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Some Fun Finds...

My daughter and I took some time to stop by our favorite thrift store this's just fun to spend time together doing something we love, and we found a few project inspiring treasures, too!  The top photo is a Westmoreland milk glass toothpick holder~ it features charming pretty!
Someone donated a bunch of old photos, too...

I love the wear on some of the photos...

Several old photo folders for art...

little frames...

some Victorian pieces...old photos are always fun to find!

I thought this was a cute little band book...only 8" across...

We found a few other books with lots of art possibilities...

This book was one of my favorite finds!  It's actually a newer reprint of an 1892-1893 tool catalogue...

It is FULL of the most wonderful black and white graphics, artwork, charts...I LOVE it!  It has lots of watch and clock diagrams, too!  It's full of inspiration for me!

How about this sweet little plate~ full of wear~ and this charming monocle?  It is actually a newer piece from the jewelry company 1928~ I plan to wear this when I'm antiquing to better see marks on items!

Another fun find was this lot of glass test tubes!  They can be removed from the connectors, or used connecting as many together as you wish, in any shape.  This would be fun with fresh flower decorating...

Some spring colors...a few trims...

and some rolls of crepe paper in very nice pale colors!

Finally, these two decks of playing cards with butterfly backs...I love the glittery plastic box, too!

With warmer spring weather fast approaching, I know garage sale season can't be far behind!  I can't wait!

I am joining to~ My Cottage Style's Treasures and Trinkets Party

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Until next time...


  1. You found some wonderful things. I just love the old books, especially the one with the sign making and typography!!!

  2. So nice Linda you and your daughter get to do things you love together. My Mom and I love thrifting, but she is too far away to do it often. Love your old photos. I just said to my husband last night are we weird that we love old photos of strangers LOL? He said no Deb, we name them and make them part of our family! Great finds Linda!

  3. Wow, Linda, you got some fantastic stuff! Especially love the book with all the images in them.

  4. You always find some great stuff! I went thrifting today and found a few things, but nothing like what you found! I also happened upon a yard sale-very exciting! Hope you are enjoying your day!!


  5. You found some great things! I love the picture of the three kiddos, the books with manuscript and those butterfly cards! So fun.

  6. those old photos and the books. So many wonderful treasures! I love milk glass and that toothpick holder is a real find. hugs, Linda

  7. I don't find good stuff like that at the thrift store that I go to...guess I better find more stores to shop at!
    Are you going to Bachman's idea house!?

  8. Those are great graphics. No doubt you will come up with something fun for them. Envy over the test tubes going on here. I like lab glass always have since I was a kid.

  9. Fun finds Linda! I love old photos too. Those are really neat ones. And that book featuring tools...TOO COOL! I'd be all over that one! Vanna

  10. I love the test tubes! I have a few little beakers and the test tubes would look cute with them! Something else to be on the lookout for! Love the sweet milkglass...and all of your fun finds! ♥

  11. I especially love the books. I remember the 1928 Jewelery Co. when I was a teenager. Fun!

  12. FUN finds, very unique! I can't wait for garage sales, too! ;-)

  13. Thanks for joining in on my party, you know I'm always glad to see your stuff! (and your face) :)You found some neat stuff...I've been working around here too hard to get to go thrifting..I'm having withdrawls! :)
    Oh, glad you liked my Mario and Luigi hats too, Carson really liked them!

  14. So many fun finds! I went to our antique market with a friend today. We had lunch in the tea room, and of course I spent some $$! Have a great weekend! :-) Oh, I do love those milk glass pieces. I will have to break down and buy something like that one day.

  15. Linda I love all your nice finds! However because I sew, the satin binding and other sewing notions are my favorite!

  16. Oh Linda, you found some awesome vintage treasures! Those old photos are great. And the books are just fantastic! And I think that set of test tubes are just too cool! You will have a lot of fun doing different flower in them. Thank you for joining me in my first TTF party!

