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Bachman's Spring Ideas House- Part Two- The Kitchen...


In my last post, I introduced you to the Bachman's Idea House!  In this post, I want to share the charming kitchen!  When you walk into the room, you are struck by the bright and cheery colors... just look at this fun window treatment...
An old carpenter's bench serves as a breakfast bar and a great work station for making cupcakes!  Notice the paper towel holder- it's made from a paint roller!
I love the whimsical chandelier, made with vintage silverware...
This wall was really cute with the graphic EAT sign, the trays made into magnet message boards, and silverware made into towel hooks...
Above the stove, they built a fun pot rack, and there's a fun chalkboard painted on the wall...
On the stovetop, they had this fun spoon rest made from an old jar (don't ask me how they melted it, must be an artisan who works with glass)~

Here's a fun built in shelf for glassware or whatever...
And just outside the door they hung an old tape measure to keep track of heights...
Hope you enjoyed the kitchen fun...
Next post I'll show you the living room!  Until next time...


  1. What a sweet kitchen. I love beadboard. And that butcher block island is amazing. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us Linda! Have a great day my friend.

  2. Oh wow many ideas in one house! Love how they've given vintage so a fresh & new it!

  3. Just look at all those cute ideas. Who would have thought of aprons as a window treatment.

  4. I like the paint roller turned paper towel holder.

  5. How fun! I love the curtains made from aprons...the color is wonderful! All of the original pieces are amazing bringing such whimsy to the space...I love it!


  6. hey linda,
    thanks for sharing the bachman house tour. I had to go back and look at your first post to get more! someday I'd like to visit and meet all you JMS minnesotians (sp?)- your SO fortunate to live so close!
    love all the great ideas that we can all incorporate one way or another...guess that's why it's called an idea house!
    judi ;)

  7. Oh! I want that sink with the drainboard for my kitchen in NY=-)

  8. Oh, what a fun house! I LOVE that chandelier. Some folks have all the imagination in the world.

  9. A lot of cuteness going on in that kitchen!
    Country Blessings,

  10. Cuteness with a capital "C"!!!!

  11. Love those aprons. Cute, cute ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Wonderful!
    I love the idea of using vintage aprons as curtains, just brilliant!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  13. Linda, you took some great pictures to share with us. I got a good feel and description of this tour that you took. I bet it was a lot of fun and so inspiring for your craft. I look forward to seeing more. Thanks for sharing, Victoria

  14. Hi Linda,
    Some very clever ideas here! Since I adore vintage aprons..I loved seeing them used here as curtains. Love the work bench as an island and that chandelier is definitely fun!
    Take care, Laura :)

  15. Amazing ideas there; that spoon rest is so fun, love the chandelier, the chalkboard on the wall and especially the paint roller towel holder! Thanks for sharing.

  16. Some really great ideas. Loved that measuring tape thing. Mimi

  17. LOVIN' that you are blogging about this, since I couldn't go and see for myself. So full of ideas... I used to have an apron for a kitchen curtain. Love the chandy, too. and the paint roller, now that is clever. This is green done the right way! Thanks again, Lezlee

  18. Wow, what a whymsical kitchen. Just discovered your blog and had to say I love the pic of Sophie and Bailey! Too sweet. I've got a pugalier so whenever I see a pug or a cavalier it always makes me smile.
    The Painted Hive

  19. How unique! Today I saw chandeliers made from paper clips! Amazing..and now this. Lots of unusual things going on in this home. Thanks for showing us that kitchen...more?

  20. super cute absolute favorite is the aprons as window treatments...oh, that is SO made my heart sing!!!

  21. Hi Linda, what a great kitchen--so many clever ideas!! You musta had alot of fun there! Good thing you had a camera to record it all! Have a great day blog friend, Julie

  22. I love this place!!~ How cute, cute cute,was the silverware chande? And then aprons in the windows, I loved the colors!

  23. I LOVE this kitchen, from the apron curtains, and the butcher block counter, the chandelier is sooooo....coool! I like that it is two-tiered.

    I think the tape measure by the door is a great idea. I have one part of door trim that has never been painted because it has my kids heights on there. I never EVER WANT TO PAINT IT...

    Such a nice welcoming kitchen.
    Love it.

  24. Such a happy kitchen! Love all the clever repurposing going on! ~ Angela

  25. I especially love all of the sweet, neat touches of whimsy in this kitchen!

    what another great post!

    well done!
    ciao bella


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