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Family Treasures...

My husband inherited some wonderful family treasures from his mother's side~  I thought I would share a few of them with you for Valentine's Day!  This beautiful redwork piece was done by his great-grandmother when she was 23 years old, in 1890.  It is about three feet x three feet in size...I would like to have it framed so we can preserve and display it...

This is a large dresser or table scarf she made as well, about 5 feet long x 1-1/2 feet wide, with lovely crocheting on each end.  There is also a large matching bed cover...
UPDATE~ Jacqueline of  Cabin and Cottage , has told me the long piece is probably a "layover", used before they used pillowcases, as a decorative cover!  It is the perfect size for that!  Thanks, Jacqueline!

We also have some special pieces from his grandmother~ look at this garter and hankie set, never used...these date from around 1930...

I love the little flowers...

 This charming old box has fun markings...

and inside are some of her wedding pieces from 1928...

This is her circlet headpiece with veil...

I think the velvety flowers were on her dress, which we also was a peach colored silk!  Don't you love the lovely colors?

I hope you enjoyed seeing a few of these beautiful and romantic treasures~ I'll be sharing more with you in the future!
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Until next time...


  1. What beautiful treasures! How fortunate to have possession of such lovely and sentimental items.

  2. Absolutely beautiful Linda!!!
    I love stuff like this. Thank you for sharing!! That garter set is a hoot!
    I have alot of linens from my Italian grandma which I treasure.
    Excellent idea framing that piece.
    Your blog is just lovely and I love
    your banner!
    Pamela :)

    "Thanks for entering my giveaway!"

  3. WOW Linda I would say your husband did inherit big time on those treasures. I wish they made things like this these days...maybe they do and we just do not think of them as treasure yet:) XO

  4. These are some really precious pieces, wonderfully preserved and have certainly fallen into the right appreciative hands.
    xoxo Kim

  5. Georgeous.....what beautiful (and well preserved) delights! Redwork is so crisp and sweet. Her work was perfect! The tablerunner is to die for...look at all that work! The velvet flowers and veil...well, divine.
    Thank you for sharing these! You are lucky to have them in your keep.


  6. Wow, what an amazing trove of treasures...i especially love the redword hankie!! Thank you for sharing~

  7. I love those family heirlooms! I love opening up items like that and reminiscing the stories about them.

  8. What beautiful treasures you have inherited! Absolutely priceless. That redwork is lovely, and the wedding pieces are breathtaking. I can imagine a story behind each of them! So glad you chose Valentine's Weekend to share them with us. We don't do a lot for Valentine's Day around this was a highlight! :)

  9. My you have some special things. I wonder if that long piece that matches the bedcover is a "layover". The precursor to pillowcases. The piece was just lain over the pillows. Such a bounty of sweet family things!

  10. So the details they used back then! How special that you have these treasures!!!

  11. These are really gorgeous and so special.

  12. special to have these family treasures. I think I will do a similar post on some of the family treasures I have as well. Soon.
    Happy Weekend!

  13. These are lovely, sweet treasures. It's wonderful to have heirlooms such as these entrusted to your care.

  14. I simply adore redwork and yours is extra special because of it's history. Love those vintage flowers too. Mimi

  15. What beautiful family treasures! You are so lucky to have them!

  16. Dear Linda,
    How absolutely wonderfull, to have inheritet those treasures.
    The weding flowers and hair thing, with weil, is sooo beautifull- and very special.
    You must be happy ,to have those beauties, in your house.

  17. Linda these are so, so beautiful. What treasures you have. I love the pieces from her wedding. You are so blessed that these items are still in your family.

  18. Linda,
    These are great! So delicate and dainty. Things back then were so WONDERFUL and detailed. So glad you have them :)

  19. Wonderful! How great not just to have them, but to have the stories behind them too. They are lovely.

  20. What beautiful treasures! How lucky you are to have these special heirlooms!

  21. Linda, they are gorgeous! Memories from the past, how sweet they are.

  22. Linda, they are the most wonderful things I've ever seen! How lucky they came to you because I know how much you appreciate them.

