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A Simple Project Day...

 Today I worked on another message board project...a very simple one, that could be adapted for many other projects!  I had two vintage green blackboards (or would they be greenboards?)~ measuring 10-1/2" x 13", they are a cute size for a message board.  I used some rub-on words that I had leftover from another project...I'm sure the "remember" words were meant for another meaning, but hey, it works...

I glued on some old wood scrabble trays for chalk holders and a metal clip for paper messages.  I'm going to drill small holes at the top corners for easy hanging.

A very simple project- kids could do this one, too!  I'll leave you with some shots from my front entry...just love the colors this year!

Until next time...


  1. Love those little message boards!!

  2. Great message board. And the flowers on the little bench is so cute.


  3. Those are really great message boards. I like the idea of adding the clip for paper messages or coupons, etc. Love them!!!

  4. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for stopping by and for following my blog. I've been enjoying yours for a little while, can't remember how I got here...just glad I found you!!

  5. Linda, I love your cute message boards, what a great idea! And your petunias put mine to shame, yours are gorgeous!

    Kat :)

  6. Love the message board, and your front entry looks so inviting! It looks so different from the snow and ice skates! I remember! Anyway, I'll be right over for coffee! :-)

  7. What a cute idea--simple and fun!! And gorgeous flowers too! Julie

  8. Dear Linda
    thanks for your sweet message board idea, so wonderfull, and so are your Petunias, BEAUTIFULL ...
    I love that color.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  9. That is so cute. I also just noticed your button...that puppy looks just like mine!

  10. As a former teacher, I just love those cute, vintage message boards. Also I love the simple nature of this project--yes, a child could do this.

  11. Linda, love those vintage looking blackboards. Great idea using a scrabble tray for the chalk. Love your front porch flowers, too.

  12. Linda,
    I love your little chalkboards. Your flowers are so pretty, too!

  13. Linda, I LOVE your Green Boards! They would be adorable on your porch with those cute pots of flowers!!!! You could change the message often & it would be wonderful!!!!! Have a great week sweetie! Charlene

  14. Oh, what a cute idea! I love those and the 'remember' works perfect.

    Thanks for your visit and sweet words:) Your flowers are beautiful by the way!

  15. You have a very inviting and cozy front entry! And I love your project. I've got to get the creative juices flowing. I've been remiss lately.

  16. Everybody knows I love chalkboards and these are too cute!

  17. Linda, your flowers are gorgeous...i love the message boards...they are adorable!!! thanks for stopping over to see my new brother:)

  18. AARGH!!!
    I have to get up off the couch and go dig through my recycle. I tossed my scrabble game after taking out all the letter tiles. I couldn't figure out what to do with the letter holders!!!!
    Where did you get the cute-as-pie chalk boards??

  19. Hi Linda,
    Another great idea!!! Fun finds also from the garage sales.
    Isn't our weather something!!!
    I was happy to rescue those cards..usually they keep them and sell them at the estate sales..
    Deb :)

  20. Love your welcome sign too cute!~ Cute little message boards too, I just love stuff like that.

  21. Linda, you are such a clever gal! The message boards are great! And those flowers...oh so beautiful. I love the aroma of petunias, especially in the earling morning and lave evening, when they seem the strongest. ~ Angela

  22. cute message boards and your flowers are just gorgeous!

  23. Hi Linda
    I just love those message boards! I'd like to try and make some too..
    Gorgeous flowers , love the Welcome friend sign above them , it really is a welcoming entryway!
    Xx Flaviana

  24. Cute idea! You flowers are beautiful...and I love the welcome friends sign.

  25. Love the message boards. I'm planning to have craft days this summer for my granddaughters. These would be a great project.

  26. Great job, did you say a kid could do it? hmmm...just my kind of project! love em.

  27. Great message board!! I love all your pretty flowers...Kathy

  28. OMG...aren't you the queen of ingeniousness!

    i love the green chalk boards...and that you used a scrabble game piece to hold the chalk...!!!!!!!!

    wonderful..creative, think i might try this project with the kids!

    well done!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  29. Thanks SO much for visiting my blog today. Come back anytime. Your flowers are beautiful!!!! A little resident bunny (so cute) has been eating all mine (not cute!)

  30. Good Morning Linda!!!!

    Oh it's Thursday~almost the weekend! woooo hoooo! And a LONG weekend at that :)

    Girl...I am LOVING these "green" boards! Just LOVING them! Awesome idea, you are fantastic :)

    I was catching up on all what I've missed and it looks like you've been having lots of fun without me. You've found some great finds, and your patio/sunroom is absolutely coming along beautifully...I'll be there to have a Dr. Pepper with you out there soon :)

    As for Sophie and Bailey...well...I want to go and play with them too...they are too cute!

    Let's see if I can remember everything that made my heart flutter...I love the mailbox, the case with all the little compartments, the buttons and cards, ... okay, let's just call it everything!!!! ;)

    Keep finding the goodies and keep sharing those great ideas girl...I just love that you have so much fun!!!!

    Have a wonderful LONG weekend sweet friend!!!!

  31. Great message boards. I love the photos from your front entry, very inviting. Thanks for stopping by, my flowers are looking much better today.

  32. Hi Linda!
    Those are so cute! I have all that stuff right here, I think I'll try that, too. Thanks for inspiring me! :-)

    Have a wonderful Friday!

  33. Love your message boards. Wouldn't they be cute for my little grandkids to make for their mothers. Easy and adorable. Love those petunias. Beautiful color. Mimi

  34. What a great idea and I think I could do that!
    Your entry is so pretty, love the colors.
    Happy Memorial Day to you and your family.


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