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Bachman's Spring Ideas House- Part Four- The Bedrooms...

Today's post from the Bachman's Spring Ideas House, features the charming bedrooms!  This post will be a little longer...lots to share!  If you are just joining the tour, please also visit my three previous posts with other parts of the house!  There are actually four bedrooms in this house, but one is decorated as a studio craft room and I'll feature that on its own later!  First off is the lovely, restful master bedroom...I love how they repurposed the great old shutters as a headboard and used vintage crocheted lace and old burlap coffee bags for pillows...

The side tables were vintage milk cans topped with glass- I'm not usually a big milk can fan, but the patina on these gave these a great industrial feel...

This view is the opposite side of the room...sorry, it's a little dark...

I love the old wood tobacco drying tray on the wall...

The dresser was painted with hammered metal spray had a fabulous updated look!

I loved the old slide storage box used for jewelry...

 and the desktop decorations...

Look at these charming wall mirrors made from stovepipe grates! 

Hope you enjoyed it!  Next up is the little girl's room~ it has a decidedly  feminine feel and is very bright and cheery!  Look at this cool branch decoration on the wall above the bed!

The headboard was actually made with three Vera Bradley bulletin boards!

A garden cart serves as a charming side table...

and a window well is a toy box...

There's a lovely bench made from an old Jenny Lind bed...

The dresser was an old vanity painted the bright pink color and had this cute lamp on top edged with yo-yos...

The last bedroom featured today was my personal favorite- the little boy's room (although there are many little girls who would love it, too)!  It had a baseball theme and the room was full of wonderful pieces and great ideas!  Take a look at the bed with its fabulous baseball bat headboard!

I love the side table made with old wood bottle crates and the baseballs lamp...

and look at these great old lockers for storage...

How about this fun window treatment and locker baskets for more display?

I love this shelf made with baseballs!

This was may favorite piece...old industrial fencing used for display and great old baseball gloves used as little fun!  The desk under it used old industrial bins for storage!

Well, it's been a long post...thanks for staying with me!  Hope you found lots of ideas!  Only a few areas time the bathrooms!  Until next time...


  1. I can see why this was your favorite part of the tour!~ The vera bradley headboard too cute!~ I would love this house, but thank you for the virtual tour, I enjoyed it!

  2. How big is this place? It seems endless.

  3. LOL! It's starting to feel endless to me, too! It's a big old Craftsman- I think there is probably a full basement, too, but we weren't allowed down there...Thanks for the laugh!!

  4. I love the old shutters, now used as the headboard and the milk can side tables. How clever the kids rooms are. The baseball shelves blew me away! Awesome.

  5. Love all the unusual things to make headboards and side tables and storage, etc. Great ideas to be used from this house tour.

  6. I have truly enjoyed this tour. What imagination these people must possess! The headboards are phenomenal. I love this house with their love of repurposing.

  7. OK...this house is awwesome!!!!! I absolutely LOVE that slide storage case for jewelry..I've never seen one before! I must keep my eyes open WIDE to spy one for myself. And the stove pipe covers as mirrors, too cool, & the baseball bat head board, who have thunk & the baseball shelves.! Wow, what a wonderful post filled with fabulous photos...thanks for sharing these with us friend, I just may use some of those ideas.


  8. Hi Linda! This was a great post, but then again, so were your last ones too...showing off decorating tricks and tips!

    I love the flatscreen on the artisits easel! that was clever...very nice...

    so glad you took the time to post!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina was here!

  9. So cool! But now I feel as if my house is so boring!

  10. Just thank you again, I love it all! But I'm afraid our junk is getting too popular, lol, Lezlee

  11. OK-I guess these bedrooms are now my favorite rooms of this awesome house!! I love the boys bedroom too-my son would have loved it! I just sold some of those stovepipe cover thingys and would've never thought to put mirrors behind them! Will save that idea for next time! Love it all~so clever! Julie

  12. I love the bedrooms too, so far this tour has been great! I've loved every room. I think of three bedrooms, I like the little girls room the best...not sure why, but I just do.

    I do however like how the dressing table turned out painted with hammered metal paint, and I also like the stove pipe grate mirrors.

    Really, there is just so much, What is NOT to like?

  13. My goodness, girl! You are filling up my head with all kinds of ideas. You took great pictures, Linda! I'm sure you had a blast!

  14. WOW! All of it...great ideas. Mimi

  15. Love the shutter headboard in the master bedroom, love the white bench in the girl's room and absolutely love everything in the boy's favorite too! Can't wait to see the rest of the house!

  16. Hello Linda
    thanks so much for visiting me! Your blog was a discovery..I quite simply love it! I go through your past posts!! how many beautiful pictures! This house you featured is especially charming, the kitchen in particular(I have a passion for kitchens!). Last but not least: your pugs!!! ooooh dont even get me started on them! Love them! they should be friends with my Theo :-))
    I'm your newest follower!


  18. Linda
    I think I too, love the little boys room ,most, but there are so many cool, and wonderfull ideas, all over this house,
    thanks for showing,again, and inspirering, with all your great photoes.

  19. This was a fun tour--thanks for letting us take it with you. Love that baseball bat bed!
    Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

  20. Thanks for posting all these pictures! I lived in this house for almost a year and a half!
    Everything is so different!
    I'm so glad I could see it again.
    By the way, the first picture in this page is from the bedroom I used to sleep!

  21. @ Hugo- thanks for sharing your story, must have been a fun place to live!

  22. Just fabulous! Thanks again.
    Hugs, Cindy

  23. Could I buy a shelf from you???? LOVE it!

    1. These photos were taken in 2010 at an Ideas House at Bachman's, a commercial business. I'm not sure any of the items would still be available, but you can try using the "contact us" button at They might be able to help you find a source for an item!

  24. Hi... I love the boy's room and I'm looking for some baseball ideas for our baby boy's nursery. Can you tell me how you glued the baseballs together for the baseball shelves and how were the shelves attached to the wall? Thanks a bunch :).

  25. You can trying contacting them on the website. They may have some suggestions for you!

  26. where is the baseball bedding from?

    1. You can try the "contact us" button over at They may be able to source it for you, but this post was from 2010.


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