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A Lovely Fall Day...

This has been a very wet week here in Minnesota with 8" of rain falling in the last 24 hours in some spots!  We have had about 5" in our town and have heard that the dock at our lakeplace in Southern Minnesota is now under water!  Earlier this week, it was just gray and drizzly, and my husband and I decided to take a short drive into the cities to see the early fall colors!  As we drove, we saw beautiful flocks of migrating geese.

The sumac is turning red...

 and the fields are golden now...

We decided to visit Minnehaha Falls in South Minneapolis!  The water was rushing powerfully...

Look as the water begins the drop...

and travels under the footbridge below...

Leaves are beginning to turn in all the trees.

After visiting the falls, we traveled a short distance over the Mississippi River into St. Paul and drove along the River Road.  There are beautiful overlooks along the way...

Color is developing everywhere...

I love fall and can hardly wait to see the changes the next week will bring!
Until next time...


  1. Oh, it's just beautiful! I do like that scenery...but I remember what follows pretty shortly. This Texas girl just wasn't made to live in snow!!

  2. Dear Linda, you live in beautifull surroundings, -and what fantastic photoes of the most gorgeus nature. Autumn is really what I love most .I can see you and your husbond had a wonderfull trip,around.
    Happy week-end,

  3. Hi Linda
    thanks for taking us with you on this beautiful tour ..I enjoyed the gorgeous sceneries very much. I bet you had the most lovely time.. aah.. isn't Fall the sweetest season ?
    Have a terrific weekend xxxx

  4. We don't have this. I have to live it thru you and all the other bloggers who live with changing seasons. Beautiful pictures and what a nice time with your husband.
    Enjoy your Friday friend,

  5. What a beautiful place you live! Love those geese in the first picture...It's still so hot here in Texas~

  6. What beautiful scenery! Thank you for sharing it with us. WV is just beginning to get bits and pieces of color here and there, but it should be cloaked in all its autumn glory soon! I hope to be able to get some good pics this year to share on my blog.
    Those waterfall pics are my faves! I always find it so peaceful and calming to sit near any body of water. :)

  7. A Lovely Fall Day indeed...I grew up biking distance from the Minnehaha Falls so your pictures were a trip down memory lane for me. Thanks :) Stay dry, Laurel

  8. Hi Linda! what a wonderful time you must have had seeing all these beautiful sites! I hated to see summer end, but now that Fall has definately set in, I'm enjoying the change in seasons.
    Have a nice day.

  9. What beautiful photos, Linda. I love this weather - it is quite lovely around here these days.


  10. It is os beautiful there. You know what I noticed about Minneapolis? It seems good. There was a park nearby and there is some kind of pine or something there we do not have here (wind, heat, wind, ice, wind) and it just seemed so fresh. I love Minnesota!

  11. Linda,

    Reminds me of New England. Just beautiful photographs.


  12. The midwest really is a beautiful place to live. Almost perfect, in fact, except for the SNOW! I must get out and about and check out Nebraska's beauty too!

  13. Exquisite photos! That barn scene is so sublime! What a lovely way for us folks out here in the season-less land of Central CA to get a little taste of a real Fall!

  14. Linda, these are all fantastic shots! I'd be happy to catch any of these in my area.

  15. Oh Linda, this is beautiful country! I can almost feel the rain and smell the freshness and crispness in the air! I thought about you just today when I heard the weather report on the news and wondered if it was near you. Hope all is well, and you are staying dry. It was 101 degrees and sunny here today! Ugh! I'm so over it!
    Glad it's the weekend and I have some time to play.

  16. What beautiful photos. Sorry about the lakepace dock. That's a lot of rain at one time.

  17. Gorgeous pictures and nice tease of more fall colors to come!! One of my favorite locations in Wisc. is in the city of La Crosse which is on the western border of Wis. going into Minnestota and these pics remind me of that area!! I love it! Thanks for sharing, Julie

  18. Such beautiful photos! That is so nice that you and your hubby take time out to relax and enjoy the wonders of nature!


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