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The Bachman's Summer Ideas House...Part Two

In today's post I'm going to continue the Bachman's Summer Ideas House tour~ this is part two, so if you missed the beginning just hop back a post!  Today I'll show you the charming kitchen and two fun bathrooms!  Above, an old beverage cooler was converted into a center island! 

I loved this wall with its vintage menu board and look at the charming rack with pastry blender towel holders...

I love all the great retro colors and goodies...

My daughter liked these colanders set into shelves for storage...

Croquet pieces continued to be used in this room, too, with this mallet paper towel holder and curtain rod holder...

They used a vintage dairy carrier to hold some flowers...

One of my favorites in the room, was this light fixture made of old reamers/juicers!  Wow~ I would never have thought of doing this!

 There are two bathrooms in the house...the first is a small room off the kitchen, but it had BIG art...these cool old laundromat signs (we don't see a laundry room here, or I suppose they would have been there!)...

They used old soda pop bottles to hold flowers and one was used as a scented oil diffuser!

I loved this towel rack using croquet mallets as hooks...

And a croquet post as a toilet paper holder!

Going up the stairs, we passed this wonderful display of vintage fans on the windowsill...

and these great old wheel hooks with flash cards!

The upstairs bath had a sprinkler theme~ these towel racks were SO cool...

and look at the toilet paper holder made from a sprinkler, too!

I loved the shelf made from a couple of watering wands...

The window treatment was old wood garden fencing and the light fixture was made from a basket!

And how cute is this shower curtain hanging treatment?

Well, that's it for today!  Hope I'm not overloading your brain!  Next time~ the bedrooms!
Until next time...


  1. So many ideas, it's hard to decide what I like best! Fun ideas. :-)

  2. oh, I will come back to your tours again and again... You should link it to my Prior Lives Party... It is just so cool, thank you. Lezlee

  3. I loved this installment just as much as the first one. I have two old croquet mallets and now my mind is racing thinking about making a towel holder with them. I love the colanders in the shelf too, a very cool idea. So many great ideas. Thanks again for taking all the pics and sharing them with us.

  4. Not overloading my brain. I love this tour. They use such unusual things to decorate with. A lot of croquet things going on. I saw an old set at the flea market the other day for $45. Probably a good buy.

  5. Oh my goodness Linda! Look at all those wOnDeRfUL ideas using vintage goodies!!! I love the bike over the fireplace! Oh my!!!


  6. thanks for sharing the photos.. my mind is going a mile a minute. Amazing what they have come up with... so neat....thanks, Dawn

  7. How fun! So many great ideas. Thanks for the tour, I enjoyed it.
    Happy week to ya!

  8. What a unique house! I love the colander idea, too!

  9. Wow Linda, I would love to see this place in person, but your tours make me feel like I've been there! Thanks for taking us along and showing us all of the wonderful ideas!

    Kat :)

  10. Linda,
    they sure have open minds ,-so many wonderfull ideas, thanks for all those great photoes.

  11. All of these are so charming! I LOVE the old menu board - wouldn't that be a hoot to have one?

    And I am so going to copy the pastry blender idea. . . . it is so, so cute!

    Did you see any old pie pins (rolling pins)? I have several from family members just sitting in a drawer. I bet these folks would know what to do with them!

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. I really love these posts!

    I am always thinking I want to redo a room! What wonderful ideas!

    Thank you for sharing your photos.

    Wishing you a wonderful day!

  13. I can not believe how creative these people it!

  14. Some many great ideas in this house! Thanks again for sharing!!

  15. What fun and great ideas! I especially loved the colanders:)

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  17. hilarious things--coool ideas!

  18. hilarious things--coool ideas!


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