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Bachman Spring Ideas House- End of the Tour- The Craft Room...


 Today I'll share with you last room on the Spring Bachman's Ideas House tour~ the Craft Room!  If you are just joining us, there are five previous posts that feature all the other rooms, full of great ideas- please stop by and visit them!  The craft room was my personal favorite part of the house, so bright and cheery, and a dedicated place to work and create!  The workspace was centered in the room with fun covered stools...

There was a fun colorful rug under the workspace created by taping together six small throw rugs!   It had a great patchwork look!

 Look at this fun aluminum lazy susan and vintage aquarium for storage...

I love these shelves holding all sorts of goodies...

look at this ribbon storage on a old lamp...

and the old medical jars for supplies!

There were two great idea boards- a vintage gate, and an old screen door back with cork...

There was a great organized storage closet...

and a rolling cart for at-hand storage.

Along one wall, there was a fabulous old oilcloth store display being used to hold ribbons and decorative papers...

 I loved the fun old wood post with funnels attached for string dispensing!

Looks like a room where I could have fun!  Well, that's it!  Hope you enjoyed the tour and took away a few ideas and inspiration for your own spaces!  This idea house will be open until May 2 and the Summer house will be June 3-13.  The fall show will be Sept 16-26, so if any of you are traveling to the Twin Cities for Junk Bonanza or The Creative Connection Event you'll be able to visit that one!  Thanks for all your great comments~ they are SO appreciated!  Until next time...


  1. The ribbon lamp and the string funnel- fabulous,
    I could use some of those ideas in my studio!
    Thanks for sharing your tour. How inspiring!

  2. I was so excited to see the craft room, I think it was my favorite! Such fun ideas! I love the old medical containers and the funnels. Can't wait to play in my craft room today! Have a great day!

  3. Oh wow- I can see why this is your favorite room in the house.
    I loved everything about this room from that big work table with those adorable rugs underneath- to all the neat things they used to organize and put crafting at your fingertips. The screen door cork board, and funnel tree were great ideas,too.
    Thanks Linda, for hosting a virtual tour of this lovely house!

  4. COOL! No wonder you loved this room best!! I love the lazy susan idea and the post with the funnels--Great stuff!! Love, Julie

  5. Linda, I have so enjoyed taking this tour with you. This craft room is indeed cheery and filled with wonderful've done a wonderful job of photographing the highlights of this idea house. Thank you! ~ Angela

  6. I have really enjoyed the tour. You are a fabulous tour guide, Linda! Great inspiration. My brain has a hard time holding all the ideas though -- thank goodness for bookmarks!

  7. Using a lamp for ribbons is such a fun idea. I wouldn't mind having the oil cloth display either. Funnels are exactly where my string is stored.

  8. That was so cool! Love the ribbons on the lamp, the rugs taped together, the lazy susan... I actually have a gate on the wall of mine (but I like theirs better!). I am off to look for a discarded lamp... LOL! Thanks for all the great ideas!
    Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

  9. Hi Linda,
    I would love to have a craft room!! Lots of fun ideas! Have you bought anything from the house?
    Thanks for the awesome tour.
    Happy Sunday.
    Deb :)

  10. I've really enjoyed seeing the tour of this house, and I'm with you the studio is wonderful!! So many really great ideas. Thanks for taking us along,

  11. You craftroom is beautiful!!! I love all the vintage things you used and made them very functional! Very clever! Such a warm, cozy and cheerful room where I am sure lots of inspiration will happen in! ~Maryjane

  12. This house has given me lots of great ideas! Like that fantastic patchwork rug.

  13. Hey Linda! So happy to hear you found my blog. Thanks for following. :) This craft room is amazing. I love those rugs and the idea of taping them together. What a great idea!!

  14. I love it all, but especially the lazy susan/fishbowl combo. So cute!

    Have a great week!

  15. wow!!! I WANT THIS ROOM!!! i love everything about it- the window art that says "i make things", the garden gate, the funnels..... everything! thanks for sharing! i am hoping to make our sunporch a craft room one day, and this is a great source of inspiration.

  16. You saved the best for last! Really great ideas in every room. Mimi

  17. Hi Linda, we where away for the weeknd and I am trying to catch up here:) This Bachman house sure has a lot of rooms in it, it does not look that large from the outside. The craft room is super cute, I love that rug!~ ANd the lazy susan is really neat too!

  18. Love the craft room. I am getting ready to start sewing some. lol This should be interesting. Been a long time since I have sewn. Great ideas in that craft room for a future redo on my bonus room.

  19. Hi Linda, what a beautiful blog you have. I love your room and everything in it. You have so many creative ideas, love that. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment.

  20. Hi Linda,
    This home definitely goes outside of the box in decorating and I love it! The craft room is so organized:) I see a few great ideas...that screen door...I'm gonna file that one!

  21. What a craft room! I see some ideas to steal!

  22. Hi-
    I'm so excited to hear you plan to attend the AA/JMS event. Do you know which day you're planning to come? I'd love to meet you, but I will be bringing Janis a few places while she's here from Canada to show her around the metro area and take her to some good haunts, so don't want to miss seeing other members like you either.
    Too funny about the Bachmans tour you did online. Great minds think alike. :) I was going to do the same thing, but then didn't as I was afraid they might forbid the photography next time if it got out that I had done the blog posts online, so then I didn't post them. I was happy to see I wasn't the only one that was overwhelemed with the wonderful ideas and took lots of photos too. lol However, I did see a few things on your blog post that I didn't notice while on the actual tour. I just love this event and plan to attend every single one they do in the future. What a great idea house this was.
    See you next week hopefully. I didn't realize you were a MN gal. I also sell a JB, so will see you then too.

  23. Oh.My. GOSH!!!! Would I love to have a room like that!! Thank you for sharing this!! So many great the TABLE. Love the jars, the storage, the screen...well. You get the idea!

  24. Such an amazing craft room, love the bright colors too! Thanks for giving us the tour! And thanks for posting about my giveaway, so sweet of you!

  25. Hi Linda
    What a beautiful craft room! I love it so much. All the repurposed items and the color, just gorgeous. I'm going to check out the other rooms. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Linda! you have saved the best room for last! the craft room is completely inspiring! i love all the little ideas from the funnels to the lamp ribbon holder....yum! and the pinka and green theme running throughout! wowoza!

    great post..thanks for sharing all of the rooms....amazingly inspirational!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  27. Wow, what a craft room! I love the open feeling it has~

  28. There are some great ideas in there! Thank you!

  29. Wow....I want everything!! I could just move right into that house. I love all the great ideas. Thanks so much for sharing.

  30. fOHHHHHHHHHHHHHh wowo I am droooooling...why can't my room look like that? cherry

  31. I love love love the rug!!! I just happened upon your blog. Love your craft room, love it all!


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