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Fun Finds...

It's been a beautiful week here~ look at our lovely bridal veil bush in full bloom...

It's been perfect weather for going out and treasure hunting!  This week I've found some unusual and interesting items!  Most of these items will be heading for Junk Bonanza in September or our etsy shop!  One of the more unusual finds was this lot of about 100 vintage grocery store price stampers!

I'm going to give the set a good cleaning and they will be ready for artists or collectors!  Look at this fun lot of tins, funnels, and a vintage lunchbox...

and these vintage button cards, box, tin, and little hourglass style piece~

There was a box of vintage hardware and fun little wheels, some brushes, and old file box, and a great tin litho adding machine!

Look at this fabulous old 1872 Atlas...

it is loaded with some wonderful old maps...someone had used parts of it as an old scrapbook, so it is suitable for dismantling...

There was this great industrial drop side office table...

a fun rusty little wheel rim...

some naturally shed deer antlers and a big vintage oyster tin...

I loved this slide box case- it has such fun dividers...

Here's a vintage mailbox with a fun industrial look...

and a cute child's peg desk~

Finally, there was a lot of four 1913 store signs- they had some damage, but I loved the graphics.  Look at this one featuring Paris...

Later this week, our town is having city-wide sales!  The weather is looking great, and I can't wait!

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Until next time...


  1. I am swooning over your the buttons..and that cubby type piece....cherry

  2. Can I have first dibs at the Junk Bonanza? LOVE your finds!

  3. You got some great stuff! I have no idea why, but antlers are really hot right now! You can't sell them here in SC. Weird, huh? I wish I knew more about antiques. I probably come across big money makers all the time and don't even know it! I love everything you got!

  4. Oh, that Paris store sign! And love that old mailbox. You found some wonderful things, love the mix! Your bridal veil is gorgeous, we had one at another house and I so miss it this time of year.

  5. Linda, you just got some very cool ,and wonderfull stuff, my goiodness, I love everything, you lucky lady-all is gorgeus finds.
    Wishing you the same good luck, on the next coming event,dear .

    Have a beautifull day, Hugs, Dorthe

  6. Wow! You got some good stuff. I love the Paris signs and the old atlas. And your flowers are beautiful. I keep seeing our pictures together or close as followers. I just think that's funny. What does that tell you?!
    Thank you for leaving a sweet comment about Binky. He ate a dead, stinky bird yesterday. He's fine now.

  7. What a good collection of "finds"... was nice to wake up to your message on my blog today..I need to look into "Junk Bonanza"...
    Following you as well....
    let me go read more of what your up to...

  8. I bet you get a 'high' when you find such great goodies. I always do!
    Contry Blessings,

  9. Linda,
    I love those ads. So regal looking. Lots of good finds. Hope your having a good day :)

  10. Love your little drop-leaf table.It's a typewriter table.We've had one for several years and what I always find difficult to imagine is how anyone was tiny enough to fit their legs underneath it in a chair!!Woman were SO TINY back in the day.Enjoy your haul.

  11. You do find the COOLEST things! :) Love those price stampers. I've never seen them before!

  12. Well, I'm loving the old grocery stamp set! I would have had no idea such a thing ever existed. And the mail box. Looks like you had a great time finding all those treasures. Have a good week! Ann

  13. What great finds! That oyster tin immediately caught my eye and of course that gorgeous turquoise colored tin, was that a gas can in a former life?! And your bridal veil bush is beautiful!

    Kat :)

  14. More great finds!!! I'm thinking I need to go along with you...promise not to "fight" over anything!!LOL!!
    So...the city garage sales start on Thursday?? Happy treasure hunting! Maybe I'll venture out your way.
    Deb :)

  15. wow, you did good girlfriend. I have a shaving just like the one in the 4th pic. and those grocery stamps are way cool.



  16. oh, you really found some amazing things...i love the price stamper set...i have never seen anything like it...

  17. Hey Linda! I just love a good treasure hunt..and you have found some really great things!

    hope you're having a fine weathered's a bit overcast here...think it's gonna rain!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  18. Linda, I adore bridal veil bushes. Our neighbors had one, and I always admired the foofy blooms! Love all of your latest finds, really fabulous stuff. And a city-wide sale....sounds like more treasures are just waiting for you! Thanks for your sweet comment today. Hope the rest of your week is fun filled and fab! ~ Angela

  19. Wow Linda, you found some really cool stuff! I would have never know what those grocery stamps were that's very cool! I'll be checking out your Junk Bonanza and Etsy site too, I just might have to do some shopping!

  20. You found some neat stuff!

    Your Bridal Veil is gorgeous.


  21. Holy Cow! I'd say you hit the jackpot Linda! Did you leave anything for anyone else??? LOL!

  22. That is a week of good finds. The pricing markers are a riot but, it's the little divided suitcase looking box that I favor.

  23. You have a boatload of fav is those "COOL" funnels! HAPPY NTT!


  24. Great finds. Did you go to an estate sale? Love those antlers and that box with all those compartments.

  25. WOW, girl~what a load of great stuff!! I'll bet you had a ball. Good luck this weekend with your city-wide!!! Love, Julie

  26. Great finds and a beautiful bridal veil bush. Mimi

  27. Great finds, love the vintage mailbox. Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog today! Deb

  28. Wow...what a haul!! Great finds!! So much to love but I really like those old ads.
    I so want to travel up to Junk Bonanza this year. I see a road trip in my future :-)
    Good luck with the city wide sale.....can't wait to see what else you find.

  29. Hi Linda!

    Wow, great stuff!
    I'm drooling over those price stampers!

    Have a wonderful Thursday!

  30. Cool finds! Those price stampers are fun!


  31. Wow, this stuff is all sooo cool. Especially love the typewriter table and that stamp kit. AWESOME.

  32. WOW did I miss this post? I know how...I am scattered all about here....I love that drop leaf table and I want it! You find the neatest things. Hope you link up to my party tomorrow, you have fun things to share:) Thanks for the Anniversary wishes too.


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