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A Very Simple Project Day...

 Well, our sale is over and we had a great I am doing a few little projects sprucing up in the kitchen!  I brought home the leftover plants from our set-up - primrose, heather, ivy, and a fern- and placed them in a chippy pale aqua basket on the table.  Added two vintage porcelain birds and instant spring!
  I also did a simple framing project.  My daughter found some great little vintage store placards for $2.00 each at an antique store.
 I mounted one on a piece of heavyweight textured scrapbooking paper and used a great distressed frame that I found 1/2 off at Michaels.  I make my grandchildren waffles on the weekends they stay at our home, so it is perfect!  I'm going to frame the coffee card also, and the lunch box card will be used in a sale with some vintage black and silvery tin lunchboxes!
 I'm just enjoying relaxing today- so are my pugs!  They decided to curl up together in a sunny window this morning!  Enjoy the day!
Until next time...


  1. Sweet, cuddly pugs! Love the Spring decor too. ~ Angela

  2. That is so pretty Linda! I love your pugs too, did I tell you I have one? Lucy she is black, what a love! Have a great Monday.

  3. Linda, love your backet and those framed signs will look great. The pugs together in the basket are too cute.

  4. Oh! I love how they are curled up sweet! =-)

  5. The pugs are so cute!!
    I'm glad to hear you had a successful sale. The vintage store placards are a great find and they look wonderful framed...instant gotta love it!!

  6. The basket is so pretty and Spring-y. Great framed cards, too.


  7. Hi Linda,
    Aww...your pugs are so sweet!!! Your project is also sweet.
    I went to Bachmans today and looked at the vintage areas...very nice...and out of my to look at! I'm such a thrifer and garage sale person(LOL)!!!
    Glad it went well...busy too at How Quaint! Now to prepare for next month's sale...
    Deb :)

  8. Linda,
    OOOOOHH!! The framed work is beautiful. It really pops and looks great in your kitchen.
    Wish my doggies looked as cute as yours all curled up together!
    So glad the fair went well!!

  9. Oh, I just love your two little babies, how cute is that?!

  10. Your pugs are so cute squeezed up together.

  11. Your pugs are the sweetest, I just want to snuggle them! Are they full grown? Adorable!

  12. Very springy indeed! It looks so inviting. I will be there for waffles for sure!
    smiles, alice

  13. Linda,
    I'm sure you're appreciating the down time to do a few projects for yourself. The basket & birds are sweet. and love the vintage signs and how you displayed them.
    your pugs are so cute cuddled up together..."snug as a bug in a rug".
    ~judi ;)

  14. or is it "snug as 2 pugs in a rug"?

  15. Oh my those two cuties curled up together! Hope you had a successful sale!

    I am having a little "Blue Monday" might want to pop over a take a look. Loved visiting! Have a terrific week!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  16. I love the pugs! And I really like what you have framed. That's just the kind of artwork I look for.

  17. How sweet to see them sharing a basket like that! Those 2 look like they must love each other to lay that close.


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