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Decking the Foyer...

A few posts ago I shared the Christmas decorating on the mantle in our entryway and promised to show you more of this area of our home.   This area consists of the entryway and the mudroom, which opens into our three season porch.  The photo below is taken from the back door in the mudroom, looking out to the front door...I love the gingerbread trim...

I made these boxboard letters several years ago and used vintage glitter, so they are beginning to tarnish nicely...

and I love this charming old framed baby photo ...

This antique cabinet was my husband's Grandmother's- we use it to hold hats, gloves, dog leashes, etc.

An old French metal mold on a rusty scale holds Christmas cards...

I love this wired faux feather tree, it displays many of my little vintage feather tree ornaments, and the little elf at the top of the post is the tree topper...

I found a German print that I glittered and framed...

The other side of the entry has fun horse decorations, white poinsettias and bells, and a fun hand
painted Santa...

The other portion of the room is the mudroom.  The foyer once stopped at the archway, with a closet.  We opened up the wall into garage storage space and made a really useful area.  There are peg racks for hanging coats,  and a bench for storing shoes, as well as a place for sitting down and putting them on...

The back door opens to the three season porch~ Look at the wonderful framed cross stitch greeting my sweet friend Carol gave us this week!  She is also my son's new mother-in-law!  Thank you so much, Carol~ we love it!

This room has very little natural light and even with the two antique wall sconces, has been very dark.

I don't know why it took me so long to think of it...but my husband swagged a petite chandelier yesterday that lit the room beautifully!  I love how it looks~ here it is unlit, so you can see it...

I added a little whimsy to a long wall in the room~ using three unmatching wreaths side-by-side~ we thought it was fun and used things we had in storage!

These old skates have fun black and white checked laces...

You remember the mantle from my earlier post...

 I added a little "jingle"...

Sophie wandered down to the foyer to check things out, too!  Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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  1. Hi Linda! Your foyer looks so have so many wonderful Christmas things. My house looks positively bland in comparison to yours. I love that little German print and your boxboard letters.

    It seems that you are always up late, just like me. Hope you have a nice weekend ♥ Tricia

  2. Your home is lovely, what fun every detail is perfect! Thanks for sharing. Happy Holidays~ Hugs, Diane

  3. So fun, I really adore your vintage pieces! I haven't found my vintage balls yet...I ended up using newer ones in red and gold but somewhere I have a few old ones that were my great-grandmother's, they were divided among the great-gandchildren. I need to dig them out!

  4. Your foyer, looks wonderfull, Linda--Love the feather tree,the scale,the snowman,-and so many other things,you shows us...It is a most cosy Room, dear.

  5. Linda- I adore all of your vintage ornaments! and the bottle brush trees too!
    Happy Friday
    Tammy :-)

  6. Oh Linda I would LOVE to walk into your foyer right now to see all your Christmas Treasures....!

    The little tree atop the dresser & it's ornaments are ADORABLE....!

    It must have taken you HOURS to put everything up....!!!

    Alas....I'm NOWHERE near as organised....HOPEFULLY I'll make a start this weekend....!

    I hope you've had a WONDERFUL week Lovey....!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  7. Oh wow, Linda, this is simply gorgeous!!! I love everything!! The chandelier is beautiful and I love, love your dreamy!!!

  8. Hi Linda! :0) Thanks for linking up as always. Your home is so lovely! I absolutely love your wallpaper! :) I have been looking everywhere for a scale like yours in your foyer..I just love the old time feel it gives. I want one for my kitchen or maybe bathroom to hold my towels...I'll find one eventually! lol Thanks for sharing your beautiful beautiful and festive!
    Love ya girlie!
    Merry Christmas!

  9. PS...thanks for saying my house looks like a sweet!
    missy :)

  10. I just love it! You decorated it so beautiful! I love old homes and I think they are the easiest to decorate! We live in an old home and is full of gingerbread, also.
    I would love to see more.

  11. Looks fantastic. I simply love your idea of putting Christmas cards in the old mold. Simple and stunning. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Linda, I absolutely love everything I see, can't even pic a fave(well, maybe the santa?LOL), Love your home, so inviting and I think I could spend hours just delightfully looking at everything:)

  13. That is such a welcoming foyer. I know I've said it before, ,but I love that wallpaper. And the german print you glittered is adorable.

