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The Bachman's Summer Ideas House...

Last week, my daughter and I had the pleasure of attending the Bachman's Summer Ideas House!  You may remember my earlier posts when they first opened the house for the Bachman's Spring Ideas House !  I did a series sharing all the fun ideas and decor~ if you missed it,  you might like to check it out!  This time the house has the feel of a lazy summer day...  The porch is done as the most wonderful little artist's studio!  I would love to paint here!  The artwork is from wonderful Minnesota artist Suzanne Thiesfeld .  The work table is an old carpenter's bench.  It was surrounded by fun ideas...look at how these old mailboxes are used as planters...

and this old hose reel is now a side table...

Plants were hung in old milk strainers...

 and vintage garden fencing with attached glass insulators, became a chandelier...

and there was a coat rack with faucet hooks!

The living room was pure fun and games!  Starting with this old game table...

this great teeter-totter sofa table with bike seat art...

and a bike basket magazine rack!

My favorite part of the room was this wonderful bicycle over the fireplace...

Off to the side, in the sun porch were these cute chairs with ticking cushions and seed bag appliques...

and I loved this old rusty blue wagon filled with plants...

Next we visited the dining room~ ready for summer get-togethers!  Look at this wall decorated with vintage bike wheels and vases...

I love the buffet serving set up~ an old soda box holding the plates...

this great napkin holder made from old croquet parts...

and a vegetable peeler card holder...

Vintage enamelware containers are used to hold food~ placed on this chalkboard top, you can easily change out the of my favorite ideas!

The sideboard was decorated SO cute...

I'd love to join in on this party!  Next time I'll share the kitchen and bathrooms...

I'm linking to Prior Lives Party 4

Until next time...


  1. oh, I can't wait! What were those wine glasses hanging from? couldn't tell for sure. thank you so very much.. Lezlee

  2. Love this place Linda...the bike over the mantel was a the wheels on the wall too...thanks for sharing.

  3. Cool! Great ideas. What or who are "The Bachman's?" -Related to the congresswoman? (I'm in Georgia - no where near Minn. -can you tell?)

  4. Thanks so much! @ Lezlee- they were on a rake head. @ Trish- The Bachman family has a very well known landscaping, nursery, and home decor business in the Twin Cities. They've been around a very long time- this house was a family home on the flagship store property. They are decorating it with the help of Ki Nassauer and friends (of Flea Market Style and Junk Bonanza fame) each season. They also have a whole line of vintage home decor products in conjunction with Ki, as well! No relation to Michelle Bachmann...Linda

  5. oh, my, oh my!!!! Whew. THAT was fun! I adore the wagon. Does it make you want to come home and re-do everything?? Is this the very same house you showed us before, but completely redone??? wow.

  6. Wow, what an amazing place! All of it is wonderful but my favourite is the bike! Lots to look at & lots to love, thanks for the tour xo

  7. I can hardly decide what I like best! I think it might be the old mailboxes used as planters. How fun to look at all the stuff.

  8. Thanks for visiting, your the second Minnesota girl that has left a comment. Bachmans was a Minnesota floral store, is that the same Bachmans? Where do you live in Minnesota? I was visiting my Mom in Maple Grove..I think it sounds so like "Little house on the prairie". I hope you get better weather soon!


  9. Hi Linda
    Oooh! I would have loved touring that house! My absolute favorite idea is the old fencing repurposed as a chandelier! How cool is
    that ?! And I really love the mailbox planters. How fun!

  10. I loved the mail boxes as planters and the wagon with the plants! Everything was just so neat, thanks for sharing!


  11. Linda,
    I loved everything I saw! What a treat to actually see it in person. Thanks for sharing with all of us!

  12. Thanks for sharing these great ideas. I felt like I was reading the next issue of Flea Market Style.
    My son races bicycles so we have a lot of bike stuff around our house....I just never thought of putting a complete bike on the mantel!! Storage and art all in one!
    I look forward to seeing more pictures.

  13. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! Love this! I *have* to show my hubby - - - now he might understand why we have 4 old bikes, a rusty wagon, etc., on the side of the shed, waiting for me to transform them into something wonderful!

    Now - if I could just get enough energy to work out in the TX heat! LOL

    Thanks so much for sharing . . . there's a whole lot of inspiration going on here!

  14. What a great place! Awesome use of "junk". Thanks for sharing.

  15. Summer is even better than spring! This house is on my 'must-do' list when I travel to Junk Bonanza!

    Can't wait to see the rest of the rooms! I see that everything is for sale but do you have to wait to pick it up after the house closes?

  16. Hi Miss Linda...
    Oh this post is awesome!!! I love so many things about this amazing idea house, but I think one of my favorites that I would never have thought of is....'the rusty mailboxes' used for planters or storage & stuff. I LOVE that!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing this friend!!!

  17. OMG, what awesome and unique decorations. I love how they turned everyday old things into new vignettes and that chandy. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing this tour with us. Now I need to go flea marketing yet again!

  18. Thank you for sharing this Linda. I especially love the see saw table with the bicycle seats and basket/magazine rack. I so enjoyed the Bachman's Spring posts you did and am looking forward to the rest of the summer one. I wonder who painted the pretty pictures on the porch, love them.

  19. @ the Boston Lady~ I updated the post with the artist info and a lnk where you can see more! She is a wonderful Minnesota artist~ Suzanne Thiesfeld her site is~

  20. linda,
    thanks so much for posting about the Bachman house. i got a peek from Ki's blog and wanted to see more and more and more! love the crochet napkin cute!
    judi ;)

  21. Hi Linda,
    I hope you sell out also this weekend at Haupt!
    I really need to get to the Bachman house! SO many great ideas. I love the bike on the mantle also.
    LOVE your simply projects!!!
    Deb :)

  22. This chock full of ideas place again! That chandelier would be nice in an outside garden.

  23. Ahhh man! This place is awesome! I kept saying, I love this and that and that and so on! Thank you so much for sharing!!! Can't wait to see more!

    Have a great day Linda!

  24. These people have got to be the most innovative and creative I'd ever hope to meet. Love their enthusiastic take on decorating!

  25. Ok Mail boxes for planters AWESOME!!! What fun ideas! Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs, Lisa

  26. Oh my goodness...I must have missed your call...I would have loved to tag along! Love this place! I loved the table with the hose! Thanks for sharing. Best, Vicki

  27. such amazing ideas! Love that bike above the fireplace....I can just see the expression on my husbands face if I tried that ;-/

  28. thank you so much for giving this tour! I missed the June showing of the ideas house and because of you it was almost like being there! great pictures!

  29. Thanks for sharing! great ideas!!


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