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A Natural Mantle Display...and Still Time To Enter The Giveaway!


In our entryway, we have a mantle my husband built of scrap lumber for a store display I needed.  After I was done using it in the shop, we decided to use it as a decorative display at home.  It's now in the foyer, and I enjoy changing it out often, for the seasons or just because...   Right now, I am decorating it with lots of natural elements...

I also have silverplate and mercury glass to accent it...I love this footed compote filled with eggs~ the antlers are naturally shed and very bleached out... and you may remember the telescope as one of my recent finds!


I found two large pieces of coral at a garage sale and used old books and a clock, too...

a jar of shells and some honeycomb I found in the yard adds to the look...

The room has bird and nature prints and paintings...

Don't forget you can still enter the giveaway HERE!  It ends Monday July 26th 10 PM CST!

Until next time...


  1. Hi Linda,
    I just love your display! Your wallpaper is gorgeous, and I really love how you have accessorized, especially the sweet egg print on the vintage wooden hanger. Love it!

  2. Hi Linda,
    Awesome mantle your hubby made for you! I just love seeing all your great treasures. Love the wallpaper too! Wanna come over and help me redo mine! You could give Sweet Pea some loving too!
    deb :)

  3. This is very cool and homey and inviting. It makes me think of going back in time to a naturalists house. Hey, is that a slacks hanger holding the picture? I like that idea!

  4. This is such a pretty display! You're going to have a ball decorating for the various seasons.

  5. Linda, I love the natural items you used on your mantle. The most creative part of it is the honeycomb. How unique. I love it!

  6. Very pretty natural elements on your mantel. I really like the look and the pieces that you've used.
    Mantel confession time....After I took down my Christmas decorations I never decorated my mantel. It's been bare for 7 months! Guess I'll just wait and decorate for fall.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Love that mantle and your display reminds me of summer. Gorgeous! And I've always loved that wallpaper. Mimi

  8. No big surprise that I love this!!! Such beautiful elements and love the way you put them together! Tell your hubs that he did a great job on that mantle too by the way!! My best, Julie

  9. I simply adore the whole mantelscape! Sooooo beautiful! all of the natural unique!



  10. The footed compote is beautiful, I sure do understand how neat it is to have a hubby that is so handy, I have one too that makes me all sorts of things. Gotta love them oxox, Diane

  11. That is so cool that your husband made that! I loves me a handy husband! :-)

    It looks GREAT.

    Have a wonderful Friday!

  12. So many great treasures on the mantel! I will be looking for coral at garage sales around here! Everything looks wonderful together, the telescope and the Mercury glass but I love how you hung the egg picture with a vintage hanger! Thanks for stopping by! Theresa

  13. Linda, I'm loving
    this whole look,
    and most especially
    the wallpaper ~ divine!
    It's so nice to see
    a pretty paper and
    I'm happy to be reading
    more and more that
    it is coming back in
    style {did it ever
    really leave???}!
    Happy Friday!
    xx Suzanne

  14. Linda, I always struggle with mantles -- I think because I know they are suppose to be so special. So I've found one thing and stuck with it. Your mantle is fabulous. So many treasures. I have found inspiration in this post! Thank you! Love your glasses too!

  15. Hi Linda ~ What a lovely mantel display! Everything is so unique and beautiful!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    ~ Jo :)

  16. I LOVE your wallpaper Linda! All of the elements you've gathered on the mantle make for a lovely vignette.

  17. Linda, the mantle is fantastic,and filled with so beautifull collections, and finds.The walpaper is wonderfull, too, and the strange chick --very sweet.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  18. Linda! you are so NOT a strange chick! hehee....i love all that you do woman! this display is storeworthy...droolworthy....

    well done!

    i love, i love, i love decorating too!

    ciao bella
    thanks for coming by btw!

    you will have to come and see the finished page if you've the time!

    creative carmelina

  19. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for popping in to say hi. You and I both have three grown kids, and three grands!!
    Love your blog!

  20. PS Are you reading the new Diana Gabaldon book yet? My daughter has it and I am waiting to read it. LOVE her books!

  21. Your natural mantle looks great Linda, lots of cool ideas! I am still working on my summer mantle!!!!

  22. Hi Linda,
    I just found your lovely blog while visiting Mimi.
    That is a beautiful mantle and I love how you accessorized it. Beautiful wallpaper too!

    Love your pugs!


  23. Love the mantle & they way you have it decorated!!! That coral is amazing!!!! So with my mermaid theme. Thanks for the sweet comments about my post about the Mermaid Event. I'm working on another. There is sooooooooooooooooo much to share. HUGS! Charlene


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