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A Simple Project Day...

We found out last week that we are going to be guest dealers at the wonderful  Haupt Antiek Market  again next week!  You might remember me saying we were dealers there for 3-1/2 years, so it is always fun to get together with old friends again!  It's particularly fun doing the June sale~ Freedom Rings~ as it is all about summer fun, the Fourth of July, beach decor, etc!  I am busy gathering goodies for the sale and making some fun creations, too!  I thought I would share some simple projects with you today...
I started with this great Patriotic Girl clip art from The Graphics Fairy and printed her on heavy cardstock.  Don't you love the nice sepia tones?

I cut the figure out ...

and inserted and glued it into the photo folder.  I arranged it in a way to leave part of the flag hanging out on  each side, and I didn't glue the head down, so it has a nice 3-D shadowed effect.  I then glued down a piece of a ruler across the base, a tiny starfish on the corner, and a couple of old little flash card words.  You could easily print out words, or use them from an old book, too.  So simple, yet I love how graphic it is!

I also used a fun bathing beauty graphic from My Vintage Studio for some simple summer beach projects...

 I used this cutout figure with shells...the first I inserted and glued inside a shell.  I glued a small piece of driftwood to keep it from rolling...

For the next project, I used the figure on a larger scalloped shell.  I took a half cork and made a slit to insert and lightly glue the figure.  After gluing the cork onto the shell, I added little starfish and an old little flash card word~ "sand"!

I have quite a few other ideas I want to make inspired by these projects...I'll share more on another "Simple Project" day!

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Until next time...


  1. You come up with the best ideas. I saw your clock faces featured on the Graphics Fairy. Congrats!

  2. These are just great... I hope your sale goes wonderfully. Have a nice visit with your friends. Lezlee

  3. WOW! These are fantastic. And congrats on being featured at the Graphics Fairy.

  4. Oh, these are adorable! And CONGRATS on being featured on the Graphics Fairy--I LOVE the clock tray too!
    Cindy Adkins

  5. Wow! These are something to BRAG about! Fabulous images, no? Your shell lady is wonderful! The sepia get it all the way there! Love it! Jacqueline

  6. Thanks for linking to The Graphics Fairy because... oh my gosh- I am LOVING your blog!!!

  7. Thanks so much for stopping by, I'll add you to my blog list and become a follower!

    I love what you do and my fav is the cutout figure in the shell...just wonderful.

    What will you do with the metal scoop that you found? I have one and if you can show a pic I'd love to see! Also veiwed your HGTV photos...loved your Christmas tree with the vintage ornaments!


  8. Your bathing beauties are darling! Graphics Fairy has such an amazing collection that she shares. I think she features projects on her blog. Definitely submit these.

  9. These are wonderful!!! I love how you used a little something from the Sea on both of these! Thanks so much for linking another one up to Brag Monday.

  10. that's the sheer beauty of what you do! it's simple, but oh so grand and lovely when you're done! you have an eye...well actually two i'm sure!

    well done again Linda!
    A+++ at being so crafty!

    ciao bella
    come by and peek into my art journal entry today, if you've the time!

    creative carmelina

  11. How great projects, Linda.
    Love your ideas,-and thankyou.
    Also congratulations dear, with your featuring on Graphics Fairy.

  12. Congrats on being featured on Brag Monday! and love these projects...too cute!

  13. Linda,
    Love your projects! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Terrific ideas for a vintage summer!!

  15. Darling little items!
    Hope that you will post the details of the H. summer market???
    Bet it's going to be lovely.
    xx Suzanne

  16. Hi Linda,
    I just love your projects! they are all so fun and original!! I find so many neat images on the Graphics Fairy. Good luck with your show!

  17. Hi Linda...
    Very cool and Patriotic!
    I have a lot of those old frames...Great idea.
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  18. I am over the moon in love with the shell idea. Do you mind if I borrow it & put a couple of my own twists on these for Les Sirenes Art Event? I will be sure & give you credit. And what you did with the Patriotic Girl was adorable! Thanks for sharing your ideas! Charlene

  19. Those are wonderful! I love what you did with the shell.

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  20. I love both of your projects--very summery! I especially love the vintage lady in the shells!! You are SO GOOD!! Hugs, Julie

  21. Just love your flag girl! She looks like she takes her duty very seriously. Clever design!

  22. So clever!!! I wish I was nearer so I could go to your show!!!

  23. Fantastic idea. I love the graphics fairy so many fun graphic to choose from. Good luck on your sale Linda...that is fantastic!

  24. Simple projects that don't look simple are the best!!

  25. Hi Linda~

    Thank you so much for stopping by my Blog for a visit!

    I love what you did with these clever!

    I love your Blog and will be back to visit again :)

    LuLu Kellogg

  26. Look how creative you are Linda. But we already knew that about you ;) Thanks for the creative inspiration my dear sweet friend.

  27. Hi Linda,
    I LOVE all of these ideas. The vintage summer images you used are wonderful but how you put everything together was what made them absolutely perfect! You know I'm going to copy these ideas for some summer decor.
    Thanks for sharing your great ideas.

  28. So cute! I really love the image on the shell!


  29. I love how they turned out! Isn't Karen just the best? She is definitely the best sharer around. Good luck at the sale. Theresa

  30. Oh Linda, I love these! Especially the beach lady in the shell. So very clever and original. You'll do well at the sale, I'm sure!

  31. How very nice! I just love the 3D effect. I'm sure you'll have great success!


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