  23. Oh Linda. These are all wonderful pieces.

    Several years ago, I tired of putting shams on so many pillows (we have six on our bed)only to take them all off at night. So I made a "lay-over" that would cover four of them and shams for the other two. It's much quicker to make the bed in the morning and quicker to get into it at night.

    I don't know why they ever went out of style! Your antique examples are just lovely. Redwork is my favorite. I'm in the process of re-doing our bedroom. Maybe I'll take pictures of the new lay-over when I'm done and post them on my blog.


  24. Oh Linda!

    Yes, I love these gorgeous and sentimental pieces from the past!
    And it's not just somebody's past, it's family awesome is that?!!!

    I have never heard of a layover before!
    It would be a great table runner too.....the crocheted ends are stunning!

    Have a great weekend!

    Ciao Bella!

    Creative Carmelina

  25. The wedding pieces are so very pretty. I like that the roses are colored instead of just white which is all you see at weddings now. Very unique.

  26. Thanks for putting my giveaway on your sidebar Linda!!!
    I just love the background to your blog!
    Pamela xo

  27. What gorgeous little treasures you have!!! You are so blessed to own something from your hubby's past, even into the 1800's!!! How wonderful. Thank you for showing us a piece of history!
    Hugs, Cindy

  28. These are some amazing treasures. So lucky that they survived this long and that we now have the means to preserve them for good.

    My mom has her mom's flapper style wedding dress but it's in pretty bad shape. I haven't seen it in years, I'll have to poke around next time I visit.

  29. Linda, those are absolutely beautiful keepsakes from the past. I think framing that peice with all the needlework would be a wonderful way to preserve and display it. I love the wedding items, especially those sweet little flowers. Ann

  30. What gorgeous heirloom treasures! Lucky you to be the caretaker of them.
    - Susan

  31. Oh what lovely and special treasures. I love family heirlooms and these are just so special. I do love RED and embroidery is something I collect. Be sure to preserve these for future generations.

  32. What pretty treasures! The lace, of course, is my favorite...I did not know that about the layovers...I have several pieces like that...interesting!

  33. Oh my gosh, Linda!! What wonderful treasures you have, true heirlooms! I can't believe how great of shape they are all in, considering their age! The redwork piece would be stunning framed, great idea! You just don't see workmanship (work-womanship?!) like that any more! Thanks for sharing:)

  34. Oh my goodness, Linda - these are beautiful treasures! Priceless, indeed.


  35. What beautiful family treasures you have!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  36. I have always adored redwork, but don't own any yet. What wonderful pieces to have. Family treasures!

  37. Wonderful family treasures. I can't believe how well preserved they are. I have some piece work and tatting that my g. grandma made and I love them. Don't really know how to display them though. I like your idea of framing the first work.
    Always fun to stop by!

    Happy Valentine's Day! xo Michelle

  38. Oh these are precious, Linda...amazing treasures!!! I want to wish you and your husband a Happy Valentine's Day!!
    Sending hugs your way!

  39. Hi Linda,
    These are such fabulous family pieces. How wonderful to be the keeper of these family heirlooms. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  40. Oh my goodness, those are absolutely beautiful! You are so lucky to have those treasures, her dress must have been beautiful! I loved seeing these, thanks! Theresa xoxo

  41. What amazing pieces and they are in such great shape too! I love looking at all the beautiful things that have been passed down-stunning!


  42. Linda,
    I absoultely love the are so lucky that it has been taken such good care of for over 120 years and passed down through the family. Thank you for sharing so many beautiful vintage linens with us...really enjoy seeing them via your blog.
    Cheryl at My Sister's Cottage

  43. Oh Linda these are EXQUISITE Treasures & so BEAUTIFULLY & PERFCETLY preserved....How they must resonate with voices from the past....THANK YOU so much for sharing them with us....!!

    Tamarah :o)


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