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More Fun Finds and Garden Pretties...

The past few weeks we have had my parents visiting from out-of-state and have had many fun family gatherings and outings.  They enjoy visiting thrift stores and garage sales, too, so we did some of that this week!  Thought I'd share a few of the fun finds with you!    I love old games and sports equipment, so I couldn't pass up these vintage baseballs and softball...or this lot of dominoes...

They have little magnets on the backside for fun projects!
The beautiful antique blue milk/slag glass footed fruit bowl was another FIND this week... It's really lovely....

I LOVE this great vintage alabaster lamp, too~ it has great markings...

This antique telescope and newer mercury glass covered jar ended up on the mantle...

Look at this wonderful old stoneware bowl...don't you just love the color?

 This decorative old book and sweet little hand painted ceramic shoe called to me...

but this cute old pillow sham has to be one of my favorites...Humpty Dumpty!

We had such fun family times treasure hunting!

This week in the garden, has been very hot, humid, and rainy!  It's turning into a jungle out there!  New this week...the hydrangeas are setting blossoms...

Tiger Lilies are blooming as are other lilies and daisies...

Stock and pink geraniums are blooming, too!

 My tomatoes are setting fruit now, too!

I haven't been on the blogs as much lately due to all the summer fun, but am planning a giveaway soon to celebrate and thank 200 followers and 500 etsy sales!  Check back soon for more info!  Hope you are having a wonderful summer, too!

Until next time...


  1. Our garden has the same things blooming right now. Your finds are terrific. I wouldn't let that telescope and mercury glass go either.

  2. Great finds, love the telescope and bowl, I have one like it only brown!


  3. I love the baseballs and dominoes!!!! Those would look so good in my boys room!!!!

  4. Oh Linda, I love all of your blooming flowers! Of course the hydrangea is my absolute favorite. Will they turn blue? Love your antique finds too. We must have the same taste. I like the pillow cover the best too. The vintage humpty dumpty is so cute.

  5. Oh my gosh, Linda,
    How fun!!! You found awesome things...woo hoo!!! You go girl!
    And I hope you have been enjoying all your company...that is wonderful.
    Sending hugs,

  6. Love the old bowl. I have a growing collection of them. Your hydrangeas are beautiful. I wonder how they would grow here in my poor clay soil?

  7. Everything looks so lush and green out your way! We are dry, dusty and brown here! I love all of your great finds! Will that stoneware bowl be up for sale?!

    Kat :)

  8. Great mercury jar and nice lamp. Okay, what is the garden secret all looks fried here.

  9. Oh wow, there is so much to enjoy in this post. I love the fruit bowl, so delicious! And your garden, super jealous. Glad you had so much fun with your parents, family is really the most important thing xo

  10. Linda, you surely was lucky.
    I love the balle,and dominoes, they have such a wonderfull tone of ivory.
    The turquise bowl, is fantastic ,too--.
    And girl, ---your garten amazing and full of color power.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  11. Great finds, Linda!

    Did you know I collect Humpty Dumpty's? Yours is DARLING! :-)

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  12. Wow! Congrats on 500 etsy sales! I can only hope! Sounds like you've had alot better luck at treasure hunting this week than I have. I LOVE the blue milk glass! I have never seen anything like it! And I really love your mercury glass piece, too. It's been so muggy here too that I haven't even gotten out to garden. We really need some of your rain :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  13. Looks like someone's had a fun week!! I love the baseballs, lamp and the bowl is awesome! Your garden looks like its doing very well and we have been having alot of the same weather here! My husband's corn is HUGE!! Looks like a good year for growing things! Take care, Julie

  14. You do find adorable things. Humpty Dumpty has a mischievous look on his face. Your garden is so lovely. Mimi

  15. Hello Linda....!

    I'm glad to 'hear' you're enjoying your summer....!!

    What a GREAT bunch of finds....I LOVE the balls in your first pic....I collect these too... :o) !! The dominoes are GORGEOUS....I don't have any of these...yet but HOPE to when I come over for Junk Bonanza....!!

    The lamp, telescope & stonewear bowl are all DELICIOUS pieces I would love to have found....!

    My FAVE flower is the hydrangea....We don't have a garden but if we ever do, one of these BEAUTIFUL plants will be the FIRST to go in the ground....!!

    Hope you're having an AWESOME weekend....!!

    Cheers from Australia,
    Tamarah :o)

  16. Oh I LOVE that ceramic shoe and I too am one of your followers! oxox, Diane

  17. Thanks for stopping over and following. I'm following you back and enjoying your blog. Your garden looks so great, most of my stuff is dying, the heat has been unbearable.

  18. I love that little shoe and don't you think Humpty Dumpty is looking a little sinister?


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