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A Wonderful Surprise on a Blizzardy Day...

Here in Minnesota, we are having a blizzard today!  We've had about 20" of snow fall at our home, and the winds are howling and blowing the snow into huge drifts!  Can you believe the mail still arrived today?  Look what I found on the front step!  A surprise package from my sweet friend Julie of junkinjulie !

 It was filled with the most wonderful vintage Christmas goodies!  I literally gasped when I opened the package of wonderful old tarnished golden tinsel garland~ it's SO beautiful...

and look at the beautiful red vintage beaded garland... be still my heart...

I LOVE vintage postcards~ especially holiday cards like these lovely old Christmas postcards...

and look at this wonderful old ornament...I've never found this style before...

If you read my post about my mantel , you know my favorite vintage Christmas collectible is bottle brush trees~ and she sent me one!!  It's unlike any I own, tall and thin, on a red stand...I just LOVE it!!  It's going right up with my bottle brush forest on the mantel!

I just love all these wonderful, thoughtful goodies and can hardly wait to decorate with them!  Such a fun, unexpected surprise from a dear friend!  I always look forward to reading Julie's blog~ we have many common interests~ we are kindred spirits!  The things she finds out junkin' are SO amazing!  I hope you will stop by to visit her lovely blog and say hi from me!  Thank you SO much, Julie~ I'm glad we're friends!

Until next time...I'll probably still be digging out...


  1. How sweet of her, a really nice surprise! Christmas goodies!!

  2. I can't even imagine having that much snow! Here in south GA we get a few flurries every few years or so. We all go stark crazy when that happens:) I'm not sure I'd like to live in as much as you are having...I like my bones to be on the warm and toasty side. What lovely gifts your friend sent you. Isn't it just the best thing to get a surprise? Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  3. Isn't REAL mail (not bills or junk) such a wonderful surprise! Lovely!


  4. I wondered how you were getting along today...Glad you had a nice package to brighten your day!!!

  5. What a wonderful surprise! I love all of the treasures that Julie sent, I will be sure to visit her blog. How sweet of her! And I am amazed that your mail was even delivered today! I thought about you, as I heard that Minneapolis has 20" of snow, yikes! We are supposed to get some tomorrow, but not nearly as much. Have fun with your new goodies:)

  6. Linda I hope you are staying warm with all that snow!Love your surprise treasures...have a great weekend!!

  7. its beginning to look alot like christmas! we had 4 straight days of snowfall last week...a record here. another winter advisory in effect until tomorrow morn.

    love the box of goodies and so thoughtful of julie..sweet friend!

    heading over to check out her blog


  8. Lucky you! Looks like a stay-at-home-and-make-soup kind of day. Your entry is delightful. Love the gingerbread too. I love bottlebrush trees too. Have a bunch. Mimi

  9. Such a sweet friend to think of you at this busy time of year. Your snowfall is so incredibly beautiful. I can not imagine that much snow. I was complaining because it was 51 degrees today. That is unusually cold for here. Here's wishing you a Merry Christmas. Hugs, Ginger

  10. Such a great gift to brighten the day. The bottlebrush tree is cute and I love the red garland. Congrats.

  11. Wowie, that's a lot of snow! I have a bunch of those bottle brush trees somewhere! I used to use them to decorate a doll house I had.
    Stay warm!

  12. What a great surprise on a snowy day! She is a really good shopper and they are some awesome gifts. Have fun figuring out where you are going to decorate with them...that will be a great way to spend a snowy day :)

  13. Love your box of goodies! I'm especially partial to the tinsel garland~ vintage goodness ro warm your heart on a cold blustery day :-)

  14. What a delightful surprise!

    Here in Kansas we have the howling winds and freezing temps, but no snow (thankfully).

    Stay warm and safe!

  15. Linda,
    Love your mail find :) Such sweet vintagie things! Snuggle in today and have a cup of cocoa!

  16. Julie sure did pack that box with goodness - what a nice treat in the midst of this weather!
    20" - yikes. We've got the wind and the cold but not nearly that much snow - stay warm!


  17. What a wonderful Christmas surprise! So many fabulous vintage items. I love Julie's blog too.
    I knew you guys were going to be getting hit again. Our old neighbors from up there keep us posted. Stay safe and warm.

  18. Stay warm and cozy in the house. I do not miss those days, just the first big snow storm I love. I like vintage cards too, at least you can craft and stay busy.

  19. The view of your home/yard is beautiful!!!!

    Lucky for you to have received such a wonderful vintage package.

