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Fun Finds and a Box Full of Little Treasures...

Yesterday I stopped at a fun garage sale!  They had lots of art supplies and goodies~ I found all kinds of paper art goodies and some nice craft paints and brushes!  Sitting over to one side was this box marked~
"VINTAGE SEWING STUFF $10 BOX".  Well, that got my attention...I saw a nice old glove box on top so I just decided to take a chance on it!  The lady told me it was a box lot she got at an auction and really never went through it.  So it was a surprise grab bag for me!  It looked pretty ordinary...

I loved the turn of the century glove box...

I opened it...and looked inside...

There were all kinds of little findings and treasures...including some gold pieces!

Look at this great antique box... "As supplied to the Royal Family"!

There were several boxes and tins~ the Henry Sears & Son box in the center is dated 1865!

There were all kinds of unused vintage Christmas cards, die cuts, tags, and cutouts...

Lots of miscellaneous sewing, buttons, spools, and goodies...

This old pharmacy box was full of old white glass buttons!

I loved this old pin box. tape measure, and starry needle case!

Also in the box was this vintage hat stand...

an old box of Dennison gummed stars...

some fun little bits of ribbon and goodies...

This old cord held wonderful large old glass beads!

This little green glass vial held old black glass beads and the pharmacy box had old metallic seed beads and aqua glass beads!

It was SO fun exploring this box of many treasures!  I hope you enjoyed looking through it with me!
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  1. Holy cow, that was a good find. I got all excited going through the pictures, so I can imagine your excitement unwrapping the goods in person! And those gold gummy stars brought back memories - taste bud memories.

  2. My goodness what beautiful find! That glove box is to die for!
    I linked your blog on my current post. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful ideas!

  3. Oh Linda!
    I always enjoy what you're exploring..and getting into...!

    this is a treasure trove of fun stuff! wow...I love it when goodies like this collection fall into the right hands...and you are it girl!

    ciao bella


  4. Wow! How much fun was that?!? You are one lucky girl. Just the glove box alone was worth
    $10. Great find.

  5. That's the best spent $10- I've ever seen!!! You really scored on that one! Have fun with your new treasures. Love, Julie

  6. Oh that was like a Christmas morning for you I bet!!~ What a great box filled with all that FUN STUFF!!~ Good deal always know score on prices too. Thanks for joining me, and have a wonderful weekend. Debbie

  7. I have never seen ANYONE who can find great treasures the way you can! :) Amazing stuff there!

  8. I think the thrifting goddesses pushed you towards this purchase. So much fun for $10.
    Even if you don't use it and display it instead you have a goldmine there. Thanks for sharing. It was fun for us too.

  9. Oh wow, you hit the jackpot with all your great finds and for so little! What fun you must have had going through everything! ~Marcy

  10. Definitely a fun buy...what luck! I can only imagine your excitement as you went through it all-enjoy your new treasures!!

  11. OMGosh! I bet you were squealing with delight! You were in the right place at the right time girl!

    Have a happy fall weekend!


  12. Wow, so many awesome treasures!!! I love it all!!

  13. You've got some real treasures there. I would spend days just gazing at it all.

  14. WOW. That box was indeed a treasure trove! Congratulations!


  15. My heart would have been beating a mile a minute when I opened the lid. What treasures! I love the celuloid glove box. I have a flowered one and matching collar box. Beautiful!

  16. Too much of a treasure trove to comment on...I'm going back to look some more! Lezlee

  17. My goodness! You certainly have a knack for finding great treasures!!! I would have never known that the item you labeled hat rack was just that!!!!
    Well done!

  18. Oh Linda what FABULOUS ITSY BITSIES for you....!!

    Have a GREAT weekend Lovey....!!

    Tamarah :o)

  19. You really hit the jackpot on this one. Lucky you! Loved that idea house post (both of them). So fun to see. Mimi

  20. Oh my Linda, you have such an eye. And a lucky one it seems. My mother always said there was no such thing as luck, that we worked for our successes and victories. I know she was right. I'm sure you have opened many boxes and found an empty box. I always enjoy your posts!

  21. I think I blacked out somewhere around the vintage Christmas cards and die cuts...what a find. Around here we would call that "mommy's precious." Love it.

  22. those look like some of my favorite things, you are so lucky! Delightful to look at!

  23. Oh...YES...I sure did enjoy looking at all your new goodies! Lots of great things!
    I'm staying home and doing "projects' this weekend :( so have fun for me!
    deb :)

  24. Sometimes it's the little things we find that make us the happiest. LOVE all of your treasures. What fun it must of been going through it.


  25. Linda, you are going to have SO MUCH FUN with all those goodies! ...not to mention the fun you have already had discovering what was inside. This just makes me giggle!

  26. Wow Linda, I don't know what is the best part, it's all so good, but I might say, the boxes are my faves:)

  27. I think you hit the mother lode! Lucky day for you!

  28. Oh my! I love all of this stuff! Especially the sewing notions! I have a STERRO Bullion Cube tin just like that one. You can see it here in a previous post (
    Such great finds, and great prices! Irresistible!

  29. Oh don't you love it when you come across something like that? It's like a treasure box!!

  30.! I would have driven home as fast as I could, shaking with excitement to see what was in there. You reeeeeeeeally scored!

  31. Wow, You hit the jackpot! The glove box is wonderful by itself but to have all these goodies included..fantastic!
    Hugs, Sherry

  32. What an amazing find. I bet it was so much fun going through that box! I love goody boxes like that!

    You really unwrapped some wonderful treasures. I love that old hat stand.

    Have a lovely Sunday and thank you so much for your blog visit and comment!


  33. Wow,Wow,Wow...what treasures~~~love the glove box!!! Have fun with all of it! Have a great Sunday..xo, Ann

  34. WOW!! I love this collection of goodies and it was so much fun snooping around in your treasures!

  35. Hi Linda,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I hope to have Brenna's pie crust lesson finished and on its way to California by the end of the week; I hope she likes it.

    I love your blog. Your post reminded me how fun it is to go through a box lot and discover all the hidden treasures. I love all of it!

    I'm going to come back again when I have a little more time so I can explore your blog for even more treasure. I'm signing on as a follower and I hope its okay if I add you to my blogroll.

    Yours truly,

  36. I would have been thrilled to find that box of goodies!!

  37. Wow! That was a real find. My garage sale finds are never that surprising or good. :) I think I can even remember stars coming like that!


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