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A Fun Giveaway...

Doesn't that pie look delicious?

My friend Christine Hoffman of  Pies and Aprons is having a fun giveaway right now!  If you haven't met Christine, she is a woman of many talents~on her profile she calls herself an "At Home Expert"!  She is a wonderful chef~ Fridays are Pie Day on her blog!

She's a VERY talented designer and stylist~ working with many wonderful projects~ Junk Bonanza, The Creative Connection, HGTV, and Haupt Antiek... She has been featured in many places~on Shelterpop,  in Country Living Magazine and this month in... the fabulous MaryJanes Farm Magazine!

She is having a great giveaway right now featuring a copy of the magazine and a box of MaryJane's Organic Budget Mix...

If you haven't discovered her wonderful blog, I hope that you'll stop by, enter the giveaway and become a follower!  And when you do, say hi for me!

Until next time...


  1. Hi Linda! Thanks for sharing. I hope your week is wonderful!

  2. i love finding new blogs, and i was happy to find yours, now ive an other one to search!!
    some great pics

  3. Oh wow, I LOVE pies! That makes me want to go make one...Yum! Thanks for the link. :-)

  4. This looks fun! I'll be sure to stop by.

  5. Linda,
    This looks like a wonderful blog-I'm off to check it out.
    I just saw the magazine last week, it was really good!

  6. She does have a great blog and a great giveaway too! Mimi

  7. How adorable is this? Wow, it looks fabulous!!!!

  8. Oh that looks so yummy! I am not a baker these days, my family misses the days when I was. Every once in awhile I break down and make us something and this looks like a good place to start! Your puppies are so cute! My son John wants a pug so badly but he is in his last year of school and has to wait to see where he ends up next year. Have a great Wednesday! Theresa xoxo

  9. Hey Linda-thanks for the big shout out and blog love fest! woot!
    I'm so excited about this giveaway....good luck to everyone!

  10. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE Maryjanes farm
    magazine..what a shear joy.

  11. It is a good day for catching up and saying hello to those who have signed on to to be friends on my blog. Thank you....I do hope you will stop by when you have a moment and say we can catch up.


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