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A Gathering of Friends...

Last week I had such a fun day!  I had the pleasure of meeting Suzanne from Privet and Holly !  I love her wonderful blog and had missed meeting her at the Junk Bonanza blog party.  We planned a day to meet at the Bachman's Spring Ideas House and the Gathering of Friends Antique Sale, which was there at the same time!
Suzanne is as sweet and friendly as I knew she would be, and we had the BEST day touring the house, having lunch, and going through the sale twice!  I also ran into sweet Deb of Garage Sale Gal and finally met Lanette of  Cottage Elements !

The sale has 15 great dealers...lots of furniture...

wonderful garden goodies...

great junk and salvage...

Would you like to see the goodies I bought?  This lovely long woven table runner caught my eye~ it has redwork embroidery of apple blossoms and dianthus...

this golden yellow tea towel is appliqued with a charming daffodil...

Old crocheted pillowcase edging was a fun find...

as were these vintage French pastry bags... beignets, anyone?

I loved this old chippy coffee can,

 little alarm clock and drawer...

but my favorite find was this beautiful old cotton nightgown with crocheted lovely...

It was such a wonderful day...I can't wait to do it again, Suzanne!

The Bachman's Spring Ideas House was fabulous, too!  I'm getting ready to start my posts about it soon!  LOTS of great ideas there this time!

Until next time...


  1. suzanne is a wonderful lady. looks like you two had a great time. what wonderful treasures. i would have needed a pickup truck to get home.

  2. You lucky gals! Looks like you had a ball Linda. I would have love to gone to that!

  3. It looks a great day. That dress is gorgeous!

  4. That looks like so much fun! Lucky you, lucky them!!! That crochet trim is wonderful but that nightgown is fabulous! I'm glad you had such a great time! xoxo

  5. OMG, I'm drooling over those cubbies! Looks like fun :-)

  6. Hi Linda,
    SO glad that you took photos. I didn't think I could...
    I'm going to the Bachman house tomorrow! Can't wait to see all the new ideas!

  7. What a fun day!! These are the times I wished I lived in Minnesota again!! You found some great stuff. I love the little French pastry bags.
    I am SO looking forward to seeing the Bachman Idea House. I always enjoy those posts.

  8. What a great time y'all must have had! Thank you for taking us along to see all these treasures. Have a great week. ~ Angela

  9. Oh such fun!
    And more Bachman's posts coming up? Can't wait!


  10. It sounds like you and Suzanne had a wonderful time Linda! It looks like there was a lot of great stuff to be found too. I really LOVE that redwork runner :)


  11. What fun! Friends to treasure and treasures to share. Doesn't get any better than that!

  12. First of all, you two are gorgeous! What a great picture! Looks like so much fun. Wish I would have been there too. Would love to shop with you!

  13. oh what fun and love the pics, the little
    French pastry bags are so cute!
    That is a great picture of you!

  14. Funny, I just
    wrote a post that
    includes a picture
    of YOU! It will
    be up tomorrow : )
    LOVED our day together
    and will think of
    you whenever I see
    my new treasures....
    The ones I didn't
    buy to give away,
    that is! GREAT pics,
    xx Suzanne

  15. Hi Linda,
    Oh, I love these pictures and it is so awesome that you and Suzanne met--I'll go tell her "hi!"

    And wow, I love all the amazing treasures in that place...You must have had so much fun!!!

  16. well look at you!!!! You are just gorgeous!!!!

  17. What a perfect day.....

    and so many lovely things to wonder over.... i especially love those sweet little pastry bags.... so cute

    Hope you get to meet up again soon :)

  18. Linda- such a wonderful day,you had with friends, and great buyes- I love your gown.

  19. So much fun! It sounds like a perfect day of shopping.

    I love that top you are wearing!

  20. How fun Linda! Love all your finds and that crocheted dress is just beautiful. Looking forward to the Bachman House pictures! Ann

  21. What a perfect day! Isn't it fun meeting a blogging friend? I love Suzanne's blog. It's nice to see a photo of you two together.

    Oooh, that coffee tin is fabulous!


  22. Sounds like a great day! What's not to love when you get to shop with friend and have all that wonderful stuff to look at. You picked out some great treasure.

  23. You found some great little treasures, and what a great opportunity to meet other women who blog. That would be so fun!
    I love the stuff that was available for sale, do you know that I have never seen a turquoise jar in Canada yet and I have heard others say the same. I found one in the USA last year.
    Of all your finds, I love the nightgown and the alarm clock best!
    Hugs, Cindy

  24. How fun...I just met up with some blogging friends too!
    Thanks for taking us on a little tour and I love the finds you brought home!

  25. Linda, I love your top! Too cute! Looks like the perfect day to me :) You came home with some beautiful things. The nightgown is too much! I liked the old rusty coiled chair cushion with planters. Very fun!

  26. Grerat finds Linda! That is a wonderful crocheted nightgown! Actually I love all your finds! And a day of shopping with some good blogger friends is the BEST! Vanna

  27. What a wonderful day. Such interesting treasures you found.

  28. Looks like you guys had too much fun! I'm loving the nightgown you purchased. Great find! I need to hook up with you. Ha, Ha
    xxx Liz

  29. Hi Linda,
    I just popped over to say "hi!"

  30. So glad that two of my favorite bloggers got to meet up! I love your wonderful finds, like that sweet daffodil towel and the chippy coffee can! I look forward to seeing the house pictures! Now, if I could just figure out a way to get out your way...working on that!

    Kat :)

  31. What fun, My faves are the pastry bags, the cofee can and the drawer.
    Isn't it great how you can meet up with other bloggers!
    xoxo Kim

  32. I love a day out treasure hunting with friends and think it is especially amazing to meet up with bloggy friends and find out how wonderful they are! You finds are so so gorgeous! I really really love the Easter displays, especially the bunnies on sticks in the bottles! I have to give that a go! x

  33. Wow!!! Look at all the goodies there. The kttie planter is so cute. Wonder what those drawers used to be. They are awesome whatever they were in a previous life!

  34. Linda, looks like a great time was had!
    You and I adore all of the same STUFF!! That coffee can is the best!!


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