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Fun and Funky Finds...

This week I have a few fun and funky finds to share!  I find I am often attracted to whimsical, funky, or sometimes even odd items... I found this great old bowling trophy at a thrift store~ most of the new trophies are plastic, so I always love running into a nice old metal one!  They are fun displays or for using for projects~ you can see a project I did earlier with an old trophy top  here .
At an antique store stop this week, a dealer had a bunch of dollar grab bags of vintage jewelry!  I now have a lot of new pieces to use in art or jewelry making...

I found two lovely old stoneware mugs and a 1864 leatherbound Bible in thrift stores this week...

 This big vintage winter print was a $2.00 estate sale find!  It will be pretty this winter at the lake in our lodge style decor!

How about this fun group of alabaster stone fruit and vegetables from a thrift store?

My favorite find this week was from a garage sale!  I found a foot tall vintage chalkware snowman bank!  Now I love chalkware, and collect old snowmen, so this is definitely a find I will be keeping!

Look at the old tarnished glitter around his top hat!

Hope you had good luck treasure hunting this week, too!

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  1. And you never cease to amaze me with your fun funky whimsical and yes sometimes weird finds. I love the mugs...and the snowman bank is way too cute. Thanks Linda for joining in...I would love to see all your roosters sometime!

  2. Linda, you really hit the jackpot with the vintage jewelry. That is one thing that I just haven't had much luck with yet, all the jewelry I see in antique stores is too pricey. Guess I'm looking in the wrong places. I also love those mugs. Always enjoy seeing your vintage finds! :-)

  3. Great finds! I used to own bowling trophys like that! Now I wish I wouldn't have tossed them out.

  4. Such fun finds. Love the chalkware snowman. I had never even heard of chalkware until I bought my chalkware collie.

  5. What great finds. I really have an affinity for old trophies too, although I don't run across them too often.
    That jewelry you found for $1.00 a bag was a fabulous deal. I'm always on the lookout for a deal like that.
    The bank was a wonderful find and how perfect since you love chalkware and collect old was meant to be!!
    Got to spend a little time thrifting today. Found some odds and ends but nothing (except for the vintage alarm clock) that was too exciting.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. you found some really neat stuff!!! I love trophy's too!

  7. Your finds are all so neat. Love the vintage jewelry. Around here they sell it by the piece.

  8. I just love what you found!
    Espacially the jewelry! I would have fun going throught the treasure!

  9. Dear Linda,
    how lovely finds, --I wonder if I could ever be so lucky, as to find such a bag, full of jeweleryes--I think not...
    Love it all you sweet friend.
    XO Dorthe

  10. I didn't know trophies are now made of plastic. That's awful. Love your finds!

  11. Hi Linda,
    You found some great treasures! the snowman back is so adorable! And I love the winter scene painting, it's gorgeous! So is that vintage jewelry! Bet you'll have lots of fun with that :)

  12. oh my, oh my!!!!! the jewelry grab bag is just the all time best!!!!!!!!!

  13. Hi Linda,
    The snowman is a KEEPER!!! I haven't seen anyone before. Love the quilt you rec'd from your Mom!
    No treasure hunting this weekend. Must clean/organize the garage. I hope you find some.

    can you believe a week of 90's!!! is coming...YUCK!

  14. hey Linda, you did great finding goodies this week! :) I found some good stuff this morning myself! I got a set of french white corningware cookware, new in the box, at a garage sale. I also found a fabulous shower curtain for a buck fifty at goodwill. I had to get out of the house...I was getting stir crazy from being sick! I am feeling much better, except I still can't hear out of my right ear, but I guess that will come with time. :)
    Glad you liked my firefly post..I just LOVE them! ;)
    Have a great weekend!

  15. I think I would have feinted if I saw that snowman at a garage sale. It's rare to find a piece that big and in good shape. Great find!

  16. I am in love with the will show him all fixed up won't you?


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