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Lilac Love...

With spring comes the lilacs!  Don't you just love them?  They are here for such a short time!  We have a few varieties, including one which will bloom in early June.  I took some photos on a rainy morning here in Minnesota and played a little with some more of Kim Klassen's textures in Photoshop Elements.  These were taken on Creative Automatic mode with my Canon Rebel T2i...

This one just used a screen blend mode...

This one is as taken, just cropped...

Lilacs make such a beautiful photo subject!  I am joining~

Fishtail Cottage's Cottage Flora Thursday
Tricia at A Rosy Note's Photo Feature Friday 
Be sure and enter her wonderful giveaway right now, too!

Until next time...wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hi Linda, Love your lilacs!!! It has been pouring rain here, but I noticed ours are starting to bloom too. Can't wait to get some pics. Lilacs are so fragrant and beautiful. {I wish the Captain wasn't allergic to them.}
    Have a great weekend!
    ~ Julie

  2. Aren't they so pretty? Your photos are wonderful...I didn't know you had a rebel...have a great weekend!

  3. I adore lilacs! They are everywhere up in our local mtns. The smell is heavenly!!

  4. I do love Lilacs..those look beautiful Linda. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Hey sweet lady! :) I have enjoyed hearing everyone's childhood memories and I too remember zinnias as a little girl!! I think we had zinnias a lot because we were pretty poor and mom could easily save the seeds from one year to the next. The funny thing is, I didn't know we were mom and dad made everyday so special that I never realized I didn't have all the same things as everyone else..nor did I care. :) Maybe that's why I like making things from junk now, because I can, not because I have to. :)
    Love ya girl and your lilacs are so lovely! I can almost smell them from here!

  6. Just gorgeous. You know I don't think those are popular around here. I have not seen them or smelled them. I know everyone keeps blogging about them. I must see if we have them here.

    Have a great holiday weekend!

  7. I love lilacs. So, pretty!
    Love that table too in previous post.
    xxx Liz

  8. Beautiful lilacs, your blog is such a place of serenity!

  9. lilacs are my favorite!!! mine are already gone. so sad.

  10. I adore lilacs. Mine are just starting to bud.

  11. Gorgeous photos and the flowers are beautiful! Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend.

  12. I love lilacs too, and wish they lasted a little bit longer. But then maybe we wouldn't look forward to them so much! Your photos are beautiful, and I hope you enjoy the long weekend!

    Kat :)

  13. Your photos and lilacs are both beautiful! Have a great weekend.

  14. Oh yes, I just love Lilacs, I only wish they lasted longer. Your photographs are gorgeous :)

  15. I love lilacs so much I stole some *winks*....Well kind of....One of the neighboring houses is empty (foreclosure alas) and they have the most gorgeous lilac I helped myself to some of the ones in the back of the plant....I know I'm Badddd!! They smell divine! Vanna

  16. Hi Linda, you have some very beautiful Lilac`s- I love mine-(white-and medium dark lilac) but I would love one of the soft pink ones, too- but they are all so very beautiful--and here far too short, as you say.

  17. Sweet, sweet pics,
    Linda; almost as
    sweet as YOU : ) !!
    Loved seeing you
    today, my friend!
    Enjoy the weekend.
    xx Suzanne

  18. Wow, so beautiful Linda! I bet they smell heavenly!

  19. Oh wow, Linda--these lilacs are soooo beautiful!!! We don't have any here, so seeing them is a true delight! Wishing you a wonderful weekend, my friend~

  20. Linda, those are beautiful lilacs! I had one that did really well and then transplanted it and then not very well at all! Have a great weekend!

  21. Linda, your lilacs are beautiful. They are such romantic flowers and the scent is gorgeous. We had them growing up on the east coast and we have some out here in California but they don't have the wonderful scent the east coast lilacs have. Your photos are wonderful.

  22. I love lilacs! There is nothing like a fresh bouquet of fresh lilacs in the house! So pretty!

  23. Catching up on your last 3 posts, love love love lilacs!, score with the tables! and wow, wow, wow on the garage sale deals! All those great jewelry pieces in grab bags!!!

  24. Your lilacs are amazing. Unfortunately, we don't have the weather for them here. Beautiful photos, too.

  25. Loving your lilacs post! I am just so glad you shared it at Cottage Flora Thursdays this week! xoxo, tracie

  26. I so wish we could grow lilacs out here!!!! What wonderful pictures, Linda!

  27. Lilacs are one of my favorite flowers! I also love peonies!
    I had Ms Kim lilac bushes planted at my last home in Davidson NC. I miss them!!
    Have a great weekend!
    Junk Wild

  28. Hello Linda! Your lilacs are so pretty. I want some sooo bad. I have some Miss Kim lilacs, but they don't seem to be doing a whole lot. Thanks for sharing your pretty post at Photo Feature Friday and for putting up my giveaway button too.

    big hugs ♥ tricia

  29. Hi Linda,
    Aren't we the "lucky" ones to have lilacs in our yard!!
    Great photos!
    Sometimes I just get on a "roll" with projects..LOL!!!
    I'm having a garage sale on Thursday if you want to stop me and I'll give you my address!


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