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Signs of Fall in the Garden...

The garden has peaked now and is getting ready for the changes of fall ahead...

The vines are lush and climbing everywhere~ the wild grapevine will make lovely garlands...

But some vines are beginning to show color changes...

Another of our apple trees is heavy with fruit, nearly ready for harvest...

and our peppers are really producing now~ look at this fun purple variety I planted this year...

The hardy mums are setting buds...

and leaves are beginning to turn on some plants...

this mountain ash is turning gold and the berries have turned bright orange...

Another sign of fall... the Monarch butterflies are migrating back south~ so pretty...

The weather is cooler and so enjoyable...I LOVE this time of year!  I wish it would last 6 months, but this IS Minnesota...
Until next time...


  1. That is too funny we did similar posts and even similar pictures on a few. Great minds think alike.

  2. Such pretty pics....can't believe you already have that much sign of Fall though. Wish we plants are dead, I suppose that is a sign:)

  3. Linda, you have a beautiful garden!!! Mine is done producing, and I will be taking it out and waiting until next Spring to plant again. Love the purple pepper.

  4. You have a beautiful garden. And those butterflies - they are amazing. I have never seen butterflies up close like that....WOW!!

  5. Linda, your garden is amazing! Just beautiful! How on earth do you have time to keep up with it all? Well -- regardless of how you do it, you do it wonderfully!

  6. Beautiful photos! Fall already huh? I'm not used to that. I love your butterfly photos, I've not seen any of those around here for a long time.

  7. Hi Linda,
    What a gorgeous yard--wow! So beautiful and serene...and I've never seen barn quilts before...they are really special--I love your pictures!

  8. Thanks for the tour of your gorgeous garden, I loved seeing all your plants and the butterflies. I love autumn too, it is a special time of year. In two days it will be Spring here and our turn for some warmer weather. Enjoy your cooler days xo

  9. Things grow so much better up north. We might have all year growing but we don't get the color you have up north.
    Enjoy your time,

  10. Those are beautiful photos! We do have some signs of fall now. I just wish the temperatures would start to go down!


  11. Your garden looks so beautiful right now and those butterflies are just spectacular. Enjoy these last couple of months before winter which will be here soon enough. Thank you for reminded that there is beauty in every season. Patty

  12. Your garden is beautiful, Linda. I love the monarch butterflies. It's still pretty warm here in the south, but this morning on my walk I spotted one yellow leaf on the ground...


  13. Your garden is wonderful but I'm getting depressed. We have fall here for about two seconds and then winter rolls in with a vengeance. :(

  14. Hi Linda, I am so tired of the heat of summer and awaiting fall anxiously!!! My favorite time of year!! Your pics are lovely and I'm jealous of your mountain ash!! I've alays wanted one! Do those berries last at all for decorating? Hugs, Julie

  15. Just gorgeous, love those berries and the butterflies, the subtle changes in the weather, the plants and the sky all make me so excited for the cooler weather!

  16. We won't be seeing these type signs for awhile. But just seeing the changing of your leaves makes me smile in anticipation.

  17. Dear Linda, your garden is fantastic, and so full of beauty.
    Yes here it is also turning -getting colder, more windy,and the trees ,roses and other busches are loosing the leaves, the apples dropping from the trees, and yes, the Monarc will soon be away.
    I too soooo love this season,much better that summer, ...
    Hugs, Dorthe

  18. Your berries and butterflies are lovely. I am thrilled with the cooler drier air. I have all the windows open! olive♣

  19. Congrats on the wedding,
    Linda! Looked like a
    beautiful MN day ~ lucky
    couple!!! Was that Lake
    Minnetonka by any chance??
    YES, our gardens are starting
    to look a bit peaked, too.
    Time to bring on the mums,
    flowering kale, etc. etc.
    If we can't revel in the
    change of seasons, then
    we'd really be bummed with
    what's coming, right??
    Happy Monday!
    xx Suzanne

  20. Linda your pictures are beautiful...I love, love, love fall! Wish I was more of a gardener...guess I'll just have to enjoy yours :) Laurel

  21. So pretty Linda!! I envy you guys up North and your wonderful Fall weather. Everything down here is still hot and brown. At least the temps are getting down to the lower 70s at night - so there is hope!!

  22. Weather has been nice here this last week. We are bracing for a storm and the gardens are sure to suffer.

  23. Hi Linda!

    thanks for stopping in to see'll have to drop by today for TAG TUESDAY

    your gardens are lovely, no matter the season...but Fall is my favourite time of year too.....we went out walking last night...and boy was it ever refreshingly enjoyable!

    see you soon!

    ciao bella


  24. Orange berries and butterflies, just gorgeous!

  25. Oh, I'm soooo jealous of your amazing garden & just as amazing photographs!!! Beautiful my friend!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving such a sweet & heartfelt comment!

  26. I love this time of year too. Although it was still in the 90's here today.
    I loved your butterfly pictures. I never have any luck capturing them on a picture.
    Hope you're having a great week.

  27. Thank you so much for your lovely visit, comment and wonderful pictures. Your yard looks like the perfect place to enjoy any season!!

  28. your garden is awesome! I am ready for fall!

  29. Good morning, Linda! I'm so glad you found me so I could find you. What fun to visit and to see your MORE than beautiful garden.

    I've only been to your state one time. About 10 years ago and I'm not sure I've ever seen a more lovely place...

    Thank you for visiting and sharing your sweet thoughts. They mean so much.

    Love to you~


  30. Hi Linda
    The Monarch's are gorgeous! It's starting to look a bit like fall here too, but it's still so darn hot & muggy! I am a bit ashamed of my gardens this year. I usually spend as much time as I can working in them, but since it's been so hot all summer long, I've been inside enjoying the a/c!

  31. Linda,
    All ready??? Wow. Our weather skyrocketed back up to 100 degrees today, and I must say, my hill in the back yard is showing the results....
    Thanks for showing the gorgeous pictures!

  32. Such a lovely garden! The autumn colors should be stunning soon.

  33. i know this is from a while back - but i love finding a good gardening post! I love the butterflies on the evergreen tree. How cool that you had two at the same time!


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