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Mourning Doves...

Every spring we have many mated pairs of mourning doves in our yard!  Most stick to the evergreen trees, but every year we have a pair that decides to try and nest on an open feeding shelf we have by a second story window.  These photos are taken through the window, so while they are not the best technically, I think they are still very sweet!  Usually the pair will visit for a few days and attempt to make one of their messy nests, but usually move on to a safer place.  One year we had a pair actually nest, lay eggs, and raise two babies until they were big enough to leave the nest.  I never could understand why they would nest in such an unprotected place and worried we might even have a survival of the fittest situation in front of our window, but the mourning doves took turns tending the nest and didn't leave the babies alone.  We've had another pair visiting this week!  The female will sit on the platform and coo softly ...

You can see some nesting debris...they make very messy, unstructured nests...

Soon the male will join her...

They never seem to mind me taking photographs...I don't use a flash, and I don't make sudden movements...

They preen each other's feathers and are very attentive to each other.  Mourning doves are monogamous and bond strongly...

I think they are such lovely birds, with their soulful calls!
I am joining A Rosy Note's Photo Feature Friday 

I'll be back with the last post from the Spring 2011 Bachman's Ideas House soon...
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  1. Oh aren't they sweet? How nice that you have such an up close and personal view Linda. I would love it when the babies arrived :)

    Thanks for linking up to my party!


  2. oh, how i love this post! So sweet to see doves that get to really fly! Thank you so much for sharing these fabulous photo's! xoox, tracie

  3. How absolutely wonderful! I agree to be so up and close them is amazing.

  4. That is beautiful LInda. We have those morning doves too...Your photos really tell a story. I will remember this when I hear them in the morning. :-)

  5. we have a couple and my kids call them darla and mr. dove.... the kids also named their first babies dori and dracula dove... since then we have watched them come back time after time and raise lots of babies... we always look forward to darla and mr. dove coming back. =)

  6. Oh how lucky you get an up close view! They must be so much fun to watch. I would have loved to have seen the babies from last year.

  7. Dear Linda, how very sweet they are-and your photoes are so lovely-they do realy look like an old married cupple-but surely they don`t alwayes makes it easier for themselves-that counts for other birds as well. :)
    I wish you a lovely easter, Linda.

  8. They are lovely - what a great idea that little platform is! Wonderful photos.

  9. I love the sounds of Doves, it's so soothing.
    Enjoy your day friend, if I may call you friend....

  10. How precious Linda! So nice they let you capture these moments. Have a Happy Easter! XO

  11. Sure beats what's on tv these days! Amazing that you can be so close to them. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I think mourning doves are so sweet and gentle. We used to have many of them in our yard in San Diego. We built a feeder and it wasn't unusual to see 20 of them at a time, eating away.

    Love your photos!


  13. I know some people who think of doves as pests, but I absolutely love to hear them coo! I always make sure to throw lots of birdseed on the ground for them, but I worry that a neighborhood cat will get one. They don't seem to have the quickest reaction times! And it must have been just amazing watching those babies hatching and leaving the nest. Great photos!

  14. That is so neat to get to watch them carry out their lives right in front of your camera...the preening is interesting.
    So cool to see them lay eggs; and make a family.

    Good pictures.

  15. We also have doves here in the desert. One year we had one build a nest in the top of the pipe holding the basketball net. We have pictures of our son on a ladder checking out the babies. She would sit there in the sun all day every day until the babies flew away.

    Thanks for the opportunity to remember some of those treasured moments of my son's childhood.

  16. Oh, I enjoyed this post. I love mourning dove and you captured some wonderful photos, Linda. Ours usually nest in the pergola over the patio or in a bush near the back porch. I've been watching them....


  17. They are so pretty! Your photos are lovely. I have some mourning doves in my yard too, but I haven't been able to get that close for a photo yet.

  18. Oh wow, Linda--peaceful doves for Easter!!! How precious, indeed. Reminds me of the Lord being the Dove of Peace...
    Wishing you a beautiful and blessed Easter!!!


