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Ready for the Bachman's Holiday Ideas House Part Two?

Today, I'll continue the tour of the Bachman's Holiday Ideas House!  If you are just joining in, you can visit my last post to see more!  The living room had a beautiful flocked tree and creatively wrapped gifts...

Now here's a fun often have you seen old fireplace sets at thrift stores?  They took the utensil holder and added a hook to hold a decorative candle jar!   I know I have one somewhere... and look at the cute little moss nests at the base, filled with ornaments...

Here's a cute way to use an old clock...

and a fun use for vintage watches...

Ornaments were decoratively hung from fishing line in front of the window...

How about the fireplace treatment using birch logs, poinsettias, and shutters?

An old grate serves as a tabletop, and the old glass ceiling light shade is filled with pebbles, making a lovely base for the candles and antlers!

Wouldn't you love to have this cute vintage doll bed which was repurposed as a dog bed?

I like the way glass shades were used to hold more battery operated candles...

and an old leather belt was wrapped around branches...

In an upstairs bedroom, was one of my favorite ideas~ an air hockey game was mounted on the wall as a whiteboard!  What sports fan wouldn't love this?

The lamps had hockey puck bases and the bed was made from hockey sticks...

as were the fun chair and coat rack...

Another bedroom had a fun artist area...

I love the vintage paint-by-numbers, and look at the paint brushes used as holders for paint cans full of supplies...

This is a fun way to display artwork...

and this hatbox looks great holding more supplies!

Old saddlebags are useful for storage, too...

as is an old iron crib side.

In my next post, I'll finish the upstairs (the FUN craft room) and show you some of the outdoors, too!  Hope you've found some inspiration!

Until next time...


  1. Fantastic! Thank you for sharing all these photo' favorites are the fireplace candle holders & the dog bed!!!

  2. Great photos! Oh, how I love flocked trees. Don't you think all the vintage stuff they have at Bachman's now is just wonderful?!

  3. Thanks Linda, for showing all this, wonderfull and crasy ideas--the tree is fantastic --
    Hugs, Dorthe

  4. oh my gosh linda. i just love this place. i sent the link to my girlfriend whose son plays hockey. great ideas for a boys room. thanks for sharing.

  5. I'm always ready for the BAchman Holiday Idea House! Thank you for taking us with you. I saw a fire place set in the thrift the other day! And I love the mantel display with the berch logs, poinsettiea and and old shutter, how smart!
    Enjoy your day!

  6. Hi Linda! I missed part one and need to get over there quickly! This is amazing, so many wonderful ideas, I love it! My son would love the hockey bedroom, so very cool! Theresa xoxo

  7. Thanks for the wonderful peeks! I don't think I'd ever be able to leave the Bachman house. I could gawk at this stuff forever!

  8. I just love these posts. Keep them coming. So creative. I love the dog bed, the hockey chair, the old sconces, the belt wrapped around the logs...oh my.

  9. Okay, my Gracie now
    needs a doll bed like
    that to call her own!
    {Woof, woof!!} And, my
    daughter would love to
    have an art area like
    that. Great photos,
    Linda ~ can't wait for
    the rest!!
    xx Suzanne

  10. Simply brilliant ideas. Thank you for sharing these!

  11. Wow! Linda, thank you so much for sharing these photos with us. Such fantabulous ideas! How do they do it? You are so lucky to be able to see this house - and we're lucky you're taking photos of it.


  12. I love this house, I hope they never stop decorating it! I can't get enough. I hadn't noticed that you also had the Spring and Summer posts before, too busy drooling over the pictures I guess. Great pictures!

  13. Such fun ideas throughout! Love the birch and poinsettias on the mantel.

  14. Well, you know I like the dog bed best! The sports bedroom is so great and it makes me wonder about what other things could be used as a whiteboard. Hmmm. Thanks again Linda for sharing this wonderful tour. Ann

  15. The people who do that house are amazing. So innovative. And I want that dog bed. Even the fabric on the dog cushion is gorgeous.

  16. Great ideas! Thanks for posting these. Love the fireplace tool candle caddies!

  17. oh how i wish i lived all the creative uses of everyday items...ultimate repurposing!

  18. Where do they come up with these fabulous ideas!!!

  19. I adore that saddle bag!
    And I loved the belt tied around the birch wood. Well actually I loved all of this!


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