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The Bachman's Summer Ideas House...Part Three

Today's visit to the Bachman's Summer Ideas House is all about the bedrooms!  If you're just joining the tour, there are two previous posts about other areas of the home!  Above, is the boy's bedroom~ the bed is made with an old boat and look at the stenciled inner tube! 

The room was done with a camping theme~ take a look at the desk setup... the tent was hung over flag holders!

These minnow buckets were hung on big hose/bike hanger hooks~ they had battery lights inside for lanterns...

I love the graphic map and the oar coat rack...

The valances were made from a vintage red plaid air mattress and hung on a fishing pole...

I love the old dock ladder wall shelves (the big bobber is made with a bowling ball!) and the fun light fixture!

Across the hall is the girl's room!  It was done in bright cheery colors with a bit of a Bohemian feel!  The bed had a charming canopy made over a big old lampshade frame...

The wall had a fun treatment of frames and decorative decals...

And across the room were great organizers made from mesh ironing boards with the legs removed and hanging on the wall...the vintage trays were used with magnets~

I thought the hand mirror collection was really decorative...

The dresser was topped with a small vintage fireplace mantel~ look at the old basket purse holding a vase of flowers...

A row of vintage graters held vases of flowers!

The bedroom that held the craft studio in the Spring show, was an office this time around!  I realized I didn't get an overall photo of that room, but I'll share a few ideas with you...This old mimeoscope and bell looked great on the wall...

I thought these vintage slide holders, backed with mirrors, were very clever...

Old sieves held office supplies...

and these vintage bins were really decorative storage containers...

Some wood seed screens with house numbers were great graphic art pieces!

The last room for this post is the master bedroom!  The first thing you see as you walk into the room are these fun round sprinklers made into mirrors...

I loved the beautiful headboard (made of old architectural pieces) and the fun collection of old clothes hangers decorating it...

The decorative dresser was topped with a large mirror made from a roof vent cover...

and held a charming display of vintage hose nozzles as photo holders!

Look at these cute garden hoe shelves!

An old porch column was turned into a lamp...and vintage garden fencing was hung from knobs decorating the walls!

Well, that's it for the house!  But this season, the exterior area was decorated, too, and it was wonderful!  I'll share that with you on my next post!
Until next time...


  1. I'm giddy when I see your tour posted... I love the boat, how darling and the sprinklers used in different ways. I've used an ironing board for a message board. I like theirs. Just a lot of fun! Lezlee

  2. Some really unique ideas to use. Thanks for sharing. It is so neat to see what they have used for what.

  3. Another wonderful tour! The boys room was definitely my favorite. What little boy wouldn't want that boat bed!
    Such great ideas. I have a collection of vintage hand mirrors that I have yet to hang (I'm waiting until I can paint the guest bathroom) and I have a collection of brass hose nozzles....I just have them displayed but maybe I'll turn a few into picture holders.
    Looking forward to seeing the outdoor space.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing! Some really neat ideas!

  5. Wow!
    I love each and every room in this house. Glad you're there and can post for us to see it through your camera!
    Great, fun, and interesting ideas.

    thanks for sharing-

  6. Oh I am book-marking this post! We've already decided to decorate the little guestroom in 1950's camp style! I will keep my eyes open for similar items. I love, love, love it!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. I'm crazy for this place. My favorite's are the boy's bed, the bait can lantern and the master bedroom!
    So much to see.
    You live in the junk capital of the world, I think, you lucky girl!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Great tour! Thank you for sharing your photos with us.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs, Sharon

  9. How do people come up with these adorable ideas!!!!! They are great!

  10. Love that boat bed and tent desk, and the vintage bins are great! I could use those. :-)

  11. I don't just like the boat I like its color too. What a great idea. By us old wood transoms are made into tables and signs and decks into counters. I took some photos but have to get around to posting about them.

  12. I wish I had just an ounce of the creativity these people have! Wouldn't it fun to have them come to our houses and use our old junk and repurpose even the strangest things!

    Your tours always make me wish I was there too!

  13. I too have become a follower ;-). This post has some interesting and wacky ideas. Love the canoe type bed!

  14. How did you do that canoe bed? My little guys need that.

    1. It was created by the Ideas House can try contacting them at or pinterest may have lots of ideas!


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