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Fun Finds...

I was lucky enough to get out and do a little thrifting again this week, and have a few fun finds to share with you!  I love this cute little vintage train case!  It has a great cream color, and look at the cute crackled handle...

A shop light was a great find!  I love the industrial look and they have so many uses!

I never pass up rick rack and seam binding packs...

This needlepoint bell pull was an interesting find!  It's over 5' long, not counting the tassel...

look at the little mermaids on the decorative top piece...

It may end up in my etsy shop, but I'm wondering if any of you have any ideas about how this could be re-used in a new way?

This old faucet was one of my favorite finds~ it is missing the "HOT" handle...but I'm pretty sure I have one of those in my stash of goodies...

I can't wait to go thrifting again!  I'm linking to~

My Cottage Charm's Treasures and Trinkets Party
A La Carte's Junkin Finds Friday

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Until next time...


  1. I absolutely love the rose bell pull. You might be able to use it as trim on a slip cover or something.

  2. Those are some wonderful finds! I wish we had some nice shops to find treasure in! Enjoy!

  3. Great stuff, Linda. You really have a hot handle in your stash? That is funny. I am ready to get out and go thrifting, too.

  4. You always impress me with your great finds and I always feel like I leave the same comment "Love it all"! But I really do! I can't pass up rick rack or seam binding packs either and that faucet is just awesome!

  5. You did great. I love the train case
    My mom had one and when I was little I would make believe I was traveling the U.S. Haven't seen one like it in years.
    Have a great week-end, Annette

  6. Linda, I love your finds! The thrift stores in my area don't have finds like that....I wished they did.

    Enjoy your evening,

  7. I am so itching to go thrifting Linda. I am going a little stir crazy in the house. Cute finds as always, and that wall hanging looks great, you found the perfect sopt.

  8. I'm a sucker for rick rack and all manner of sewing notions. Can't get enough! The train case is great too. What bargains! Thanks for sharing!
    ~ Lynn @ Cottage and Creek

  9. Now I am really ready to get out of the house and go thrifting!! I love the little train cute. You found some awesome items! Thanks for linking up to JFF!! hugs, Linda

  10. I wish we had good places to go thrifting at around here. On second thought, maybe it's a good thing!

  11. Good finds! I would have run fast to that ric rac!!

  12. How fun to go out and find some goodies...I'm trying to not shop...BUT I may HAVE to GO this weekend!
    A girl can only be GOOD so long!

  13. Love that adorable little train case! Have a great weekend :) Laurel

  14. Fun finds as usual! :) I wish I lived closer to you, we could have some fun going thrifting together! The bell pull would make a neat mat in a picture if there's enough of it. :) You could also cut it into thirds and sew them together for a pillow front. Cute stuff girly!
    Have a great day and thanks for linking up!

  15. It's amazing how much we like the same stuff! Good job girl.
    Stay warm up there.
    Hugs to you,

  16. Howdy Linda! I'm a fool for suitcases, especially train cases. I have a hard time not buying every one I see! Yours is certainly the right color and vintage. I can see a long bolster made from your needlepoint. I've seen these on sofa's as well as beds. I've also seen bell pulls used as a centerpiece on tables, but you could run it along a dresser too. And what about mounted for a valance or a small decorative shelf? So pretty!

  17. Wow, you lucked out again Linda! I love your treasures, especially all of that great ric rack and seam binding! I went thrifing yesterday, too! It has become one of my newest addictions!!

  18. The train case is wonderful...I need a trip to GW! You found some wonderful things.

  19. You always find the best stuff. I love old needlework and yours is great! Mimi

  20. Linda,
    great finds as usual,you are so lucky ,with all the possibilities of going "junking" in your area,-nothing like that here.
    Wishing you a happy week-end.

  21. So great find... your rose bell is a fab treasure...
    really lovely
    Congraulation for winning the Award

  22. I used to have a train case just like that when I was a young girl. Great finds, Linda. La

  23. My grandma had one of those, and I always associate those with her!

  24. I love vintage train cases too. Who can pass up rick rack??

    Susan and Bentley

  25. I love that bell pull too! would look great as a strip down the center of a pillow. I like it just hanging on your wall. Clothespin a few old photos and ephemera and it is home decor! What about down the center of a table runner? That's a good one!

