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A Little Redecorating...

This week I did a little redecorating project in my hutch!  In the above photo, you can see it was sweet and colorful.   I loved how it looked, but was ready for a change!  I was inspired by Jacqueline at Cabin and Cottage .  I love this beautiful header and her sideboard redo !

From Cabin and Cottage

While I don't have as many of the pretty pieces and goodies she has, I thought I could do my hutch in a similar color scheme for fall.  I brought out some nice pieces and linens I had stored,  and re-used some pieces already on the hutch!

An old chippy scale, transferware, and glass jars made a sweet vignette...

and a delicate little leaf dish for fall~

The pretty teapot was my husband's mother's and the silverplate tray behind it is engraved "Bread".

Just like the inspiration...I have to have my wonderful little dogs... The tureen was made by my mother many years ago...

This lovely old bride's basket holds pretty coral...

I'll probably add some old leatherbound books and a few more ironstone and transferware pieces, but I love how it turned out~ it feels simple and clean~ perfect for fall~ and just what I was going for!  Thank you Jacqueline for the inspiration!

I am linking up to My Cottage Charm's Treasures and Trinkets
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Until next time...


  1. Love it all, especially the sweet lil dogs! I also have a small dog collection. Happy Junkin, Cathy aka GGJ

  2. Hi Linda,
    Your hutch is gorgeous, now I can't wait to add some autumnal touches to our home! I really love the silver pheasant, and your cute little dogs. The tureen that your mom made is beautiful! Your silver pieces are great, too! I picked up a little vintage silver creamer at an antique shop on our trip to the U.P. It has a great patina that I love. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Beautiful transformation, Linda. I love items that have sentimental value. Priceless! La

  4. Beautiful, both your inspiration pic and the way your hutch turned out! I love all of the wonderful vintage items you have and how you have them all arranged, so pretty!

    Kat :)

  5. Very pretty. Is that platter on the bottom a Homer Laughlin piece?

  6. Love your hutch and all the fun stuff in it! I'm a new follower....

  7. Looks very pretty and fallish, Linda. I'd love to redo mine...but I don't have any spare space to store things. So what you see is what you get!


  8. It looks lovely! :) There is nothing wrong with a change from time to time. That's what keeps life interesting! :)

  9. It turned out you have me inspired but I have to go to maybe tomorrow♥


  10. I love the look of your hutch and you have some really great stuff in there too.


  11. Linda
    What a beautiful job you did on the hutch!!! I am a big fan of that color scheme. The pieces are just perfectly placed. Have a wonderful week.


  12. So pretty!! You have so many lovely pieces...isn't it fun to play with them?

  13. Hi Linda,
    OH...looking so good! It is the little things that can add so much to our decor! Linens are always a hit with me along with "puppies"!!!
    I hope you are enjoying today!!! I'm going to stain another door and then head outside and rake a little!
    deb :)

  14. Love these shots Linda, thanks for sharing and giving inspiration:)

  15. Linda, it is gorgeous. And your things, collected over time, make it exclusively yours. hugs♥olive

  16. Hi Linda, your hutch looks gorgeous.I love all your beautiful pieces....Kathy

  17. Hi Linda! Thank you so very much. It's a thrill to be mentioned on your blog! I love your changes--it's right where I'm at! I love the glass and silver mixed in with the china. And of course the doggies! Wasn't it so much fun? Jacqueline

  18. Hi Linda ~ you did a beautiful job!! So happy I stopped by!

  19. Linda, it looks lovely! Now I want a hutch!!!

  20. Hi Linda,
    It looks gorgeous!!!! I love what you did--and so neat to see the changes--wow!!!

  21. Linda, this turned out so beautiful! Your mother made that tureen? Wow! I love the dogs. You know I have a thing for that myself. The silver plate with the etched "bread" is a favorite. What are you going to put in those glass apothecary jars? hmmm...vintage clothes pins, small balls of twine, spools, cinnamon stick bundles? My gears are turning.

