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Dogs, Dogs, and More Dogs...

I LOVE dogs...I have had many wonderful dogs in my life...above are my pugs, Bailey and Sophie!  But not only do I love dogs...I love decorating with them, too!  This big chalkware dog~ I've named him Scruff~ sits on my hutch...

There are sweet prints...

and photos, like this big charming old photo in the foyer...

fun old tins...

vintage trophies...

sweet figurines...

My daughter is a talented artist and does portraits~ this one was one she had just started , but hasn't completed.  It is of our two sweet basset hound sisters~Maggie and Nellie, that we were blessed to own for 11 years.  Even in this early stage, she captured their personalities...

She is going to eventually do a portrait of each of the six dogs our family has loved over the years... this oil portrait is of our oldest pug, Bailey~ it hangs in our living room...

In person, it is so realistic you want to pet her!
I just love finding fun vintage decor, books, and ephemera, and am always on the hunt! Just a dog girl, I guess...

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Until next time...


  1. Linda, I love ALL your dog items and your pugs are cute and Bailey is a very good name. lol Your daughter is a very gifted artist. I love your mix of the old books with the dog items. You have a great collection.

  2. i'm a dog lover too! thanks for sharing all your sweet pets, both real and faux.

    judi ;)

  3. Your daughter is very talented. She really does a beautiful job on the dog portraits. The picture of Bailey and Sophie was too cute, they were really striking a pose in that picture.
    Love all of your vintage dog items. I have a few small dog figurines (one from you) and a couple of old pictures of wire hair fox terriers. The only dog I have ever owned is our wire hair fox terrier, Denali. She is a very sweet dog and so much fun to have around the house.
    Now that my son has left for college she has really become the princess of the house!
    Enjoy the rest of the week and the long weekend!

  4. Linda, your package is on it's way home. I love dogs, i have 2 cats but I have 2 dog nephews and a granddog that I adore. I heard from Mn. today that you had the most gorgeous day of the year!


  5. You have a great collection. Love your real babies too. They're cute as can be.

  6. I looked around our home and I have a few dog accessories too. This was cute...and you already know I love your pugs! Your daughter is so talented.

  7. It's obvious that Bailey & Sophie have adorable personalities - I love the way they are posed. All of the other doggie goodies are wonderful too, and your daughter has amazing talent!

    Can't wait to meet you SOON at JB!


  8. Hi Linda,
    I also adore doggie finds! Your daughter is a wonderful painter.
    Sure enjoyed seeing your collection!
    Are you all ready for the Junk sale??? I'm going on that Thursday and I'll look for you...or email me as to where I can find you there!
    deb :)

  9. How talented your daughter is, Linda. Her portraits are amazing. so lifelike. I'm not a dog owner, but I really love the figurines and prints. Your pups are real cuties!

  10. I love all things doggy too! I have some chalkware dogs that I adore. Your real dogs are so cute and I covet(in a good way) all your doggy things. Your daughter is an amazing artist. Lucky you!

  11. Oh Linda I LOVE all of your pooches....And the portraits are GORGEOUS....What an AMAZING eye your daughter has....!! I don't suppose you'll have any orphaned Terriers with you at Junk Bonanza....hahahahaha....One can NEVER have too many of those little Treasures.... :o) !!!

    Not long to go now....WOOHOO....!!

    See ya real soon,
    Tamarah :o)

  12. Linda,
    What a great family! Love your dogs and all those charming dog items.
    smiles, alice
    ps i wish i was going to meet you at Junk Bonanza....maybe next year. have a wonderful show.

  13. What a wonderful doggie collection!! And your real ones are pretty sweet too! Tell your daughter that she is one talented young lady! Thanks for sharing with us ALL of your "babies"!!!

  14. How cute!! Your daughter is quite a gifted artist!!! Wonderful portraits!

  15. Hi Linda,
    so many old wonderfull dog items,--and what a wonderfull artist your daughter is,the paintings are gorgeus .Have a nice day, Linda.
    xo Dorthe

  16. Linda,
    You're right, acts of kindess are such a blessing, and it makes me know there are still wonderful, wonderful people in the world. :)
    I adore your doggies! And my, oh my, what a talented artist you have for a daughter, she's wonderful! All your sweet little doggies you decorate with are adorable too.
    I hope you have a lovely week and fabulous three day weekend...woo hoo!
    Blessings & Hugs

  17. Your daughter has an amazing gift and I can tell she loves what she does. I am enjoying all your doggie memorabilia and accessories AND other features of your house. I will be coming back to appreciate your blog.
    I think this would be a great post for Furry first Friday. (link is on my blog)
    You have inspired me to do a better job of displaying my treasures.

