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FUN at Junk Bonanza Part One...

This past week I was a dealer at Junk Bonanza with my daughter, Liana, and our friend Kris of Cottage Dreams!  It was such a FABULOUS time and our best sale ever!  There are many bloggers posting about the sale with lots of fun photos, so thought I'd share our little corner of the show!  Liana and I specialize in Itsy Bits And Pieces...our big bins were fun places for artists and scrapbookers!

This great galvanized barn cupola was one of the first pieces to go...

 There was lots of fall decor!  We made some great backdrops using some old numbered curtain poles with burlap and decorative tacks...

 I made some fun little shopping baskets for our itsy goodies~ wood berry baskets embellished with simple stick on numbers.  I'm going to use these in my studio later as organizer bins...

 There were lots of vintage decor items...

and lots of unusual funky junk...

 Look at this huge mailbox and the great vintage Pendleton man's wool robe- it had leather elbow patches!

There were lots of vintage French vocabulary flashcards...

and these wonderful 1872 maps were very popular!

We had huge crowds and I really enjoyed meeting some of my blogging friends in person!  Tamarah, of Shabby Vintage Junk , stopped by all the way from Australia!  It was fun visiting with her and hearing about the shows she is organizing there! 

And here's Connie of  She Dreams Big !  She was up from Nebraska and I really enjoyed our visit! 

She made me the sweetest gift!  Look at this cute clutch purse!  I LOVE the vintage inspired fabrics and the checkbook cover~ I'm going to use it to hold my business cards!  Thank you so much, Connie! 

 I also met up some other great bloggers on day one~ Cammie of Daffadowndilly's~ she has the most fabulous space, and the sweet Deb of  Garage Sale Gal !  She is also from Minnesota and we met up earlier this year, too!  
On my next post, I'll share more photos of more blogging friends!  I've missed stopping by and visiting blogs this last week, so hope to catch up with lots of you again soon!
Until next time...


  1. WOW! that looks like heaven! you must have had so much fun. I would have walked out with bags full of goodies. Thanks for sharing the pictures, very cool.

  2. Wowee!! I wish I could have come and shopped your booth!

  3. Hey Linda....!

    I'm THRILLED you made it home safe & sound.... :o) !!

    It was WONDERFUL meeting you at Junk Bonanza....My sweet bird cage & dominoes are on their way (I HOPE) to Australia as I type....!!

    I'm SO GLAD you took so many pics of your YUMMY space....I'll be linking to your post as I didn't take any myself....SHAME on me I know....So much to do so little time....hahahahaha....!!

    Next year I'll be more organised I'm sure....hahahahahaha....

    Cheers for now Lovey,
    Tamarah :o)

  4. Oh Linda -- Congratulations on such a wonderful and successful sale! Everything looks perfect -- how I would love to shop there. You and your daughter set it up in such a way that it's inviting and intriguing -- Perfect Marketing! No wonder you are such a success! How I wish I lived closer so that I could play too!

    Do you post a schedule of the shows you will be attending? Who knows -- perhaps someday you might be close to where I am. Actually, girl, you would be worth the trip all on its own!

    Now do you get to rest or are you on to your next show?

  5. Linda, my goodness, what a fantastic booth you 3 had, stopfull, of wonderfull goodies, and so much to look at, AND BUY--oh take me to a trip like that,just once in my life-LOL.
    Happy for you ,you had a big sale, I can see why, with all those great little wonders,collected in one place.
    Have a lovely week, dear.

  6. WooHooOoo! What an awesome display of your goodies! How long did it take you to set up? Hoping you had very little to haul back and from the sound of your post, that was indeed the case!

  7. Sigh...your booth looks awesome! I would have done some serious damage in there!! Glad you had fun!!

  8. I was hoping you were going to do a post on the Bonanza!!! Your booth looks wonderful. I may have to take a road trip next time so I can check it out in person.

  9. What fantastic displays! :) That looks like it would have been a blast. Wish I could have been there! They just don't have great shows like that around here.

  10. I could spend a lot of moolah here! Love the soda fountain stools.

    Your space looks very inviting.

  11. Hey Linda, your booth was so great. i enjoyed meeting you. My only regret was flying home and not having my big 'ol SUV to fill with Junk Bonanza goods. Maybe next year...

  12. Ooh, I'm so jealous! Looks like you had a great time. Everything looks wonderful, I wish we had places like this up here.

  13. Your space was so beautifully styled, Linda. Love all the wonderful treasures you offered. Wish I could have been there!


  14. Looks like a blast Linda....lots of goodies there I see. Your booth looks great!

  15. It was so much FUN seeing you and meeting your daughter! You do have the BEST Bits & Pieces :)
    Glad the show was the best ever for you!
    deb :)

  16. Gosh, Linda...I wish I had been there! It looks like there was enough good "junk" there to last me a long time! :) Looks like you had fun too! Love all the bingo cards! :)
    So glad you liked my light fixture re-do...I'm glad it inspired you. :) I need to be inspired today...gotta get off my tushy and get something done! Talk to you later darlin'!