  14. Hi Sophie! I love your wallpaper. You did a lovely job decorating the space for Christmas. I've barely started yet!

  15. Hi Linda.
    Your home is beautiful!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Sharon

  16. Everything is so beautiful! It must take you days to decorate. Love the gingerbread!!!!

  17. Just beautiful, warm, cozy and inviting Linda. I especially love that elf tree topper - he's a cheeky fellow. So many lovlies add up to a welcoming foyer. Your gingerbread trim is so sweet and I also adore the picture of the two little girls. Sigh. Ann

  18. Ooops! And Sophie! So sweet and in her inspector mode! Ann

  19. Hi Linda,
    Your home looks gorgeous. You have so many wonderful holiday decorations and you have displayed everything perfectly!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  20. You have such a beautiful home! I love all of your wonderful Christmas decorations, really puts you in the holiday spirit!!


  21. Such fun. I like your feather tree with the vintage ornaments.

  22. This is such a fabulous space! The new chandy is just perfect and every time I see your wallpaper I just melt. It's so wonderful!!
    Thanks so much for linking up to VIF! You always have such great inspiring posts!

  23. Oh your home looks so pretty and festive! lots of lovely and fun Christmas decorations!

  24. It's all so pretty. And I love all the vintage holiday treats.

  25. So festive, Linda -- looks great! Love those glittery letters you made, you creative girl you!

  26. Oh I love everything! So many treasures....the German print, the skates, Sophie! I love it all!


  27. I did indeed enjoy the tour! I love the gingerbread trim too. And all the pretties in your foyer. I wish I had a foyer, but mine's pretty teeny-tiny. Just come in the door spot.

  28. Linda,
    What a wonderful job! It looks beautiful.

  29. Swooning! I love your "SNOW" letters. And using the scale to hold Christmas cards ~ genius and creative! Love all of your holiday decadence! Blessings ~ Heidi

  30. Linda, you have a beautiful home. I love everything about it, and I love your decorating too. The Christmas ball wreath is so pretty.
    Love the chandelier too!

  31. Stunning home, so warm, welcoming, and inviting. Your holiday decor sets a festive air, love it! Merry Christmas!

  32. I feel so at home looking at these photos. I can imagine kicking the snow off my boots, smelling coffee and Christmas cookies and not being able to wait to make my way to the kitchen! Of course, I'd have to stop and admire every piece of vintage goodness along the way. Can't we have a blog land field trip? I want to visit so many of you! Let's start with Linda? What do you guys think?

  33. Linda your home is beautiful all decked out for Christmas. There is so much to see and love. Thanks for sharing and inspiring all of us.

    Have a wonderful evening,

  34. Wow! Your entry way is just gorgeous, Linda! First of all, I love the beautiful floral wallpaper and beadboard! And your chandelier is tres chic! I also love your idea to hang the three wreathes! I would've never thought of that! Your handpainted Santa is so cute! Is he a Norwegian Santa? So many pretty things, you've done a terrific job! Thanks for sharing:)

  35. Once again, I LOVE your home!!!! I can smell the coffee all ready!!!

  36. What a beautiful foyer and the spandrel is lovely. I love the older homes. Deb =^..^=

  37. You have a beautiful foyer, Linda! You've added the perfect holiday touches! I have that same old German print except in an old gold frame and I love it. It reminds me of my two girls - one is blond and the other a brunette! Hugs, Julie

  38. OMG your house should be in a magazine! I love the wall paper, your new chandelier, the foyer and the puppy dog too!


  39. Linda, everything is just beautiful. I LOVE all the beautiful decorations and that petite chande is perfect. Your home is so inviting!

  40. Linda,
    I ADORE that wall paper!!!!
    And the idea of hanging the wreaths all in a row!
    I adore all of the same things that you do!!
    Beautiful and very inviting!
    Hey, stay home with all of the snow pounding down here & there!!
    Wishing you and your family safe travels!

  41. Gorgeous, Linda!
    Like something out
    of The Holiday, one
    of my most favorite
    Christmas movies : )
    YOU just have the
    touch. Big, blustery
    WINTER hugs to you
    xx Suzanne

  42. So many beautiful treasures. That famed baby is adorable and love your ornament wreath!

  43. Hi Linda, this is my first visit to your blog. I have seen your name on different comments so I thought I would stop by to say hello. I have been having so much fun reading several of your posts. I keep coming back to this one because I am in love with everything! Your cabbage rose wallpaper is fabulous! All of your decorations are wonderful. Your chandelier looks beautiful and I adore all your little trees on the mantel. I could go on for hours!!! Everything is fantastic.
    I just saw your storm on the news...WOW!!! Stay inside and warm.

  44. Your home looks lovely with all of your vintage decorations! I think I even had some roller skates with black and white laces like that, it really brought back some memories!

  45. What a beautiful space, what do I like best? The bottle brush tree, the 3 miss matched wreaths, the ice skates, the chandelier? I think I'm most impressed with the neatness of your mudroom. Ours is a dumping ground, storing most of our shoes, coats, and purses! Not the sight to see.

    Your hutch is lovely as well. And I'm supper jealous of your snow!


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