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Fun Finds...

 We had a lot of fun at garage sales this week!  We went to two side-by-side sales where they were selling a lot of vintage goodies and antiques.  One of the ladies invited us to go through her house and her old stone garage, too.  She had been a dealer and was ready to clear out and we were ready to buy for our upcoming show at Junk Bonanza.  We were the first people she had invited in, so we truly felt like we were on the show "American Pickers"!   I love this great retro director's chair...we had already found four matching camp stools...

Look at this great box of 25 vintage license plates...

and these great old jacks!  I plan to use these in a junk project...

We found a lot of primitive items- lots of vintage boxes, baskets, etc.  This picnic basket has a wonderful old patina~ it looks great with the old wheels...

 and this old cheese box, egg carton holder, and picket fence pieces...

I especially loved these old grates...

We found lots of little goodies in the house...

I always love to find vintage light reflectors...

This find is one I'm keeping- I love dogs and this is "so me"... it's whimsical and I love the title too...

These are just some of the finds this was the most FUN ever~ we filled up the back of a pickup truck!  We even found a galvanized barn cupola with weathervane~ it's at my daughter's house, so I'll get a picture for you later...  Hope you had fun at sales and thrifting this week, too!

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Until next time...


  1. Oh my goodness, the reflectors, the grates, the jacks, the sign... You are going to have an awesome show...It would be hard to part with many of these! Lezlee

  2. Hi Linda! I love your vintage treasures. I'm so happy for you that you got to be a real picker at this sale! What a thrill. Love those tin reflectors, especially the silvery ones. I'll keep an eye on your Etsy shop just in case you list 'em there. Your show will be a huge success! ~ Angela

  3. Ha pie face tin so cute....and those them. You really find so many good things each week...kinda puts my little scores to shame:) But this is the entire fun of it for me...I love to see this stuff. Have a great weekend.

  4. Linda, what great finds as always! I love that little Pie Face book and I can understand why you would want to keep it for yourself! And you know how I feel about old license plates! I can't wait to see what you do with those!

    Kat :)

  5. What great stuff. I love the grates and that dog sign is great.

  6. Hi Linda,
    Wow! You really hit the jackpot! Sounds like you had lots of fun! My very favorite are the grates. You can do so many neat things, too. I am a huge dog lover, too, so of course I really love the sign! :)

  7. GREAT junk! I am hoping to get to Junk Bonanza this year. I've been many years but missed it last fall. If you are loading up already, your booth is sure to be jam-packed!
    xx Suzanne

  8. Linda, What wonderful finds!!! I love the grates. I can see why the dog with stay with you. It is precious. Maybe you will give out your autographs since you are the "picker"!
    smiles, alice

  9. How SUPER FUN!!! You have lots of goodies for the JB!!! What a special treat to go inside the home and find more treasures. That sure doesn't happen very often.
    LOVE the doggie book and you MUST keep it!
    Happy hunting!
    Deb :)

  10. Wow, that is just great stuff! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  11. HOLY COW!! What a great load of stuff~and how exciting to be let into those other buildings! Good for you!! I love the grates and the reflectors! Can't wait to see the cupola-I bought one too and will show pics once I go back and get it! Happy junkin friend, Julie

  12. Score!!! It doesn't happen often, but when it does my heart just races!! It is like I can hardly wait to get home. Man those grates are great! I am your newest follower, I found you thru Debbiedoos. If you get a chance hop on over and say hi

  13. Linda,
    you did great, --so lots,lots of goodies, I love it all, and would have been a very big smile, if finding such wonderfull things.
    Have a great week-end, dear.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  14. What great treasures you have shared with us here today!!

    I love the grates and I really love the reflectors!! I do a vintage tree for Christmas with vintage ornaments and tinsel and Plasticville village under neath it, It is in my bedroom and one of my 12 Christmas trees!


  15. Great finds LInda! I really like the grates, and those vintage light reflectors look like something out of a Pottery Barn Magazine! I wish I lived closer so I could attend the Junk Bonanza!

  16. Love all your new found goodies, the reflectors are so kewl.

  17. Oh you REALLY found some awesome things! Loved all of th!em

  18. I haven't been at any sales in a few weeks. I LOVE what you came home with! Can't wait to see what all you do with them.

  19. Those grates are really neat are you going to keep any to hang or prop against a wall. Nice round box too, love that.

  20. Love all your finds! The dog cover is great, as are the grates! My dream is to someday find those old light reflectors--I've never had the pleasure!
    Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

  21. What fantastic "junk" you found! Wish I could join you on your expeditions! I went thrifting in South Lake Tahoe yesterday but only found a basket.

    Thanks for following my blog! I'm now your newest follower!

  22. Hi, I love the cheesebox, grates and reflectors, neat finds! Stopping in from DebbieDoos Garage Salen Party!

  23. I see you've been out and about finding great stuff! Your last post looks gorgeous too! Glad you're having some fun! Thanks so much for taking a moment for your kind words and compliment! Jacqueline

  24. Finally, some one posts about their yard sale finds! Judging from the pictures, you were an American Picker! Great deals!

  25. I bet that was fun going through everything. You found lots of wonderful stuff. I love the grates...the book is also a fab find and glad you are keeping it.

  26. Oh that egg crate is amazing! I had a one with a top but as I changed my decor to more vintage and it was hard to display I got rid of it several years ago! You got really great treasures! Enjoy!

  27. Excellent Finds!! All so wonderful, I love the grates too. How special to have the chance to look into someones life, I hope all these treasures go on to be loved and appreciated. Have a happy week Linda! xo

  28. Linda, what GREAT finds!!!

    I scored a big fat zero this weekend, glad to see you picked up my slack. ;-)

    Have a beautiful week!

  29. Wowie, do I love those old grates!!! They would be so perfect as wall art. And that precious little Cairn terrier with the "pie face" is so fun. He looks just like our Dickens! Thanks so much for visiting me today.
    :-) Sue

  30. Oh I ♥ those grates, and My hubby would give an arm for those license plates! What great finds!

  31. you found some really neat stuff! It looks like there is some serious money to be made on those license plates! I also love the show American Pickers!

  32. great was that treasure hunt!

    i love the old grates...especially when I know you'll probably end up doing something pretty clever with them, well, with everything!!!

    have a great Monday!

    ciao bella!
    creative carmelina

  33. Are you selling these somewhere, and could I buy some of those licence plates? Also those tin punched light reflectors, love them, do you know how they were used? You had too much fun!

  34. HI... You have made my day. You put me on your side bar thanks I could tell you how pleased I am. I love all your finds the grates...and your garden I am sorry to say my garden needs work but hopfully this year. I dream of the garden I had in England.Have a great day ~wendy

  35. your finds are so great! I love vintage light reflectors too!


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