  19. Linda, I love this post. We have Mourning Doves as well and they seem to like to use our hanging plants quite often. My wrens are back but I can't find where they have built their nest - at least not in the recycling bin this time! Have a wonderful Easter Weekend. Ann

  20. They are so sweet. They almost look like they are kissing!

  21. Linda how wonderful!! They would be a joy to watch! Awwwwwwww! Vanna

  22. Love those Mourning Doves. The sound they make reminds me of my childhood. Takes me right back whenever I hear it. Looks like the Bachmann Idea House was full of ideas this spring. One of my favorites is the old buggy planter. Where is it? And is it only open on certain dates? We're driving to Illinois next fall and might be worth a side trip. Mimi

  23. Hi lovely blog. Popping over from uk to follow
    Come visit me anytime

  24. Serously!? Man, I'm jealous. An excellent sign that it's sure to be warm soon!
    xo Jeanne.

  25. Hi Linda
    I love mourning doves, they are so sweet! How fun that you get to see them up close and personal, I don't think I have ever seen one of their nests! I hope we have them here in WA! We were at our new house yesterday, and I saw an eagle fly by! It was so exciting!! hugs and Happy Easter to you!!

  26. Oh so sweet! I love watch the birds in my yard! The window in my kitchen is a large corner window and it sure gives a lovely view of the birds! Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  27. I think this is my most favorite post I've read all week. I love birds and have one of my own. We get lots of different varieties in our yard, even an owl comes by in the Summer. Thanks so much for the wonderful photos and story. From one Birdwatcher to the next, have a wonderful weekend, xxx tami

  28. Beautiful pictures and what sweet subjects.

  29. Beautiful birds and such a great view of them! Penny

  30. Oh Linda, how sweet and beautiful photos of them!

  31. They are really beautiful, my daughter noticed a white dove in her yard shortly after she found out she was expecting. Having had a miscarriage shortly before she saw the dove as a sign of protection. It stayed for 4 months and then flew away. My daughter carried the baby to term.

  32. Oh Linda how i love these birds!!! My favourite. My backyard back in Niagara Falls was filled with doves!!! My cobblestone patio would have them picking at the bird food dropped from the feeders. I miss these birds as we don't get them here on the West Coast.
    Thanks for sharing ...I can almost hear them cooing!!

    Have a wonderful Easter!
    Pamela :)

  33. How adorable!! Such a sweet post - love that you were able to capture all those pictures!

  34. Linda,
    These photos are lovely!!
    I have very strong memories of mourning doves. I adore their sounds-so comforting. My mother used to have regular feeders for them and after a while, she looked like the bird lady from Mary Poppins. She loved those birds!!
    Thanks for bringing back great memories!

  35. They are so sweet.
    we have them @ our house too
    but not so up close and personal
    as yours! i love hearing them coo.
    very nice blog...i'm going to follow. BEAR HUGS ~victoria~

  36. How cool...they look pretty comfy at your house :) Happy Easter! Laurel

  37. What a beautiful post.
    They are beautiful.
    Thank you so much for coming by my blog.

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  38. I just adore mourning doves. I wish more would come visit me. I love the way they bob-bob along in that little head dance of theirs!

  39. MY favorite
    birds....I love
    their song and
    now I love them
    even more after
    reading your words.
    Happy Easter, Linda!
    xx Suzanne

  40. That is so COOL!!! Looking forward to more pictures of your doves :)
    Easter Blessings, Linda!

  41. Me again! Catching up some more! I love the Puggy Pics and that camera is looking quite awesome!!! I think if we had snow now, it'd send me into I'll settle for rain induced sleepiness instead,lol! I have been struggling with an idea for my porch..and seeing the Bachman's posts has given me an idea(that's more like ideas!!), so I am extremely greatful! Happy Easter by the way!

  42. Such beautiful pictures of your own personal doves, how cool that is that they don't even mind getting their pictures taken. ;) Happy Easter Sweet Linda!!
    I hope you had a wonderful day filled with chocolate eggs &lots of LOVE!
    Big Hugs,


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