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Ahhh...Spring In Minnesota...and Giveaway Goodies...

Well... this IS Minnesota after all...  We had several inches of snow fall here last night!  It IS pretty...but hopefully will be the last hurrah until NEXT winter!

The sun is shining now and it will be near 50 degrees today, so this will all melt quickly and green up the grass!

I wanted to share some fun giveaway wins with you, too!  I won a gorgeous necklace from sweet Debra of  Common Ground !  Her inspirational blog is always full of beauty!   I won a giveaway from her wonderful link party...

I was able to choose something from her lovely etsy shop !  You'll have to stop by and visit- it's full of the most beautiful pieces!  My piece has a chunky copper chain, a antique shoe buckle, and a blinged out key...

I love the beautiful colors and different metals...

and of course...a little bling is ALWAYS good...

She also sent me some fun goodies!

Vintage sheet music, French vocabulary cards, some fun recipe cards, an old key, and a sweet vintage crocheted piece...  Thank you SO much, Debra!  I just love everything! 

Also this week, I received this sweet package from my friend Suzanne of  Privet and Holly !  A few posts back, I had a photo of the two of us enjoying meeting and spending the day together!  Isn't this wrapped sweetly?

She took a photography class a while back and had a giveaway of notecards she had made of some of her photos!  I was one of the lucky winners!  This is just the touch of spring I need today, Suzanne!

I just love the tulips...

Thank you so much, my friend!

Until next time... Hope you are having beautiful spring weather...and send some it my way!


  1. What a giveaway!! And the snow pictures made me laugh because we had snow last week; three days before the mostly outdoor Funky Junk show...the sun came out for the show thank you God!!!=)
    Happy weekend~Hollie

  2. How awesome Linda..not the snow part but all the goodies!

  3. Snow? I should be grateful for what seems like never ending damp, gray and rain shouldn't I?

  4. Oh dear guess I shouldn't be complaining about our cold and could be snow, eh?? ;-)
    What great gifts you've won, love the photos turned into postcards!

  5. okay, i love the snow and I miss it something awful but I think I would even be sick of waking up to that by now.
    Here is hoping you a quick thaw and happy Spring! :)

  6. Gosh snow like that in April!!!!

    We are such softies over here!

    That was an awesome giveaway - lucky you :)


  7. It snowed here too...and it had just all melted!! We however did not get out of the low 30's today and the sun is still hiding. Come on Spring!

  8. Oh, how awful to still have snow! Its slowly getting warmer here in Scotland!

  9. Hi friend!!
    Decided to do a super
    quick scan of google
    reader and your post
    title grabbed my attention,
    so here I am. So happy
    you liked the cards. Thought
    of you today as I prowled
    an antique mall! I got some
    used cowboy boots--yahoo!!!
    Hope your snow melts quickly.
    xx Suzanne

  10. That was a pretty sad sight this morning, wasn't it? I think you got more than I did though. At least it's all gone now.

    Love all the goodies...lucky you :)


  11. Linda, I talked to my Mom in Minnesota this morning and could not believe it..Went out for a walk this after noon in Orlando and it was so hot I barely made it home. How can this be?? When I lived there probably 30 years ago I remember one year we had snow the last day of April, so there was snow on the ground May 1st...hoping this is the last hurrah!


  12. Great giveaway Linda! Wow!!
    Hopefully your snow will be gone for good next week!!!

  13. WOW. It sure doesn't look like spring to me. You sure were a lucky girl recently with all those great goodies.

  14. Linda, congratulations on winning dear Debra`s beautiful necklace-I do have some of them ,too-- I just love them-
    the photoes from your friend are lovely,-and yes just what you need in this time,where winter will not say goodby.
    Hope your sunday is filled with sunshine :)

  15. Such a sweet friend to send you such a nice package! Isn't the snow something else? I woke yesterday and it was snowing! YIKES...I want Spring and warm temps :) The snow didn't last long, so that's the good news!

  16. Sounds like one of those days when I say "I love Iowa"

  17. Hi Linda. I shudder to say that the snow really looks awesome. Tis such a rare occurrence here in Texas. Your necklace from Debra is so pretty! Have a warm, wonderful week. And thank you for your sweet words today ;) ~ Angela

  18. Who are trying to kid Linda? There is NOTHING pretty about snow in APRIL!!! lol Our's is almost gone but still . . .

    You've been lucky girl! You received gifties from the best of the best!

    Think Spring (not the 1 day at a time spring that we have had but the REAL spring!)!

  19. Wow, snow in April?! I know that it is in the forecast for Michigan, too! We passed thru lots of snow covered mountains on the way out to WA, but luckily now that we are here it is mild and sunny, with green grass and flowers in bloom! Lucky you on the wins! I adore the key necklace, and the cards are beautiful!


  21. Snow, snow go AWAY! Love your giveaway wins. I just posted another one! Come visit and enter. It is my favorite of the month.

  22. What was with that Friday night snow? Sigh. At least the tulips are popping up along with all their friends. Soon it will be the trees. What a fun necklace to win.. fun week for you.

    xo Jeanne at bees knees bungalow.

  23. Hi Linda! Oh wow, that snow is scary this time of year! So glad you like your necklace, hope you enjoy it. Just came from your Bachman Idea House post which I always love seeing your great photos. Thanks for the tour, what a creative place. Have a great week, xoxo Debra


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