  17. Wow, love love love the old books! Especially, the typography! Very cool! I can definitely see flowers in the test tubes. How cute would that be?! I can't wait for garage sale season. I have had very poor luck at thrift stores, recently. Glad you and your daughter had fun! Most important :)

  18. You did find a lot of good things Linda. I love the old photos and the book of typography. Those butterfly cards look very mom has a set :)


  19. Beautiful finds! And that's so fun that you can enjoy thrifting with your daughter.


  20. I'm crazy about that book with the different fonts. Love it! So many great things.
    Thanks for linking up to VIF!

  21. what awesome finds...never saw a little tooth pic holder like that and the print, so great...wish I could buy some footwear for under 4 bucks...Sounds like you had a nice hunt, we sure did at round top!Lezlee

  22. Adorable! Perfect for the little things you create. Love your new refrigerator vignette. Mimi

  23. Wow!

    You sure got some cool stuff!

    Where abouts are you in Minnesota?

    I grew up in Sioux Falls, SD......

  24. Thank you so much for visiting Brambly and following along-I appreciate it so much. Your blog is really lovely-the design is very soothing. It's wonderful that you and your daughter enjoy so many of the same things...I guess there's hope for me and my daughters one day. I'm looking forward to following you and learning more about your style and interests. Take care.


  25. you scored some wonderful finds...i love the alphabet graphics especially and the sheet music...i just found some italian arias sheet music at a thrift store myself...would love for you to share your finds with fridays unfolded @


    stuff and nonsense

  26. WoW, Linda, what great finds! Love the old photos but I always feel a little sad when I see them, that the family did not value them. Love the books and sewing notions, too...many creative possibilities with those. What a great day of junkin' you had!
    Cheryl at My Sister's Cottage

  27. Wow- you find the best places to shop. I never find cool things like this. Garage sale season can start any time for my taste, although I could use some more money before the best deals arrive. I am still trying to clean and clear past treasures.

  28. New blogger here who found your blog through The Thrifty Groove... what a find! So jealous of those test tubes. Love your blog - your newest follower.

  29. Your fun finds have a story to tell. I really like the little Milk glass. Have a nice day.

  30. Wonderful finds...especially all the old photos!

    Have a fun weekend!

  31. Hello Im new to all this junking and thrifting. I live in Mpls and have been following you for a while. What Im wondering is where do you find the good thrifting stores to go to. I have gone to Goodwill in Bloomington and Savers but everything is always so picked over. Can you tell me the good stores to go to. Thanks so much and love your blog and your wonderful pictures and ideas. Kris

  32. Linda, you find the very best stuff! I can't wait to see what all you do with it.

  33. Awesome finds Linda!!
    You and Pam at House of Hawthorns have the best luck finding neat treasures!

    Love the toothpick holder!

  34. I have the vase that matches your toothpick holder! Cute:@)

  35. Love it all ~ especially the book with the cool fonts!

  36. I cannot believe the typography books!!! Oh my!! Amazing finds, thanks for sharing!!=)

  37. Wonderful finds! Love your photos of the photos, beautifully done.

  38. Oh I just love everything you found!! I love it all! I hope you have a great weekend.

  39. What truly amazing finds....

    Especially love the books and photos.

    Have fun with them :)


  40. Great finds. I especially like th old pictures and trims.

  41. Great finds. Great shopping. I love finding old photos, don't come across too many anymore, but its a fresh garage sale season and I have high hopes. Thanks for following my blog.
    - Joy

  42. What great finds! I love the toothpick holder...tiny details are my thing and those swans are so pretty. Love your arrangement on your fridge, that blue and white dish would look good in my kitchen:-)
    Good week!

  43. wow....just found your blog!!! I LOVE IT. will be back again!!! love all your photo finds!!! thanks for sharing. you have such cool, vintage style.

  44. Great finds, Linda! It is amazing what people will give away! Better for us I guess! I'm excited for garage sale season too!
    Hugs, Julie

  45. Great finds those glass test tubes for flowers! ~Deb~

  46. Hi Linda,
    Those books are so cool and rare finds. I love old photos!
    xxx Liz

  47. Great finds! I'm a sucker for those old photos. My family wonders why I'm so interested in strangers - lol. Now I can't wait to see what you do with all your goodies. Really waiting to see what you do with that monicle!

  48. Fun stuff but the best part was being with your girl:)...loved reading about your kitchen re-do...can't wait to see it all!
    Have a great week...

  49. Oh, Linda,
    Just fabulous! Your photographs as usual are beautiful. My daughter and I found a pair of those lornnettes and she made me the greatest necklace. Must have been popular around here ;-)
    Thank you for your lovely message!

  50. Oh the fonts are too cool, also the test tubes, and monocle...!

  51. Love it all but the band book is my favorite! :-)


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