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The Bachman's Fall Ideas House Part Two...

 Today I'll continue the tour of the Bachman's Fall Ideas House!  In my last post I shared many decorating ideas, today I'll share the fun holiday decor ideas!  I love the white pumpkin decorated with tacks!  And look at this fun planter idea~ the rake is upside down in the planter and has a hook on the side to hold a candle lantern...

These graters made fun fall flower holders~

A simple window treatment was created with branches and corn...

The garage was set up for a Halloween party~ I love these old shutters and scary portraits...

They enlarged photos in vintage frames and added Christmas lights in the eyes~ spooky fun!

Look at this fun owl...

It looked like a mad scientist's lab with all the lab glass...

These paper cones in an old plant stand, make fun candy holders!

 Burlap coffee bags on straw bales make fun seating...

and a vintage tool box served up spooky drinks!  See how they used an old bed spring to hold the straws?

An old rake top displays mini pumpkins...

This picnic table looked so pretty topped with loose weave burlap and mums!

The outdoor fireplace is decorated for the season, too!

The potting shed had this fun bench and a great plant holder rack ...

Remember this old sofa frame?  This time it was planted with mums!

The charming gazebo area had a lovely seating area to take it all in...

It was a great time and lots of fun ideas!  I'm looking forward to the Holiday Ideas House Nov 11th-Dec 5th!  I hope you enjoyed the tour as much as I did!
Until next time...


  1. I'm in love............The pumkin with the tacks is amazing!!! I'm really drooling over the burlap table runner with the mums! See this is why I' love blogging! Pure I candy that makes me happy and takes away negative energy!!! Maybe it's therapy!!! haha!

    Take care!

  2. oh oh oh, love the graters, and the shutters and the colanders and the.....oh my! you get the pictures, thanks so much for showing these!!

  3. Goodness!! I just got all caught up. What a sight!! The toilet paper hanging in the weight machine is my more soggy t.p. when the sink leaks!!!!

  4. What a fun place to visit...I am definitely going to "steal" some ideas for my fall decorating!


  5. Loved the tour, and thanks for going and taking so many great pictures! That pumpkin with the tacks is something I'm definitely going to try!

  6. OMG how beautiful...great ideas the thumb tacks and graters, itis beautiful. I kind of skip fall decorating here, first it is still 90 degrees in Orlando and orange just does not go with my decor LOL actually very few people fall decorate as we don't really have fall! I think you win, that was some find in the baseball cards!! I would have thought I hit pay dirt in the 70's LOL


  7. I loved the tour! So many ideas to take away from this post. Thanks so much for sharing all the pics with us.

  8. Thank you so much, Linda! I love so many of these ideas. The rake in the fall landscaping really grabbed me and I LOVE the pumpkin tater head. What a a wonderful combination of projects.

  9. Goodness...where do I begin! Loving the shutter display but I could go on. Thank you for sharing so many inspiring photos today!

  10. What a fun tour! Thanks for taking me along. La

  11. Oh, I just love everything!
    Your pictures are just wonderful!
    I grabbed your "button"~
    Thank you for sharing!

  12. How lucky you live so close! I love that old sofa frame...need to put some pumpkins on my rake, cute! Lezlee

  13. Great tour, Linda. What great ideas everywhere you look. I love the flowers in the grater idea!

  14. Linda those cheese grater window displays were way too cute. Everything is...I could hang out there all day long.

  15. Thank you for sharing your photos with us. Wonderful ideas!

    Wishing you a great week!

  16. ca-ute and fun ideas!!! Yea, a new blog to follow=) Hollie

  17. Wow, isn't this house amazing? And I love your earlier post too...just so ingenious in everything she's fabulous! What a fun place to visit too, I'll bet.

    How are you doing? Great, I hope! I have a fun post on my Whimsical Musings blog...sure to cause some giggles...I wanted to come by and tell you...
    Sending hugs your way,

  18. Linda
    Wow that post was filled with amazing decor ideas. What a lovely share for all of us gals to enjoy. There were so much goodness to look at, but my fav was the shutters and spooky photos. Have a great week!


  19. I'm in love this these ideas. Such great ideas and many very simple. Thanks for sharing. I'm off to look around my DH's garage for an old rake.

  20. I sure love all the ideas in this house!! They must lay awake at night thinking of all this stuff!! Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing ~ Julie

  21. Oh my! I love EVERYTHING here! The old rake with the little pumpkins, the table with the mums...I could see myself out there enjoying the weather! What fun and unique ideas.

  22. I stumbled across your blog search for 'art with antique bed' I love the Bachman's post! Do you live in the Minneapolis area? I've been meaning to go to their idea house for awhile now, but every time I either miss it or am too busy. Hopefully this spring! I have a newer item from Ikea that looks a lot like an antique bed frame bottom. It doesn't have springs, but is basically a grid pattern. I used it to hold cards at Christmas and am now searching for a way to use it on our 3 season porch on a huge wall as art. Any ideas?


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