  17. I remember your booth It was GREAT! See you next year! I iwll be with Lulu's Upcyclying lounge.

  18. Linda, your pics are fantastic! Although they make me sad at all I am missing! Love all your bits and pieces -- could spend days searching through them. Hope you had a fun and successful venture!

  19. Looks like you may had some while working your booth. Wish there were events like this here in our area.

    Wishing you a wonderful day!
    Hugs, Sharon

  20. Looks like you may had some while working your booth. Wish there were events like this here in our area.

    Wishing you a wonderful day!
    Hugs, Sharon

  21. Sweet Linda,
    I couldn't find
    you when I was
    trolling around
    JB!!! It was such
    a great sale! I
    thought maybe you'd
    be at the blogger
    party Friday night.
    I did meet Tamarah,
    there, at the very
    end. I hope the
    sale was as successful
    for you as I've heard
    it was from some of
    the other blogger/vendors.
    You'll have to let
    me know if you sell
    at any of the local
    occasional sales....
    Happy Monday!
    xx Suzanne

  22. Loved your booth, I wish I could have visited with you, but there was so much to see. Love your hardware bins but especially all the itsy bits you sell. See you next year.

  23. Linda, your displays look splendid and I know you had fun! hugs♥olive

  24. Hello sweet Linda, What a wonderful booth!!!!! I know I would have spent hours pokin' and diggin' through all that great stuff! There were so many things I loved especially the wheelbarrow and I think I spotted a bird cage too! I'm so glad you did well and seeing your booth I'm not surprised!!! Love, Julie

  25. Oh wow, Linda--this is beyond amazing!!! It all looks so fabulous! I am so happy for looks like so much must be exhausted, but I bet it was loads of fun!! So neat to meet other amazing and love the purse too!
    Hugs to you and your daughter,

  26. Oooh wow what a fantastic booth you have! So many goodies to get creative with. Sounds like sucha great event. I know I would have shopped till I dropped!


  27. Oh, man. I am SO sad I am too far away. I would have sat in your booth forever!!!! So much fun in one place. You all have quite a knack for displaying. LOVE IT!!!!

  28. Oh how I wish I'd had time to shop your booth...I see LOADS of my favorite things! (Love your backdrop too!)

    See you NEXT year!


  29. Hi Linda!!! It was great meeting you too. I had so much fun there. your bin of goodies was one of my favorite things. loved it. i took a pic of it and will be posting it soon. i thought it was yours. I will definately link back to you when I do.

  30. Man oh Man oh Man......

    I'm drooling as I type....

    Such way cool stuff - my house would look like a booth if I could buy everything I liked.....

  31. Oh, the purse is adorable! I wish I could have been at this event.

  32. Linda,
    First I must say that I instantly liked you! You took the time to chat, take pictures even when your booth was full of shoppers. I am so indebted to you for the leg up with Jane and getting a space for next years event! That was really sweet of you to walk with us and to search out Jane and introduce me!! You are truly a "make your self at home" kind of person!
    I loved your space and all of the trinkets and bits that you so cleverly display in all of your bins! I am so looking forward to vending at the 2011 Junk Bonanza and maybe getting to know you better!
    I did fill out the application and put down the deposit,,, so fingers crossed!!
    What a pleasure to meet you,

  33. It sounds like it was so much fun. I'll bet your booth was very popular!

  34. This looks like it was so much fun for everyone involved. I hope to be going to a similar event with my friend, SueBee, in late October. I will be watching her work her magic. I wanna see a picture of your pug's pumpkin teeth! Perhaps in honor of Halloween? Thanks for your sweet comment.

  35. OMG! How did I miss this post? I absolutely LOVE those Itsy bits and pieces for crafting! I would have gone nuts there!

  36. Oh man Linda. I missed seeing you again this year... :( Where was your booth? I didn't hardly see anything, nor did I shop. The only shopping I was able to do was some vendors brought me things right to my booth to purchase and one group had a showing in their hotel room for me after the Thursday show, otherwise I was in selling. I'm sure you were busy too and it was definitely a fabulous show.
    Maybe see you at AA/JMS and actually get to visit with you.

  37. Oh my goodness...I clicked on each picture of your booth to peer closer! What a neat booth. I just love all the "what not"! I'm glad you had a great sale. Maybe someday I'll get there.

  38. Didn;t know you were a vendor!
    Linda, I have bought ittle letters and numbers from you!
    I recognize your booth and I wanted to buy your big green round hardware stire bin!
    I also think that my business partner Jenn may have bought a vintage game table from you.... it had a game board and pieces under the glass? She got it two years ago.
    Does that sound familiar?

    Too funny.

  39. Good Morning Linda!!
    Oh My Goodness! You must have had Sooo Much Fun! Especially with your Girls!!Darn I wish I was Closer!
    Have a Wonderful Day Friend!


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