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A Little More Romance...Fun Finds

 This past week I have had some fun finds!  Garage sales are everywhere now and I've had a few finds from thrift and antique stores lately, too.  I thought I'd share some with you!  I've had lots of romantic finds~ above is a charming vintage lampshade~ I love the colors!  I also found a chippy vintage tole silent butler...

How about this great old Victorian glove's so shabby, that it would be fun to alter...

 Love this old naive moody painting...

This vintage jade and quartz bonsai tree is so decorative...

Here's an old needlepoint piece...

I love this old Czech bird- a holder for calling cards and a pen...

and I actually found some calling cards...

 and a big lot of old pens and nibs...

Don't they look cute all together?

I went to a garage sale~ probably the best I have ever been to~ it was almost overwhelming how much good vintage stuff they had!  One of my favorite finds there was grab bags of old jewelry...I spent under $10 on all of this, and there is even more not pictured!

Lots of beads, findings, and bling ...

old shoe clips, brooches, bracelets, necklaces...

earrings, cuff links, jars of loose beads...

old lockets and photos...

chains...silver and gold...

even a couple of charm still my heart... lots of fun projects ahead!

And even a little MORE romance...I recently opened a third etsy shop~ this one specializes in vintage romantic items...

I hope you'll stop by and visit!  You can click on the icon above, or on the etsy minis on the sidebar to visit any of my shops!  Some of the items on this post are listed there now!  Remember, if there's anything you are looking for, drop me a line...I may have it!

I am joining My Cottage Charm's Treasures and Trinkets Party

Until next time...hope you have good luck treasure hunting, too!


  1. That is a serious haul of bling. The lamp shade is darling and I like the old pen nibs.

  2. I wish I could find ONE garage sale all year with that much wonderful items...and that I could afford. Here in AZ they think everything is GOLD!!

  3. The lamp shade is absolutely gorgeous - but then again, everything is fabulous!


  4. Love the bird card holder and those pens are so cool. So cute. The lamp shade and silent butler colors are amazing.

  5. Your new show looks great. You found such incredible stuff at ONE sale! A dream of every reseller.

    - Joy

  6. I'm lovin' all of it, but that birdie pen holder has me all a twitter!!! so stinkin' cute!xoxo Debra

  7. Wow!!! Those are terrific finds! I love all of the jewelry items, makes me think of grandma's jewelry boxes:) Love those nibs, oh how I love them.

  8. Wow Linda, you did really well, especially all that jewelry. I love the little bird that oversees the calling cards and pen. Ann

  9. So many fun finds!! I love seeing what treasures other bloggers find :)

  10. I think I would have fainted coming upon a yard sale like this.
    Just the jewelry bits alone are fab but sheesh everything else, wow.
    How I miss a good yard sale, we have nothing here worth even stopping for
    and as Ceekay said, they do think everything is gold out here.

  11. I LOVE all your vintage finds...I wish we lived closer, I would SO go shopping with you! :) I ADORE the little calling precious! :)
    Thanks for linking're such a special friend!

  12. You always manage to find the most amazing treasures, Linda! I was loving the cute little bird card holder and that darling lamp shade. But then, I came to all of that gorgeous jewelry you found, and I was nearly drooling! Wow, I can't believe you found all of that, and more, for so cheap! That is one sale I sure would have loved:) And congrats on your latest Etsy shop! I'm going over right now to check it out!!

  13. Hi - visiting from the My Cottage Charm linky party. OMG, you have such great finds! I can't get over the $10 bag of jewels! :-)

  14. Wow, you find the best stuff! I am drooling over all those jewelry pieces!

  15. Oh my goodness you SCORED!! The lampshade was adorable and the tole butler too.....but that jewelry...KILLER!! I only wish we had some garage sales going on around here. That was a dream sale indeed! Vanna

  16. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leading me to yours - oh my!!! Im in love with everything you found, all those jewels!!!! I need to come shopping with you! Scarlett x

  17. Linda you found so many wonderful things! I love the sweet little lampshade and that bag of jewelry was a true steal! I'm off to check out your newest Etsy venture, you are such a busy girl these days, congrats!

    Kat :)

  18. Holy Cow hit the jackpot of all jackpots at that garage sale! I love it when that happens!! :-) Going over to check out the new shop now!
    Junk Wild

  19. I am bowing at your feet! What a score. My favorites are the glove box, card holder and that jewelry grab bag. Congrats on the new shop. I'm off to take a look.

  20. This was your kind of sale for sure. You got some unbelievable stuff. That lampshade, I've never seen anything remotely like it!

