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Guest Dealer Fun At Haupt Antiek Market...

My daughter and I are guest dealers this week at Haupt Antiek Market in Apple Valley, Minnesota.  This is a wonderful monthly sale shop~ this month's sale is Freedom Rings!  I love a June sale~ Fourth of July, beach cottage, summer fun and brights...thought I'd share with you some of the items we have in the sale this week!

We always have a great time seeing old friends and shopping the sale ourselves!
Until next time...


  1. Some neat stuff! Love the aprons and the old books, and the little junk sign made from trim, is it a box! I hope you were able to visit with some of your old friends. Lezlee

  2. ok, the salt and pepper shakers are the best! I would so buy those if I saw them.
    Nice stuff, looks like a great show.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Always great to meet new friends, and any friend of granny j is a friend of mine. I want to be like her when I grow up.

  3. Such wonderful things you are selling at the market. You have such a great variety of items. Something for everyone!

  4. I need the Florida pillow and the Montana old post cards. What a great space! Wish I was there.
    Have fun!

  5. I'm loving that old croquet set. We I was a kid we would always set one up in the yard when we had company. I also love the red and white crocheted potholders. Then there's the old coffee can and the wooden crates with the advertising on the end. I could wreck my budget without ever leaving your booth.

    I'm sure you will have a great sale. Can't wait to hear how it turned out.

  6. Love the vintage aprons and those peppermint potholders! Great fun summer look to everything--Jacqueline

  7. What terrific stuff! I'd go nuts looking at (and wanting) everything. Books, books, books!!! My faves! :)

  8. What terrific stuff! I'd go nuts looking at (and wanting) everything. Books, books, books!!! My faves! :)

  9. Love your fun, summery finds!! Some of it really brings back some memories~like the salty & peppy shakers like my mom always had on our stove and the croquet set! Coming from a big family, we played that alot! I love how you made "grow" and "junk" out of found objects--very cute!! Good luck on your sales!! Julie

  10. I love how everything looks! I hope you make lots of money and have tons of fun!

  11. I need to get some more cute little letters! The aprons really caught my eye, too!

  12. Linda, I love the red and cream round balls and the arithmatic book....this sale looks like a ton of fun. Hope you and your daughter do well and congrats on being the guest seller!!

  13. Hi Linda,
    I was there weren't !!!
    Your room looks great. The "news" guys were there when I was there.
    Guess I should watch the news tonight and's channel 11.
    Hope you do great!
    Deb :)

  14. Oh how I wish I didn't live so far away. Gorgeous stuff. Mimi

  15. Oh, wish I could be there to shop!

  16. Dear Linda,
    you have lots of great things there, so love the books,aprons,aaannnd lots of other things.Hope you have done great so far.

  17. Hi Linda
    You have some great treasures here! I really love how you have displayed everything. My favorite are the vintage crocheted potholders on that cute little picket fence. Adorable! Best of luck with your sale!


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