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This and That Fun...

This week I got my copy of Flea Market Style Magazine!  It's full of great features and it was especially fun to see two friends I have been a dealer with at vintage shops and Junk Bonanza!    Brenda Weber's garden stakes were featured on page 53.  You might remember the feature I did about Brenda .  I hope you visit that post and read about her many talents!

On page 130,  Pam Curry was featured with vintage eyeglasses... she has a great eye for the BEST vintage goodies!  As you can see from the photo, this lady is a lot of fun!

Both of these ladies are so talented and deserving of their magazine features!  Congrats!

I also want to share a few other things with you today...I made a couple of fun etsy purchases from blogging friends!  I found these bingo cards in the etsy shop  of Deb of  Loyalist Cottage ~  I always enjoy finding a new style of card for graphics...

And I bought this lovely Jeanne D'Arc necklace from the etsy shop of Cindy of  Whimsical Musings ...

SO pretty... and she sent it with this cute little bag and tag...

and sent this fun tag along, too!  So cute!

I also received some fun giveaway win goodies from Karen of  Missy K !  I won her OWOH giveaway!  She sent me some of the lovely pieces she created and some goodies for me to try making some, too!

Look at the little pretties she sent me...

Thanks so much, Karen!  I love everything and can't wait to try making some pieces myself!

Speaking of giveaways...if you haven't entered my GIVEAWAY , there's still time!  It ends Thursday night, March 3, 10 PM CST!  There's a link at the top of my sidebar, too!

Until next time...


  1. Love your blog,we featured some of your pics about the Bachman's Idea house on our blog today. Of course we linked it to you!

    Linda & Dixie

  2. I just finished ready my copy today and now I'm sad. I always become so inspired by this magazine I wish it was a monthly.

    I like your new bingo cards. would love to see what you do with them since you always have the best ideas.

  3. I would love to have that mag, in Denmark..have to try! looks so great.
    And your buyes are so wonderfull, both.
    I got my first owoh win- too-- you have some great things there!

  4. Linda,
    I almost picked up the Flea Market Magazine the other day, but a Paula Deen Quick and Easy Meals magazine won out. I will have to go back and get it. Love the necklace!

  5. Wow Linda, you got some cute stuff! :) I love etsy can find so many adorable things that you just can't buy in regular stores.
    Sounds like my son and your grandkids would get along just's galore! lol
    Love ya girl
    Missy :)

  6. You are the luckiest at winning giveaways that I ever knew! What's your secret???

  7. Fun post! I adore those bingo cards too... I will be checking out your Etsy shopping tips :) Have a spring like day!

  8. Wow! You have found some great things in Etsy! That necklace is awesome! I hope to find a copy of flea market style today :0)

  9. I just got my copy of the mag and can't wait to have time to sit and enjoy it. Love supporting Etsy shops!

  10. Linda, Congrats on winning all those goodies. I know you will make something fabulous and share it with us.
    Don't you just etsy shops? I have tried to get my daughter to open one. She works all the time and says the is too busy. Maybe someday. Hugs, Ginger

  11. I've been searching for my copy of that mag and haven't found one yet! Looks very interesting though! Looks like you bought and won some great stuff! Love the necklace! XO Julie

  12. It looks like you've had a fun week.

  13. Great stuff Linda!! Love what you got from Cindy!

    I have to check out that magazine tomorrow when I hit Walmart.

  14. Hi Linda, I'm finally getting caught up on my blog reading. Congratulations to your two friends who are featured in FMS magazine! And you always buy, or win the best stuff! I love the bingo cards and your new necklace is so pretty!

    Kat :)

  15. I'm going to have to pick up that magazine. I think I'll have to go to a real bookstore to get it. The necklace is gorgeous. I'll check out her shop.

  16. Everyone keeps talking about Flea Market Style. I saw it the other day at Bachman's I guess I should've taken a peek. I love the bingo cards and all your other goodies :)

  17. Great finds, my friend. I've not yet been able to find this magazine, but will continue.

  18. Wow, what fun things! I really LOVE that necklace! I just went to Michael's and spent some $$ on some unusual charms...oh shame on me! Happy Weekend Linda!

  19. What a fun week of treasures!
    ~ Julie

  20. I love it! I bought one of Cindy's key necklaces too! Great minds think You really got some nice goodies. Have fun creating!


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