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Garden Fun...


 We've had such great weather this spring in Minnesota, that I have been able to work on some new gardens and enjoy being outdoors a lot!  Today, however, is very wet and cold with some talk of snow...oh no, say it ain't so...

The Home D. had a great sale on quart size perennials here~ 5 for $10~ which is cheaper than I've ever found them.  So I purchased 5 or 6 flats for some new gardens and landscaping.  We have been in our home for nearly 24 years.  When we moved in, it was a new home in a development~ there wasn't a tree or blade of grass on our lot!  It has been fun and fulfulling to watch our plantings grow (we are surrounded now by 40 foot tall trees) and to add to them each year.  It is early in the season here yet, but things are green and growing.  Here are some shots from the back yard...

my potting bench

I love old birdhouses

the lilacs are lovely this year...

 this is the entrance into my Secret Garden... roses will cover the arbor in June

I hope you've enjoyed some of the spring scenery here!  We are working on some new gardens and I'll share some before and after photos with you as we finish those!  I've had so much going on this week, that I haven't been visiting blogs as much as I like to, so hope to visit you all again soon and see what is going on in your world!  Until next time...


  1. Oh your yard is beautiful! And your lilacs. . . oh my. I think I can smell them!

    I cannot believe your day-lilies are already blooming! What a joy! Mine won't be doing anything for another month!

    Anyway - your backyard is stunningly beautiful...You've done a great, great job!

  2. Your gardens are to die for. I can't believe you got those perennials so cheaply. We'd pay $10 for just one here.

  3. Oh my Linda! I am "green with envy" of all your green! :-) Your garden is so beautiful. I have never seen a "real" lilac bush...crazy huh? I hope your snow flurries won't last long and your weekend will be full of more sunshine! Looking forward to more photos of your outdoor area.

  4. Oh my goodness...your yard is beautiful! I adore your gate and all of the birdhouses are wonderful!

    It is all just lovely!

    I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  5. WOW you have a potting shed? I am jealous I have always wanted one. Your gardens are going to look fantastic! I hope it does not snow...can you imagine in May? Happy Mothers day to you!

  6. Hi Linda!
    Wow, it's like the Garden of Eden at your house! Just beautiful.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  7. Linda, your yard is gorgeous. I envy the lilacs especially as they are not easy to maintain around here! Snow? Seriously? That's crazy! We've been close to 90 degrees this week. Actually, I'd take snow over heat any day. Have a wonderful Mother's Day! ~ Angela

  8. Those are some gardens. I pruned the lilacs improperly so not blooms for this year to speak of. Yours on the other hand are looking very nice.

  9. What a beautiful yard you have Linda! And your lilacs are gorgeous, I could almost smell their heavenly aroma through my computer screen! I hope you don't get any snow, your plants are all too pretty to be frostbitten!

    Happy Mother's Day!

    Kat :)

  10. Linda, what a beautiful yard!!! I love your old birdhouses too! I know how much work it takes to keep your yard and gardens looking nice and I can tell you work your butt off!! Have a good weekend and Happy Mother's Day to you! Love, Julie

  11. Your garden is lovely. The trees are beautiful and the lilacs gorgeous. I've been kind of out of it and missed your wonderful give away. Mimi

  12. Hi Linda,
    You've created a oasis of amazing beauty. What a wonderful place to sit or to wander. Your birdhouse collection is amazing and Lilacs are always just gorgeous. You have performed miracles! penny x

  13. OMGosh! What a wonderful backyard. What I'd give for a backyard of my own. I adore your birdhouse collection, and those lilacs are sooooooooo beautiful. Happy Mother's Day!! ♥

  14. This was so much a pleasure to visit your backyard! I love your birdhouses, the secret garden entrance is amazing! In bloom it must be so breathtaking!
    Thank you for your visit!

  15. Linda,

    Thanks for stopping. Happy Mother's Day.

    I love your potting table and your birdhouses.


  16. Linda,
    I enjoyed my walk through you yard. Love your little bird houses and am looking forward to seeing those blooming roses over the arbor. Everything is so pretty.

  17. Sooo gorgeous! We are about to go out and work on the yard (about 85 and humid here in the deep South), thanks for the inspiration!

  18. Your yard is aMAZing! I love all your birdhouses too. Hope you didn't get too much snow last night..

  19. I just love bird houses! and the potting bench is divine! Sweet rain drops on leaves is super pretty!

  20. Linda, your garden is lovely and seeing those lilacs brought back a flood of childhood memories for me. Hope that snow doesn't show up - we are having the extreme down here. Ninety degrees almost everyday this past week. Have a wonderful Mother's Day.

  21. Linda, your gardens look wonderful!!! I did hear you guys were in for some more cold. OH NO! I hope it didn't hurt any of your lovely's. I can just imagine that arbor covered in roses. Love the potting bench too. Am a huge sucker for bird houses. Some of mine are looking a bit shabby. I think I may need to replace some. I liked yours. Thanks for all the sweet comments about my time in Savannah for the Art Event. HUGS! Charlene

  22. Linda,
    Your yard looks wonderful. We worked in our today. It started out chilly but turned out nice. Let's hope you get NO snow.
    smiles, alice

  23. A sweet refreshing post! LOVE your potting bench! Happy Mother's Day Linda!

  24. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog & leaving such a sweet comment! Your post is lovely...I ADORE bird house, what awesome pics Linda!
    I hope you have a GLORIOUS Mother's Day Friend!!!

  25. Hello sweet Linda,

    Thank you so much for your unbelievably kind comments on my last post, they truly did touch my heart.

    And bless you for sharing your own story of pain and loss,my friend. You are surely in my prayers.

    Wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day!


  26. It's looking lovely around your place! I've been working on my own version of a potting bench today. Will be showing it in a few days. Hope there's no more snow!

  27. Girl--- your yard is picture perfect! I have been working in my yard as well :-)

  28. WOWZERS Linda! What a completely gorgeous backyard you have! It's a gardener's dream. Seriously, I would never leave there. You just gave me a wheel barrow full of ideas. First off is that gardener's bench. I am gonna see if Mr. Bliss can make me one just like yours!

  29. Your garden is lovely, Linda. So green and luscious! I am envying you your lilac bushes--we only have one lonely gal...can't wait to see the roses in bloom in June in your arbor!
    Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

  30. LOVE your garden/yard! :) I, too, have many little surprises here and there throughout my outdoor spaces. I'll have to post some pics soon. Just been so busy!
    And the little poem in the first pic...I had that on a little painted sign in my garden for years until last summer, when it became too faded to read. :( I'll find another! :)

  31. What a GORGEOUS garden you have! And your etsy shop is amazing!
    Love from

  32. Linda,
    Oh, my!! You have done a spectacular job with your yard!!! I cannot even imagine any snow on it!!! It is so peaceful.
    Thanks for sharing,


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