  22. Oh I just love this beautiful hutch and I love all the beautiful collections you have in there! It gives it a cozied-in look for warm Fall evenings!
    PS thank you for the nice comments about the house, its such a retreat to us...

  23. Just found you and so glad I did...I love your hutch! I really do need to redo mine...out with Summer! Thanks for the great ideas. xo

  24. I love it all nice and light, and it is double special sinc eit has family heirlooms


  25. Your hutch looks great, Linda!! Very fresh and pretty! Can't wait to see what else you add! Hugs, Julie

  26. Linda,
    You have great pieces for your fall hutch!!
    Thanks for the comment you left on my blog.
    Thanks for sharing.

  27. Love the hutch!
    Pretty dishes :))

    Have a blessed week,

    Kay Ellen

  28. Love what you have done! Your home is so pretty! Hugs, Maryjane

  29. Oh my, your hutch looks so wonderful! Perfect for fall! I just noticed your Leo quote at the top of your blog ~ love it! Thanks again for your encouragement.

  30. Hi Linda! I LOVE how you re-did the hutch, it looks so crisp and clean! I love vintage just can't get the same feeling with new stuff! :) I have a thing for soup tureens and the one your mom made is just lovely...I'm sure you cherish it!
    Oh, thanks for linking up, I always love seeing what you're up to! :)
    You're right, people can be so nice..airplanes and roses are oh so sweet, but the thought behind them are just priceless!
    Hugs my friend!!
    Missy :)

  31. Hi Sophie & Bailey

    Anyway I added how the old tea tiles were used to set your tea pot on. I ment to do that so thanks for the question.

    I tried to take a picture of Sissy my pug last night, however she is not very photogenic like me.


  32. Oh, it looks beautiful! Everything looks so pretty in your cabinet!

    (BTW, following you back! )

    Have a great day!

  33. Your mother made that tureen? Wow, it's so pretty, and that's one thing I've never known how to do: pottery and such. I love it when I see post titles with "redecorating" in them. You did a great job. Jacqueline is indeed quite inspiring!

  34. I LOVEEEEE your new look friend!!!! I am falling in love with ironstone & transferware. They had alot of it in Texas & it was hard not to spend a fortune on all the gorgeous pieces I saw!!
    Thannks Linda, for your heartfelt comment on my blog. It really was lovely & made me feel even better about my decision. I ADORE me blog friends...what would I do without them???

  35. Love the changes you made to your hutch display... beautiful!
    Have a great weekend!
    ~ Jo :)

  36. Linda,
    Your hutch is amazing. I love how it all works together, and the whites and silvers and touches of color, oh, my!! I wish you could come over and re-do stuff around here!!!!

  37. What a Beautiful Vignette ~ Love your style....

  38. hi Linda....I tried commenting the other day of course blogger was a real I came back. I love your revamp and Fall decorating. Of course you have such lovely things to work with...looks great!

  39. Love your hutch! I really like the addition of the silver and those little dog are so adorable. That's something I could start collecting as I Love dogs and those are little enough not to take up too much room!


  40. Linda,
    Your hutch looks terrific! Warm colors, lots of character, and the lace over the edges of the shelves...perfect!

  41. I have a little dog that would fit right in to your cute collection. Love that! Your hutch was gorgeous before and gorgeous now. I'm loving your tray collection. Your entry is looking so fallish. I'm ready for the change. Mimi

  42. This looks absolutely beautiful!!!
    LOVE the mix of iron stone with the silver. Great job!

  43. Hi there Linda,
    So glad you came by and joined Feathered Nest Friday!! What a GORGEOUS display! I love it all! The pups, the white, the silver, everything! It all looks just beautiful together! Nice to meet you!! :)

  44. So many pretty things! I especially like the doggies!

  45. It turned out just warm ans cozy...THANKS for the kindness sent my way!


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