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More Fun Finds and a Giveaway Win!

I haven't been to a lot of garage sales this week as it has been pretty rainy around here, so thought I'd share a few more finds from last week's picking adventure!  I love this old laundry basket with it's aluminum stand and strawberries liner...

How about this chippy white metal first aid kit...

and this great vintage steaks tin~ I love the green color...

and this wonderful big handmade metal scoop with wood handle...

We found this old candy bar box...I'm amazed at the great condition...

I love the wooden stand for strawberry baskets~ I have some old wooden berry baskets that will replace the plastic ones...

This wood folk art spool holder will look great holding some old spools...

There was this great old cabin painting...

and a sweet framed "baby shoes" poem that will look charming next to old baby shoes...

My favorite find this week was an online purchase that I found for a great price~ this early bingo cage with bakelite legs~ it is very rustic with a great industrial look!  It came with 135 wood bingo balls and some wonderful cards~ this piece is staying with ME!

In other news...I won a great giveaway from Kat of Low Tide High Style ~ a WONDERFUL blogging friend!  I won this BEAUTIFUL sea glass necklace she offered from Frosted Trash !  I just love it~ thank you so much!!  Also yesterday, my daughter and I went to the Bachman's Summer Ideas House!  There were so many great ideas, I hardly know where to start posting... I'll share with you starting my next post!    If you haven't seen the Spring Ideas House, I did 6 posts full of ideas...there's a link on my sidebar to start that tour!

I am linking to Debbiedoos Garage Salen Party

Until next time...


  1. Linda I had to go back to the laundry basket again because I loved it so much! That old bingo cage is a real hoot....can you imagine how long it took back then? So fun, and such fun finds you always have. Thanks for joining in on the party!

  2. you got some really great stuff! LOVE the BINGO thingy!!!

  3. Now that you are keeping the very cool bingo cage number thing. You have to use it.

  4. Hi Linda,
    More fun finds :)You find great stuff! How fun to win a giveaway. That's always a great day.
    Between the weather and uploading issues with the new camera...I'm feeling the need to SHOP!!! Hubby thinks a break in "shopping" may be a good thing...the familyroom is pretty FULL.
    (maybe just 1 estate sale this weekend!)
    Deb :)

  5. I love, love, love that laundry basket. How cute is that!! Love the old chippy first aid box, too and the bingo wheel is really neat. What great finds.

  6. I'm so glad you liked the necklace! And I LOVE that Bingo cage and all of the rest of the wonderful treasures you've found lately! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Kat :)

  7. Hi friend! Laundry basket? Wow, they didn't do much laundry back then huh? :=) Love the first aid kit since I'm in the medical! Great finds, and I would love to see the wooden bingo balls too, I bet they are really neat. Take care

  8. Wonderful finds. I loved everything you pictured. I think you and I would make a dangerous team if we went shopping together!
    The bingo cage is awesome. That is a keeper.

  9. Wow Linda, those are some primo treasures you found there! Great stuff! :-)


  10. Hi sweet Linda,
    the basket is wonderfull, the spool piece,the framed poem, the BINGO wow, I think I love it all,the first aid box, is great,too.You see I can go on,wanting all your great finds :)
    Have a lovely friday and week-end,Linda.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  11. Hi Linda.
    You always have such great luck in finding the most interesting items.

    Thank you for sharing your photos.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


  12. Linda,
    AGAIN, You never cease to amaze me with your finds! So unique, where in the heck??? LOL I buy up first aid kits all the time, I might have to check your shop & see if it's for sale. I use the supplies inside. If you ever find me, I'll buy em. Are you still saving it all for Junk Market? I'm behind on my blog visits, is it over? Lisa

  13. WOW! You really scored big! Great finds especially the candy box!

  14. FUN finds, all! And what a lucky duck you are to win that fantastic necklace from Kat! Happy Friday!
    xx Suzanne

  15. What fun and cute finds! I love the first aid kit and that laundry basket is adorable!! Of course the bingo cage is very YOU!! congrats on the big win too! hugs~Julie

  16. Hi Linda, What great finds you got this week. I like the basket on the stand. I would love to go junkin with you.
    Enjoy your Weekend!

  17. Linda,
    Oh my! Those are great finds. The laundry basket is a fav. But I really love the big scoop! I am going to Australia for a month......maybe I will find some goodies I can bring back!

    Smiles, alice

  18. I love the candy sign and the baby poem, I could see using that at the showers I do. I love the bingo ball twirler thingy, too. Lezlee

  19. You made out super good. WOW. Thanks for your sweet response to my yard post. Knowing my children, it will be years before they think about grandkids. Plus none of those kids of mine want to live in the midwest (where they've grown up). But really -- what do they know????

  20. Great finds!! We have had too much rainy weather on the weekends for good yard sales. Another rainy Sat. today. Sad. Love that post on the barn quilts. We built a little shed and I'm thinking it might be just the thing for it. On a smaller scale of course. Hopefully sometime this summer we'll be able to have some good weather to make it out to the yard! Mimi

  21. Hi Linda,
    you found some great treasures! I especially love the berry basket, and your laundry basket is so neat1 We just got back form our camping trip, and I hauled in a ton of treasures that I plan on transforming for my etsy shop! I can hardly wait to get started! :)

  22. YOu got grat stuff! LOVE the basket!!!
    Have a super great day!
    Hugs, Lisa

  23. Hi Linda!

    as always so fun to come here and see what you're showing off! i love the laundry basket...and ...well....each item! that's what!

    i am telling you it would be fun to hunt with you!

    ciao bella
    thanks for sharing..and also for stopping by!

    creative carmelina

  24. Linda,
    A SUMMER house??? Oh, boy! I can hardly wait!!!
    Love the basket on the stand and the Bingo cage-great finds.

  25. You manage to find the best treasures! I'd have that scoop outside on my potting bench for soil.

  26. That laundry basket is just so cute and charming! That's why I love vintage things so...they really made even utilitarian things so cute! The bingo cage is a wonderful find also. Great stuff as usual!


  27. Okay, you win the yard sale queen prize hands down Linda. You totally scored. Are those beauties going on your Etsy store???? I sure hope so!

  28. Wow, you found some awesome stuff! I want to come shopping with you!!

    I wanted to let you know that I'll be bragging about you tomorrow. I'll be featuring your fabulous clock collage for Brag Monday!

  29. You really did come across some good finds! I remember Mom having an old laundry basket liner like that. Thanks for sharing and conjuring up some memories of days gone by.


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