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A Spring Walk in the Woods...

 After our Easter breakfast with our children and grandchildren, and a nice nap in the sun porch, my husband and I accompanied one of our sons to nearby Lebanon Hills Regional Park for a nice long hike.  The weather was warm for Minnesota- about 60 and sunny- so it was perfect early Spring walking weather!  The trees are just budding out here and plants are beginning to emerge from their long winter slumber.
 We enjoy looking for wildlife- today we saw many birds, Canada Geese, and mallard ducks, muskrats, and a garter snake which slithered across my path!  The woods and ponds were full of sounds- noisy woodpeckers and pheasants, crying muskrat babies, frogs, frogs, and more frogs, and birds galore.  While there wasn't a lot of spring growth yet, there were so many interesting and beautiful sights- first leaves and buds, woodpecker holes, lichens and moss, and a huge tree gall which I found really interesting.
  Even the visitor center is unusual, as its roof is totally covered with growing plants!  I look forward to hiking here often to watch the changes as spring growth is in full force!
Until next time...


  1. Hi Linda! Great nature pictures! I am thrilled Spring is here! Loving my darling vintage pot holders! I still have them packaged as you sent them because it is so cute! THANK YOU!


  2. Lovely photos. I live in Western Wisconsin so we have very similiar weather and scenery. I love spring with all the new colors and animals sounds. Thanks for sharing your photos. I enjoyed them so much.....

  3. What great pics. Looks like it was very peaceful and relaxing. We are in full summer here. We decided to skip spring. Mid eighties and everything is blooming and growing so fast. Lots of pollen. Grab the Alavert or Claritin quick.

  4. Oh Linda,
    It looks like you had such a lovely Easter & your hikes look amazing! I know, can you believe they had their dog tied to the swing set??? Thank goodness Kai's ok or I truly would go CRAZY, lol! Thanks so much for coming by my blog & leaving such sweet comments, your blog is beautiful!

  5. What a neat Easter day... Great park! It is almost hot here...Lezlee

  6. Sounds like a perfect Easter Sunday. I'm glad you had such nice weather. I remember how unpredictable springtime in Minnesota can be.

  7. Hi Linda,
    Nice photos from your walk. It's finally SPRING and I'm enjoying our wonderful weather.
    I hope you had a great Easter with your family and Grands! The postcard with the puppy is darling.
    Deb :)

  8. A walk in the woods? How nice is that! I can only imagine! Thanks for taking us there in photos, beautiful!

  9. What a great afternoon with nature. Lovely pictures.

  10. Linda I love nothing more than nature walks, they are relaxing, and so pretty to see the birds, ducks, and whatever else you may boys love looking for lizards:) That looked like a great park and great day!~

  11. Thank God for an early spring. Beautiful pics. I was on a horse farm easter afternoon and it was breath taking!!

  12. Oh...I wish I lived by something soooo lovely!


  13. What a lovely walk!
    Hugs, Lisa

  14. Hi Linda!
    What a gorgeous spot for a relaxing Spring stroll! Your photos are just beautiful, thanks so much for sharing them. :-)

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  15. That looks like a beautiful place to take a walk and enjoy nature. Great photos!


  16. Oh what a pretty walk in the woods..thanks for sharing!

  17. Looks like a perfect spring day for a walk! I am so happy spring is here, the ice is almost gone from our lake! yeah!

  18. Just became a follower as we both love to hike in the great outdoors and have a passion for 'junk'! Stop by anytime to say hi...door is always open!

  19. What a beautiful place for a spring walk. We got 7 more inches of snow on Monday. Will it ever end?? Glad your sale turned out well. Wish I didn't live 7 states away or I'd have been there. Loved the way the lamp turned out. It's always amazing to me what a little paint can do. Mimi

  20. Oh, I love living in the midwest. Watching everything come to life in the spring is one of the greatest treats ever.

  21. Linda,
    Wow, I love walking in the woods. When it's kind of dark inside & cool, & moss everywhere. The trees are magnificent, & that stump with the scale thingies growing out is awesome. Love that nature, God's art supplies. Lisa

  22. There is always so much to look at and listen to in nature. I am mesmerized by it!

  23. Omigosh Linda - how is it possible that I wasn't following you? I don't understand. Well, I corrected that asap! Your comments on my blog are always so warm and uplifting and I consider you a true friend!

  24. Hey Linda...thanks for the walk! :) I love the moss on the tree...swoon, swoon! :)
    Thanks for wishing me well with my back....I appreciate it! I told you I couldn't stay away long...I posted my Treasures and Trinkets Thursday if you'd like to link something up! :)
    Have a blessed day
    MELISSA :)

  25. Hi Linda!
    Thanks for entering my Pottery Barn Give~away! Best of Luck to you!!
    Your photos on this post are awazing!

  26. Oh Linda...I feel as though I've come out on that walk with you! It was so picturesque!!!

    love the strawberries poking out of the grass!

    i want to thank you for stopping's always a pleasure hearing from you darling!!!!

    creative carmelina


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