  21. Wow, Linda, that jewelry stash is amazing! Love that little birdie holder too. Congrats on your third shop!

  22. You really racked up on jewelry! Pretty stuff!


  23. The lampshade caught my eye first, then the old books and all that jewelry! What fun!!!

  24. All I can say is WOW! Garage sales around here - kids clothes. And you got me wondering what the heck a silent butler is.

  25. I bet you are having fun with all of that jewelry!! I haven't really been to any yard sales this year! What's wrong with me!

  26. WOW doesn't seem to cover it....

    COWABUNGA perhaps.....

    KA-CHING for sure....

    Isn't it amazing what people put in sales? LOVE the birdie and all those nibs! Wow, you can do plenty of fun projects with them. The jewelry speaks for itself. What a treasure you found.

    Thanks for coming over and YES, read some of Jodi's books. You'll be happy you did!


  27. Oh my, I can't believe you got all that jewelry for under $10. I'm so jealous. I'll have to take a peek at your new shop :)


  28. Oh stop, my heart is racing just looking at that jewelry! What great finds!


  29. SCORE on the jewels!!! Any doggie pins??
    I'm hoping to find some earthly delight's tomorrow!!!
    I'm going to check out your new shop!

  30. Wow, you did hit the jackpot with those jewels...really fun :)
    Chat soon, Laurel

  31. Oh my!!! So many lovely little treasures!!! I adore those old pieces of costume jewelry, I love to use those in my flowers that I make.
    Hugs, Cindy

  32. You did find some fun finds Linda! Lots of glitz in this batch, I love it! The lampshade though made me stop in my tracks, that is so cute!

  33. OH My goodness Linda you hit the jackpot!
    Unbelievable gorgeous finds. I love that lamp shade and everything else!!
    What fun to find so many treasures!!

    Pamela xo

  34. My heart stopped when I saw all that jewelry! Fantastic finds!

  35. WOW! Adore the lampshade. Next time you find a yardsale that great give me a call. I'm only 5 states away! Mimi

  36. Love that lampshade and those adorable calling cards! It looks like you are having a great time here, Linda!

    Ciao Bella!
    Happy sailin'' thriftin' !


  37. Linda

    I am drooling and heart pitty patter over the books and calling cards. Great great stuff. Have a wonderful week


  38. Linda, You find the best stuff! We just don't have this kind of stuff in Florida. They all left it up north when the moved here I think!

  39. Wow, Linda!!!! Fabulous finds! The way you put those darling calling cards and pens with the bird...sigh...
    And the jewelry-fabulous. Must have been quite the adrenaline rush!

  40. Amazing, amazing! That little lampshade is so pretty! And the tole box. Talk about being in the right place at the right time! I could go all day here and spend way more than that in gas and not find as much. I'm glad for you!

  41. Girl......what a GREAT find! Love the vintage jewelry and everything else is just awesome! I would really like to follow you on the junkin path....LOL!
    Happy Junkin....Cathy aka GGJ

  42. Linda, I love the tole butler. Great finds.

  43. OK, I actually read this post yesterday and got so caught up in looking at all your etsy shops I forgot to leave a comment. The calling card bird is amazing. I have never seen one of those before.

  44. sure started the yard sale season off with a bang!

  45. 0K, I am seriously drooling over all that jewelry - OMG!! You lucky dog, you did very well indeed! Hoppin' on over to your new shop right now. Have fun playing with all your new goodies!! XO Julie

  46. Linda my goodness-
    oh you really hit the best place, didn`t you? So fantastic a collection of bits and pieces- in that jewlery back- so many wonderful things-oh you must have been overwhelmed, dear-
    and all the other wonderful pieces-- love the glowes box-and the lamp-and sweet picture- LUCKY,LUCKY YOU
    Big hug-Dorthe

  47. I am sick with envy over the bling haul. There are very slim pickings down here in South Texas.
    Have a great day!

  48. Whoa, Linda. I love this all! That lampshade is stunning but the jewelry...oh my gosh, I am so envious! You got fantastic stuff.I am sure you know how much you would pay at an antique store...or even an estate sale!
    Thanks so much for your lovely note. Hard day. The notes really helped.

  49. YOU hit the JACKPOT with that jewelry stash! And I love the little bird card holder. Enjoy all the goods! You deserve them! HUGS!

  50. Oh my gosh, this is all totally amazing, Linda!!! I am in vintage heaven looking at your treasures---WOW!!

  51. Oh YUMMY!.... Oh how I'd love to find a bonanza of vintage jewelry like that... and that lampshade??? DEEE.LISH!

    Have a great week.

    Warm blessings,

  52. drop dead fantastic. fab fab.
    xo Jeanne


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