    Wishing you a wonderful day.
    Hugs, Sharon

  20. Oh Linda! I WISH we could get some of that snow here!! All we're getting is rain and freezing temps!! YUCK!
    That WAS an awesome package you got from Julie! Loved it all!
    Hope you have a Merry Merry Christmas!
    Tammy :-)

  21. Yup, we got the blizzard here yesterday too! I can be packed to move south for the winter by this afternoon. How about you? But I got alot accomplished while stuck inside. Now to go out and scoop the darn stuff!

  22. How nice to recieve a Christmas Package on a snowy day!
    I heard the Viking dome collaped last night ...really?
    Merriest wishes to you and yours...
    Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  23. Oh my gosh--look at the snow!!! And how amazing that the box arrived---what beautiful goodies--and a bottle brush tree!!! How wonderful is that? What a sweet, sweet friend!

  24. Oh I've been wondering about you! I've seen the weather on the news and figured your were getting lots of snow! I wouldn't know what to do with all that snow! Your package is so sweet and I love all of the vintage goodies. I'm sure it will fit right in with all of your other lovely vintage decorations.

  25. OMGoodness...all that snow is SCAREY!!! Too much, too fast & then I think "Cabin Fever" soon to come!!! LOL
    Living in Minnesota, you must be use to it.
    Your house looks so festive & I love the Gingerbread in your entry way, it reminds me of TEXAS! HA
    Happy Holidays Friend,

  26. WE did NOT get
    mail yesterday,
    but I did have
    a sweet surprise
    on my doorstep
    on Friday evening
    from YOU! So, yes,
    I know the thrill
    of ripping open a
    package from a lovely
    blogger friend and
    saying, "How did she
    know??" Thank you
    again, Linda!!
    xx Suzanne

  27. "Oh the weather outside is frightful, but your package in the mail looks delightful." Okay, enough of that! We're getting the left over snow and wind from your blizzard here in Michigan. But I don't really mind, since its really the first measurable snow we've had this season.

    Now, if the power goes out -- I'll be singing a differnt tune!


  28. Linda,
    Snow, mail surprises, vintage treasures, and your creative decorating made for a lovely visit. I fell in love with your scale and French mold to hold Christmas cards.


  29. Wow, that is a lot of snow. Cold here in the south, but I'll take it over your weather. What a great box of goodies. Love it all.

  30. WOW!! I can't believe my package arrived that fast, especially in this crazy, awful weather!!! I am SOOOOO glad you enjoyed your little surprise box from me--ENJOY my dear friend!! When I saw how much you love vintage Christmas, I just couldn't resist!! Stay warm and go create something! Love, Julie

  31. Bloggers are so nice!

    We are going to Montana Christmas Eve for 12 days and it better snow on me like that or I will be very mad!

  32. What a wonderful package, especially in the middle of that crazy weather! Whew, there's a lot of snow isn't there? Best wishes :)

  33. what a wonderful gift to get especially on a day like that. i love vintage postcards too. you reminded me to get mine out. i forgot about them. have a great day and stay warm.

  34. Look at all the Beautiful Snow!I know.. I know.. We don't have to Shovel it!Lol! Thank you for Sharing these Wonderful Pictures of it though!
    What a Wonderful Gift in the Mail!
    Merry Christmas to You Linda!
    Happy Monday too!

  35. Hi Linda,
    We got about 20 inches too! The dogs needed a path to go outside and little Sweet Pea LOVE the snow!
    You got good mail! Very nice gifts. No mail on Saturday or today for us! Weird! You think we lived in the country! LOL.
    Try to keep warm this week!
    deb :)

  36. It for sure is beginning to look alot like Christmas in your neck of the woods! Beautiful pic. and what a fun, filled box of great vintage goodies! Stay warm.......
    Cathy in Texas aka GGJ

  37. Linda, are you still snowed in? I couldn't imagine that much snow. What a true friend you have to send you goodies like that. They are to be treasured for sure.

    Have a wonderful day,

  38. OH my the snow!

    I must stop complaining about having no heat right now. Things could be so much worse. : D

    It has been 35 years since I lived back in snow county. I tend to forget everyone does not have 60 degree December days.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.


  39. I have to say the snow is gorgeous, and so picturesque. But I'm glad it's at your house and not at mine! Your pretties from your friend: wow, what a lot of goodies she sent you!

  40. How lovely! There's nothing like a surprise in the mail, and what a wonderful one at that! Enjoy your goodies and stay warm!


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