  18. You have such a flair for decorating. I love the way you've placed the dog items around the house. Scruff looks a lot like our little Trixie. She's a jack russell and border collie mix. She has the energy of a Jack Russell with the good qualities of the border collie. Your pugs are adorable.

  19. Linda, aren't pugs wonderful? They seem to have so much personality. For some reason I love to go to YouTube and watch the pub videos. There is one video, in particular, of a pug pushing a stroller everywhere. It is the funniest thing and never ceases to make me laugh. I love the pictures of the pugs. They're beautiful!

  20. I love all your dogs, Linda, and the way you've decorated with them. Bailey and Sophie are adorable!
    Your daughter is very talented!

  21. Love your doggie collection, Linda! The paintings by your daughter are wonderful; looks like she captured their personalities as well as their likenesses!

  22. I Linda,
    I am a huge dog lover myself, so this is right up my alley! Your pups are so cute, and your daughter is Super talented! Her artwork is so realistic! I also love your collection of dog art and figurines, they are all awesome! Makes me want to start collecting :)

  23. I, too, love dogs. Your collection of prints, photos, figurines, etc. is fabulous. And your daughter is so very talented! I hope to have a painting done of my dogs someday.


  24. Okay, from now on whenever I see a 'dog' thing, I'm going to think of you! You have some charming pieces. And your daughter has a whopping talent!

    While usually a dog lover too, I'm a little peeved at the new puppy! ANOTHER hole dug in my lawn! And there isn't a flower pot that hasn't been replanted at least 3 times because of her! Gotta love it!

  25. Just love all of your vintage items here!

    Your daughter is a great artist!
    Thank you for sharing.

    Wishing you a wonderful day!

    Hugs, Sharon

  26. You have a wonderful dog collection!!! Your two little pooches are ADORABLE too!

  27. Aw I love your pugs, they are so sweet, and your daughter's paintings are beautiful! I would love to be able to paint like that. The bassets are also adorable. They always have the saddest yet sweetest eyes when they look at you and I'm such a sucker for that. LOL!

  28. Well, this is a post right after my own heart. Bailey and Sophie just need to be hugged right through the screen. What a wonderful talent your daughter has and what keepsakes her portraits will be for your family. Woof!

  29. Bailey's portrait is just so true to life. My life would be incomplete with out my little companion. Your collection is very pretty. hugs♥olive

  30. Ohhhh. Such FUN!!! I love, love your doggie collection. What fabulous items.
    I have always been a dog person....
    Your daughter is one talented gal! Beautiful!

  31. I'm hooked and I'm only on the first post. I already love it. Your new follower as well.

  32. Your doggy collection is wonderful. Especially love those living, breathing ones. Mimi

  33. Awwww!!! Who can resist a pretty pup? I'm in love with Scruff! :)
    I'm also in love with the cabbage rose print wallpaper in the background of some of your shots! :)

  34. Your pugs are so adorable! I love all your doggy decorations and the paintings by your very talented daughter!


  35. Your pugs are adorable!
    I have always had a soft spot for Pugs.
    I share your love for dogs and am especially fond of dog poems. They hang all around my home.
    You daughter is so talented, her portraits are amazing.

    You have a beautiful blog:)

  36. Wow I love all of your dog art. Plus your two pugs are way cute. Stopping by from Furry First Fridays.

    Have a great weekend.

  37. Oh my! My collection is growing but yours is just great!
    I enjoyed it!
    Hugs, Lisa

  38. What a gorgeous all the doggie things...Your daughter is an exceptionally talented artist!!! Her portraits are beautiful!!! Would love to see more of her beautiful work!!!

  39. Your pugs are adorable, and I love all your dog treasures. Your daughter is an exceptional artist, and I'd love to see more of her work! Thank you for sharing. :o)

  40. Oh my goodness! Your pugs are absolutely adorable! One of my dearest friends has a pug named Boscoe and he is just the cutest thing. I love all your dog items - there's something very honest about dog paintings, I always think. Thanks so much for joining First Furry Fridays!


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