linda,

    These are so cute! I saw some today at a Florist they had painted them pastel colors added a wire for a handle and then glued little Rabbits, Chicks and Eggs on them and added easter grass and little easter chicks. They had them hanging on a Cherry Blossom limb. Wish I had taken a photo. Hope you don't mind if I share your great idea with them. I am new to blogging and I just love your Itsy Bits and Pieces.

    Blessings, Vicky at Grannys Attic

  24. Hi Linda...
    LOVE this & I'm going to try to make some on Monday when I'm not working at the shop. This does sound like a fun yet simple spring craft, plus if I can make them... they will add some spring flair to the shop!
    Thanks so much friend & thanks for all of your sweet comments on my blog!!!
    Big Smiles,

  25. Hi Linda, I'm always a post behind reading! These are just lovely, I love the dictionary paper, very cute idea!

  26. Linda,
    I saw that post of Karla's too & I love what you did with the idea. Now I'm going to do it. Funny how it works huh? That's what I love about blogging. love your junk style side table too. Lisa

  27. Those are so adorable! I have some peat pots that I haven't used. I may just make one!



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