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Some Fun Finds...

My son and I spent a fun afternoon going to thrift stores yesterday!  He is a recent convert to thrifting and the rest of the family has now corrupted was his idea to go!  Look at this great French vegetable print~ I just love how graphic it is and it looks lovely in my kitchen, too!

These big architectural pieces are new reproductions~ I know I can find some place to pretty up...

This old school composition book was found in the school supplies cute!

Another pretty stoneware bowl was part of the booty...

and this old Riley book...I love the charming inscription!

I found a vintage headband hat covered with great millinery flowers and some bags filled with old crocheted trims and seam binding...

What do you think this one was used for?  It is about 5 or 6" wide and about 10 or 12 feet long!  It has trim on both sides and down the center and is decoratively pleated or pintucked.  It is white cotton.   Do you think it was a sash off a dress?

Probably my best find of  the day was this Nouveau period cast iron/brass tabletop mirror...

Very ornate with a nice large size, it's not nearly as shiny as the photo is showing~ it has a wonderful old patina, and stands with a decorative easel back piece.  I think it is probably a turn of the century Bradley and Hubbard.  I am always amazed at what people give away!

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Until next time...


  1. I LOVE the vintage head band! Reminds me somewhat of the flapper days! Cute stuff Linda as always! Thanks for linking up to the party. Debbie

  2. Nice finds. I especially like the pretty stoneware bowl. I found two today to add to my collection but they're very plain.

  3. Wow!! You have great thrift shops!! I'm not so lucky :-(

  4. Linda,

    wonderfull mirror, and the headband, and laces I love,too.Not to forget the books, they looks so beautifull.
    Great finds ,as alwayes ,Linda.

  5. Linda, you always find the best stuff. I love that vegetable print and the architectural pieces. What great finds.

  6. Great finds! That mirror is wonderful and I love the veggie print...

  7. Love the mirror and how cool that you "converted" your son!!! It is amazing what folks giveaway...makes it great for us!
    deb :)

  8. Linda, you have a great eye for finding just the right treasures. I want to know what your SON found!

  9. The mirror is a keeper for sure. How nice to have a partner to shop with and help carry all the finds.

  10. Hi Linda,
    I love the vintage French vegetable print! That is my favorite, I think! I also really love the architectural elements. You will have lots of fun with those!

  11. It feels like your thrift shops have better finds than mine! Love the vegetable print!

  12. You and your son found some great items. I especially like the veggie print. Very cute.

  13. Hi Linda,
    Just popped over to say hi...Oh, I don't know if you saw the Bible markers I can download them if you want!

  14. You lucky little dog you!! I can't believe you found all those wonderful things thrifting!!! I LOVE that vegetable print--ALOT!! Way to convert your son-I love it! MY youngest daughter (21) has been thrifting out of necessity for quite awhile cuz she's a poor college kid! Once it's in your blood you can't get it out! Unfortunately, after 3 days I still couldn't get into my email so I changed it! GRRRRR! Happy Sunday, Julie

  15. You do find the best stuff. Mimi

  16. Great finds! The long piece in question looks like it would be used as an insert to a garment. My grandmother had some undergarments that had this type of inset.

  17. Great finds! The long piece in question looks like it would be used as an insert to a garment. My grandmother had some undergarments that had this type of inset.

  18. Oh goodness, you found some real treasures there! I love the mirror, gorgeous!!! How amazing the book is with the inscription in it!

    Dropped in from Debbiedoos:)

  19. Great finds! I really like the vegetable print.


  20. I collect James Whitcomb Riley books, years ago my Grandmother gave me a copy of "An Old Sweetheart of Mine" and I fell in love with that book. They are hard to find, you were lucky!

  21. What a nice day you had! Great finds!

  22. I'll bet the fabric strip was part of a dress that was taken apart. I've found good trims like that before.

  23. Hi sweet Linda!
    WHAT a fab day you
    had, indeed! Great
    finds : ) My guess
    would be, yes, that
    was a very pretty sash.
    I LOVE the veggie print ~
    if you came over to my
    house, you'd know that
    that print is ME! I
    want to thank you for
    the very kind comment
    that you left on P&H
    about my friend Kathleen's
    journey with cancer. Your
    words meant so much to
    both of us! Big hugs
    to you, today.
    xx Suzanne

  24. Great finds as always! I love the trim you found, I can see you putting that to good use. Love the veggie print too!

  25. Oh, I love your blog!
    Thank you for sharing!

  26. Wonderful things. I love the lace and the headband. Where are you finding the thrift stores? All I seem to find is Goodwill and they have nothing!

  27. Love the new finds! What awesome old books! I know you had fun finding them all!
    Hugs, Lisa

  28. Hi Linda! I was so happy to find your comment on my blog today, as I had somehow lost your blog! When I discovered it, many months ago, I was so charmed by it. And then I lost it. I have had trouble with Blogger not updating, and all sorts of things, so at any rate, wanted to say hi again, and the wedding looked fabulous!!! What a lucky gal you are to have a lake house. We are lake lovers. We have a family cabin in our local mountains, and spend a lot of time on the lake. Also vacation at a lake we love near Yosemite, since I was a little girl we have gone there. Oh, and that special !! I am a quilter, and I have the quilts my great grandmother made, and they share a lot of similarities to yours.


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