  26. What great finds AGAIN! You definitely have a knack for finding the good stuff. :) That train case is PRICELESS! Can't you just imagine the stylish lady who used it? Picture her hurrying to catch the train at the last call, her gloved hand wrapped tightly around that crackled handle? Things like that have SO many stories to tell! :)

  27. Hi Linda,
    What great finds! I love the little train case, I love mine like that. I adore that bell pull, I think it looks sweet just hanging on the wall, I would use it in that way if it were mine.
    Hugs, Cindy

  28. You are so good at finding nifty things!

  29. Great finds again LInda! I love the train case. I think I still have one of those clip lights somewhere in my garage that belong to my Dad, that's very cool! The piece on the bell pull is lovely maybe you could incorporate it into a fabric collage? You find the best stuff! Have a great weekend my friend!

  30. I love what you found! I am in the mood to go thrifting!!! I think next week I must take a whole day for it!
    Have a pretty day!

  31. I just bought some rick-rack yesterday. I never pass it up either. Great finds!

  32. Hi Linda,
    Oh my gosh, I love it all!!! I saw a blog once where the woman decoupaged a little suitcase like that--it looked amazing!

    I hope you're doing great and BTW, you're very photogenic...I love your pics!

  33. Thank you for becoming a follower. I am loving all of your new stuff you found! So vintage!! Hope you have a great weekend.


  34. That bell pull is almost identical to one I made in high school as a 4-h project! Mine was crewel embroidery though instead of needlepoint. How fun!

  35. Oh, you found lots of awesome stuff! Love the pile of trims you found. I seem to have a bit of an obsession with rick rack these days. LOL

  36. Those are great finds..isn't it fun when the hunt is successful?!

  37. Out of curiosity, what are you going to do with the train case? I could see it as part of a vignette...maybe on a vanity or even in a bookcase. I'd love to see what you do with it!

  38. Love that old faucet - those white (is it porcelain?) handles are so lovely.


  39. Hey Linda I am trying to enter your giveaway, I love it!!! I hope this works it wouldn't let me leave a comment at first, I'm your newest follower, love your blog too!!!

    Hugs~Kim ♥

  40. I can see the bell pull being used in pieces as background for an altered project. How about on top of a box? New follower - a friend sent me but I see we have "Terry" in common. Great finds!

  41. Linda,
    I LOVE the train case. I just bought the lace trim you had listed in your Etsy shop. It is going on a pocket pillow I am making for the Moulin Rouge Art Event that I am going to in March. Hope you're staying warm. Charlene

  42. Love all your fabulous finds. I never pass up old sewing notions and the rick rack and seam binding make great ribbon.

  43. Such great treasures! I am a new follower of your blog, and love what I've seen so far. I am passing the Stylish Blogger Award along to you, simply because I love your style. Hope you'll pop on over to my blog to accept it. Congratulations keep up the great blogging! Lisa Sall

  44. You've found some unique pieces...LOVe the cream overnight case. Lezlee

  45. Wow,such great finds. I'm loving the light and the bell pull..xx

  46. Linda,
    You found some really neat treasures...LOVE that luggage!


  47. Thrifting in January!! You lucky girl! Love the needlepoint! Sorry I haven't visited in a while. Thnaks for being a follower. I am now one of yours.

  48. Hi Linda.
    I found you through Cindy's new magazine, Whimsical Musings. I love the vintage finds you collect and will visit you regularly for inspiration.
    Best wishes
    Sue xx

  49. Good morning, Linda--glad I found you today (through Cindy's magazine launch) all the wonderful vintage you share...just beautiful! I'll be following along...hope your day is just lovely!


  50. Wow you found some great finds. I would love to find a train case!!

  51. I'm partial to bell
    pulls; I'm betting someone
    else loves them, too.
    My GiGi always carried a
    train case when she came
    to visit us, until the FAA
    restricted liquids in
    carry-ons....A bit of old
    glamour, for sure!
    Great finds because YOU
    have a great eye, friend!
    xx Suzanne


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